BTS' V's First Mixtape Has ARMYs So Excited For Late 2020.

V Said His Mixtape Has Been Delayed & Got Real About When ARMYs Can Expect It

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No other artist drops as much content as BTS year after year. From albums and EPs to solo singles, collaborations, and docuseries, the group is continuously releasing projects. Since things move so quickly in the BTS fandom, ARMYs are always on their toes, wondering when new music will arrive. One of the most exciting times is whenever a member drops a mixtape. Due to balancing several projects at once, BTS only gets to work on their individual mixtapes when they're free, so that means it can take several years for their solo records to be completed. V has been teasing a mixtape for a while now, and fans have been eagerly expecting it for quite some time. Here's everything ARMYs need to know about BTS' V's first mixtape ahead of its release.

So far, RM, Suga, and J-Hope are the only members of BTS to release their own mixtapes. Fans were so sure Jungkook was next in line to share one of his own, but now they're convinced it's actually V, because he's been teasing his project so much lately. Based on V's history of writing emotional solo songs, fans guess his mixtape will be just as moving.

Before it arrives, here's everything ARMYs need to know about V's solo project.

V's Quotes About His First Mixtape

During a March 6 livestream with RM, V first teased the info that he's been working on solo music. At the time, he said he only wrote three songs so far. One of those tracks turned out to be "Sweet Night," which was featured in the JTBC/Netflix K-Drama Itaewon Class.

Since then, he's revealed even more details about his recording process. In BTS' docuseries Break The Silence, V said songwriting was more difficult than he thought it would be. "I won't be able to write poetic lyrics like Namjoon, but I'd like to write lyrics that convey my true feelings. It's not easy. How do I get my true feelings across?" he said.

It's unclear when he filmed that scene in Break The Silence, but it seems he's definitely come a long way since then. During a June 9 livestream, V revealed he's been writing more than ever. In fact, because he's been writing so much, he described it as "the life" he's living every day.

"I don’t know how many songs I’ve got that will go on the mixtape, but I think I’ve got about eight songs written," V announced. "I want to only give ARMY good songs, so I’m thinking a lot while I write them."

At BTS' Nov. 20 press conference for their BE album, V teased the sound of his debut mixtape. "While creating [BE], it did not include the classic and jazz style, but the mixtape I'm preparing soon will have those kinds of vibes," he revealed, according to a fan translation. Fans thought the direction was perfect for him because he's said time and time again those are his favorite genres. Plus, ARMYs think his deep and sultry voice was made for jazzy music, and his 2018 solo song "Intro: Singularity" is proof.

Watch V talk about his mixtape below.

V's First Mixtape Sneak Peeks

With V's explanation in mind, fans know his mixtape could have at least eight songs. In May, he teased one of the tracks he's been working on in an episode of Break The Silence.

On July 1, V gave fans another sneak peek of his mixtape on Twitter. "Today's a day where I miss ARMY so so.. so so much. Although not complete, please wait and listen to this spoiler!" V tweeted, according a fan translation by @Charts_K. Unfortunately, he deleted the clip on social media, but not before ARMYs captured it and shared it again. Listen to the snippet below.

From that short clip, fans caught the following lyrics:

Worst was given to me from the heart of the loveless / I play the games, fixed the puzzles, though I'm missing pieces / And I act like my life is just perfect / But behind this smile, it really hurts me / I'm trying to save my life, saving myself with an umbrella...

On Aug. 25, V surprised fans with another snippet of his mixtape during an episode of BTS' new reality show In The Soop.

Similar to the previous teasers he's shared, this song has romantic lyrics backed by bluesy instrumentals. "Will you please dance with me 'cause I can't live without you... I will love you in slow motion," he sings on the track. Listen to it below.

That wasn't all because V shared another snippet of a song called "Blue & Grey" and fans heard the following English lyrics:

Where's my angel. I'm sick and tired of everything. Someone come and save myself 'cause I can't take it anymore. Everywhere I go, everywhere I see, can you look at me 'cause I'm going free? Every time I cry, every time I smile, can you look at me 'cause I'm blue and grey? I just wanna be happier, baby don't let me go.

As ARMYs now, the track ended up on BTS' BE album, but it was totally different than what fans heard because this new version featured all seven members and the lyrics were in Korean rather than English. You can compare the two versions below.

Fans are hoping V's mixtape will include his solo version with the English lyrics.

V's First Mixtape Release Date

Finally, the big question on everyone's mind is when V's planning on dropping his mixtape. He hasn't announced an exact date, but in an Aug. 23 interview uploaded to BTS' YouTube channel, he said he was aiming to drop it by the end of 2020.

Hear V talk about his future goals beginning at the 7:02 mark below.

Fans had a feeling he would drop it in time for his 25th birthday on Dec. 30, and something V said on Dec. 14 added to their theory. "I wish my mixtape would come out soon," V teased during an interview with Genius. "V, I really want it to come out soon, too," RM added.

Watch V give his latest update regarding his mixtape below.

Unfortunately, that date came and went without V's mixtape being released, and 2021 brought a bit of bad news regarding the upcoming release. During his BE-hind interview on Saturday, Feb. 27, 2021, V confirmed his mixtape had been delayed. The singer said he will release the mixtape when he is happy with its quality, but suggested that likely won't happen anytime soon.

It sounds like ARMYs may have to wait a bit longer to hear V's first mixtape, but at least fans know it is still a work in progress.

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