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Jimin's Hobbies Outside BTS Prove He Does Everything Passionately

And he doesn’t do anything halfway!

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One word comes to mind when describing BTS’ Jimin: passionate. He practices for hours on end to perfect a dance routine or solo verse, all to make fans happy. That goes to show just how thoughtful Jimin is about each and every one of his performances. The star takes a lot of pride in his work and that’s just one of the many reasons fans appreciate him so much. Since he’s always so busy, ARMYs love seeing Jimin take time off for himself every once in a while. If you want to know what BTS' Jimin's hobbies are when he’s free, check out the list below.

BTS is so deserving of their breaks in between comebacks. In 2020 alone, the group dropped three albums (Map of the Soul: 7, Map of the Soul: 7 - The Journey, and Be) and performed around the world to promote their hit singles like “ON,” “Dynamite,” and “Life Goes On.” They’ve been just as busy in 2021 with the release of “Butter,” which debuted at No. 1 on the Billboard Hot 100 following its release on Friday, May 21.

Since the group’s success continues to skyrocket every year, fans might be wondering what BTS does behind the scenes when they’re not performing or doing interviews. While V’s hobbies outside of the group include many art-based activities and Jungkook’s hobbies are both creative and athletic, Jimin’s are so varied. From traveling and exercising, to watching TV, the singer has so many hobbies that keep him entertained when he’s not on stage. Check out some of Jimin’s hobbies below.


BTS is constantly traveling around the world, but because they don’t stay in one place for very long due to their busy schedules, Jimin loves going on vacations whenever he gets the chance. He usually travels with close friends, like when he went to Tokyo with Jungkook in October 2017 to visit Disneyland. Jungkook documented the whole trip in a Golden Closet Film vlog, during which fans could see the pair shopping, eating out, and going on rides at the amusement park.

When BTS took an extended vacation in August 2019, Jimin took the opportunity to fly to Paris in October. Around the same time, Jimin also traveled to Hawaii with a group of friends, which included the singer Ha Sung Woon. The star updated fans on his whereabouts during an Oct. 10, 2019, YouTube video. “I’m vacationing. I’m having a good time playing, seeing [the sights], and dining,” Jimin said at the time. “I miss you. I miss the members too. It’s nice here, and I thought it would be nice to come here again and see this together.”


Yes, dancing is a huge part of Jimin’s day job, but he’s also passionate about it outside of BTS. Jimin was a contemporary dance student at the Busan High School of Arts and was a top student in the modern dance department long before he joined Big Hit. While he showcases his exceptional contemporary dance skills more and more as the years go on through BTS’ choreography — like during their groundbreaking “Idol” performance at the 2018 MMAs or his “Black Swan” solos — he continues to work on his dance skills in his free time. For example, he took a popping lesson with his fellow idol friends Sungwoon from Wannaone and Jinyoung from CIX back in December 2019.

Writing Music

Ever since Jimin dropped his first self-composed track, “Promise,” in December 2018 (smashing Soundcloud’s all-time streaming record in the process), fans have been begging for him to release more solo material. During a January 2019 VLIVE, Jimin explained the songwriting process takes a long time, so it might be a while before new music arrives. He said he started working on “Promise” six or seven months before it came out and he went through “dozens of versions” of its chorus before settling on the final one. He also admitted that it was daunting to launch into the songwriting process all alone, but RM helped him out. “While talking to Namjoon, he told me that he had relieved a lot of his own stress by making music. We talked for a long time about that, and it made me want to compose my own song to overcome those [feelings]. So I started working on music,” Jimin said.

Flash forward to October 2020 and Jimin revealed he’s been busy writing more songs. “I’ve been trying to work on my personal music, but haven’t really put something out yet,” Jimin said during an interview with Variety. “What I’m trying to do now is learn from the other members and try new things that are in the style of BTS, which I really love. I’d like to release and create my own music.”


Along with the rest of BTS, Jimin likes to use Big Hit’s gym studio to stay fit. Through the years, fans have seen a few videos of him working out on the group’s official YouTube channel. His exercise routine seems to include lifting weights, doing squats, push-ups, and stretching. When the group filmed an episode of Run BTS! in Canada in 2019, Jimin also used his free time to work out with his members in their rental home.

Watching TV & Movies

During an August 2020 interview with Vogue Japan, BTS opened up about what hobbies they’ve picked up while in quarantine due to the worldwide coronavirus pandemic. At the time, Jimin said he’s been relaxing on the couch and just watching TV. Considering many of BTS’ events, including their Map of the Soul world tour and annual Festa, were either postponed or canceled in 2020, it’s no surprise Jimin and the rest of the group had extra downtime. Jimin revealed in a March 26 VLIVE that year he watched the romance movie Me Before You, as well as the Bollywood blockbuster 3 Idiots, while in quarantine. Jimin was also in his element during BTS’ special collaboration episode of RUN with Na Young Suk's The Game Caterers because he was a loyal viewer of the show beforehand.

Although it’s sad BTS didn’t get to see ARMYs much in 2020, it’s nice knowing the members at least got time to recharge themselves at home.


Jimin is serious about his career in the entertainment industry. Despite being part of the biggest group in the world, he enrolled at Global Cyber University to major in Broadcasting and Entertainment to further his understandings of the field. After graduating from GCU with honors in August 2020, Jimin enrolled at Hanyang Cyber University that September to work toward an MBA in Advertising & Media, proving how dedicated he is to his schoolwork. In a July 2020 statement, Big Hit said Jimin entered university because he’s “interested in learning.”

Considering BTS is always on the go, Jimin’s hobbies make so much sense because they can be done from anywhere!