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V's Hobbies Outside Of BTS Still Embrace His Creativity

Did you know V has an alias for his photography?

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BTS may be the biggest boyband on the planet, but they’re also a group of regular twenty-somethings who enjoy playing video games and watching Netflix. While the septet loves recording music in the studio, they appreciate their quiet days at home just like any other person their age. Whenever they can, the stars also use their downtime to spend quality time with their friends and family. All seven members have unique ways they like to pass time and BTS' V's hobbies outside of BTS are so enriching.

ARMYs know V has always been one of the most artistic members of the group. He used to be really shy about sharing his creations on social media, but thanks to encouragement from fans, he now posts his drawings and paintings online every now and then. ARMYs love seeing V express himself outside of music, and another way he does that is by photographing his favorite sights. When he shows his artistic side, V goes by the nickname Vante, which was inspired by the Dutch post-impressionist painter Vincent Van Goh and the Australian photographer Ante Badzim.

To learn more about him, check out BTS' V's hobbies outside of BTS below.


V enjoys visiting art galleries and supporting little-known artists whenever he can. In October 2018, V revealed one of his favorite painters is Jean-Michel Basquiat. He paid tribute to him by painting the back of his jackets in a style similar to his work.

Months later, V showed his love for Basquiat again when he shared photos of his paintings in the style of the New York-based artist. “I’m going to make what I like. Good hobby,” he captioned his post, which encouraged fans to share their own artwork with the hashtag #ArtWithTaehyung.


Besides painting, V loves to draw. He’s shared many of his doodles on social media through the years, and they’ve all been so unique. V’s style is unlike any other and fans never know what to expect from him. In 2017, BTS collaborated with Line Friends to create a set of characters called BT21. V’s heart-shaped drawing of TATA ended up being featured on countless merchandise, and it even got turned into an adorable plushie. Years later, fans are still hurrying to buy their own TATA merch either on the official Line Friends website or in-store. See V bring his character to life for the first time in the video above.


Since BTS is always traveling around the world, V takes the opportunity to capture beautiful shots of the landscape around him. He’s posted several photographs on Twitter while vacationing with BTS during their Bon Voyage trips. V has also taken stunning portraits of his fellow members. In 2018, V took a picture of Jimin in Canada that ended up the cover art of his solo song “Promise.” V also photographed his own cover art for his 2019 solo song “Scenery.”


In more recent years, V has been honing his songwriting skills in preparation for the release of his upcoming mixtape. During BTS’ 2020 docuseries Break The Silence, V said he would like his debut project to showcase his authenticity. "I won't be able to write poetic lyrics like Namjoon, but I'd like to write lyrics that convey my true feelings,” he said, adding the recording process turned out to be harder than he expected it to be. “It's not easy. How do I get my true feelings across?"

In June 2020, V said he’s been working on his mixtape a lot more lately. “I’m really focusing on writing songs, and I always end the day with a drink. Yes, that’s the life I’m living,” he said.

While V’s released a number of solo tracks throughout the years, his March 2020 single “Sweet Night” turned out to be his most successful yet. It got featured in the hit K-Drama Itaewon Class, which fans can watch on Netflix.


V isn’t just a hard worker when it comes to music. He also puts all of his efforts into his studies. After graduating from Global Cyber University in August 2020, where he received the President’s Award for being a model student, V enrolled at Hanyang Cyber University in July 2020. At the time, Big Hit said V went back to school because he’s genuinely “interested in learning.”

While V’s been steadily learning English the past few years through apps, on July 29, 2020, he revealed he’s been getting more serious about it these days. “I’m taking online classes learning English. Books have been delivered to my home, so I try to study for one hour every day,” V said during an interview with Tokopedia. Watch V talk about his studies near the 4:30 mark in the video above.

Practicing Violin

To add to his impressive achievements, V can play the violin. Fans learned about his latest hobby through Jimin. During a June 6, 2019, VLIVE, Jimin said, “Taehyung is learning to play violin these days.” ARMYs didn’t get to see V play until December 2019, when he shared a video of himself playing “Twinkle Twinkle Little Star” on a balcony.

Whether it be through art or music, V’s hobbies outside of BTS allow him to express himself in so many ways.