All Of V's Solo Songs Touch Fans' Hearts In Different Ways

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All it takes is one look at BTS' discography to see how involved they are in writing and producing their own music. From the moment they debuted in 2013, BTS has made sure to tell their personal stories and experiences through their lyrics, and, in order to make that happen, each member has contributed in the creative process. For example, V has helped write some of BTS' biggest hits, like "Run," "Hold Me Tight," and "Stigma." While he has a number of solo tracks as a member of BTS, he's also released a few on his own. With the combination of V's deep, soothing voice and his moving lyrics, all of BTS' V's solo songs never fail to touch fans' hearts.

V's authenticity, dedication, and overall work ethic are just some of the reasons fans love him. He already releases so many projects with BTS, but lately, he's been giving fans more by sharing several solo songs, in preparation for his upcoming mixtape. If his debut album is anything like the tracks he's released so far, fans know they're in for one emotional project.

Until that day arrives, ARMYs have these six tracks to repeat for hours on end.

October 2016: "Stigma"

For the first time, fans heard V's sultry voice shine independently in "Stigma" as part of BTS' 2016 album Wings. Fans can't help but get emotional whenever they hear it because, apart from the song's themes about pain and suffering, they can feel the passion in V's voice as he sings, "Deeper, deeper, the wound just gets deeper/ Like pieces of broken glass that I can’t reverse/ Deeper, it’s just the heart that hurts every day."

V once explained in a 2017 interview "Stigma" is a "difficult" song for him to perform. "It's a song that makes me the most nervous. I'm worried if I'll be able to fill the stage well by myself," V said.

Obviously, he didn't have to worry about that because he slayed every performance of "Stigma" on BTS' 2017 Wings tour.

May 2018: "Intro: Singularity"

BTS' Love Yourself: Tear became the group's first Billboard No. 1 record, and it starts off with the R&B track "Intro: Singularity." It's a beautifully haunting song that perfectly captures the album's overall dark concept. "A winter lake on which I was thrown away, a thick ice has formed. In the dream I shortly went into, my agonizing phantom pain is still the same," V sings.

However, he finishes the song on an optimistic note: "In the end, spring will come someday. The ice will melt and flow away."

15 hours after its music video was released on May 6, 2018, it accumulated a record-breaking 10 million views, making it the group's fastest music video to do so at the time.

January 2019: "Scenery"

"Scenery" is a fan-favorite track because V not only composed and wrote the song, but he also took its cover photo, showcasing how multi-talented he is.

In the track, V tells the story of walking in a park with someone special, and he forever captures the moment by taking photographs. "If you walk away, leaving behind footprints, I'll protect that road you took, I'll leave it in black and white," V sweetly sings on top of the soft piano melody.

August 2019: "Winter Bear"

V absolutely melted hearts with the release of "Winter Bear" (which sounds like a total lullaby), and its equally heartwarming music video. Fans know V has been studying English in order to communicate better with international fans, so hearing him sing in English was so impressive and just further showcased his dedicated work ethic.

Hard work definitely pays off, because, by the end of 2019, V became the most-streamed Korean soloist on SoundCloud.

February 2020: "Inner Child"

In "Inner Child," V sings to his younger self, who once "didn't believe in galaxies," but after seeing all that he has accomplish with BTS, he now knows anything is possible with the help of ARMYs.

"I want to hug the many thorns in the rose that used to sprout. The smiling kid, the child who used to just laugh brightly. When I see you like that, I keep laughing," he sings, reassuring younger V that everything will turn out fine.

March 2020: "Sweet Night"

V's talents only gained more worldwide recognition as his song "Sweet Night" featured on the soundtrack for the hit JTBC/Netflix series Itaewon Class.

Composed by V himself, his delicate vocals and moving lyrics captured fans' hearts so much that it went No. 1 on the iTunes Charts in 105 countries, making V the artist with the most iTunes No. 1s in history, beating out powerhouse singer Adele.

V's many talents definitely don't go unnoticed and fans can't wait until they see more of them on his upcoming mixtape.