All Of RM's Solo Songs Showcase His Versatility As An Artist

Dia Dipasupil/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

RM is the glue that holds BTS together. Apart from being their leader and representative spokesperson, he's a songwriter, producer, and rapper who works extremely hard behind the scenes to bring many of their tracks to life. With over 160 production credits to his name, it's hard to find a BTS song that RM hasn't touched. And when he's not writing and producing for the group, he stays busy working on solo music or music for other artists, showing he's always on the move toward his next big project. After following him for so long, fans agree all of BTS' RM's solo songs show his versatility as an artist because they never know what to expect.

One minute, RM is clapping back at haters in tracks like "Joke" and "Monster," and the next, he's comforting fans in sweet-sounding songs like "Moonchild" and "Forever Rain." RM has said time and time again he doesn't allow himself to be put in a box, and that's what makes his solo releases so highly-anticipated by fans who can't wait to hear his new sound. "I’m not pop, I’m not rock, I’m not funk, I’m not R&B or hip-hop," RM raps on his 2015 song "Do You."

Since RM does a little bit of everything, fans get to see his abilities truly shine on his solo songs. Here are a few of his most well-known projects that showcase his many talents.

March 2015: "RM"

A big theme in RM's music is figuring out his identity, and in his debut self-titled mixtape, RM explores going from an underground rapper to an idol. Although he sometimes feels conflicted with these labels, he's learned to accept every side of himself.

"I accept it fully now and I just do me. Whether I’m an idol or an artist, to be honest, it’s not important," he raps on "Awakening."

October 2016: "Reflection"

RM further questions himself through his Wings solo track "Reflection," during which he admits he sometimes feels lost and tries to bury those dark feelings away. "Everyone else knows where they’re supposed to be, but only I walk without purpose," he sings.

At the end of the song, RM repeats the heartbreaking line, "I wish I could love myself." For RM's performances of "Reflection" during BTS' 2017 Wings world tour, ARMYs sang "We love you" in between those lyrics to show him that, even when he's feeling down, he has millions of ARMYs cheering him on.

August 2018: "Trivia: Love"

After "Reflection," self love became a central theme in BTS' Love Yourself series. Through clever word play in "Trivia: Love," RM sings about finding the beauty in life through help from those around him.

"Like the moon rises after the sun rises, like how fingernails grow, like trees that shed their bark once a year, you are the one who will give meaning to my memories," he sings on the track.

With so many clever, playful, and flirty lyrics, "Trivia: Love" is one of RM's most romantic songs.

October 2018: "Mono"

In RM's second mixtape, Mono, RM takes a softer approach than fans heard in his debut self-titled album. In this record, he stops and reflects on everything in his life, and fans feel that much-needed pause through the mixtape's overall slower pace. "Cuz in the rain people are busy minding themselves. Gonna breathe a little slower. Cuz my life and my rap, they’re usually too fast," RM sings.

With its comforting lyrics, Mono is a timeless album that ARMYs continue to go back to whenever they need reassurance. In fact, fans love Mono so much, they helped it reach No. 1 on iTunes in 100 countries two years after its release, becoming the first album by an Asian act to do so.

April 2019: "Intro: Persona"

RM continues his journey toward self-discovery in "Intro: Persona." He starts the song by admitting the No. 1 question he's asked himself his whole life is "Who am I?" but he recognizes he probably won't ever find the answer to it. Since he has many personas, they are all important to understanding the "map" of his soul.

Unlike RM's other introspective songs that have a more serious tone, "Intro: Persona" is very upbeat and gives off an overall positive vibe, and maybe that's because RM has finally learned to appreciate every version of himself.

"I laugh more than I did before. I dreamed of becoming a superhero, now it feels like I really became one," RM raps on the track, referencing his battles with both his haters and himself through the years he's since overcome.

All of RM's solo songs sound so different from one another, but what they all have in common is they dive deep into RM's thoughts about his place in this world. He may not have all the answers, but he's learning and growing every day.