The Lyrics To BTS' V's "Winter Bear" Are Like The Sweetest Lullaby

Oh. My God. BTS just keeps surprising fans with new songs! I love BTS with all my heart, but I'd really appreciate it if they gave me a warning first so I can fully process the musical goodness that I'm about to hear. This time, V dropped a solo song and it's called "Winter Bear." Just to let you all know, V's my bias, so you can just imagine how I'm feeling right now. I would be freaking out regardless of which member came out with a song, but when it's my bias, well, let's just say I'm an emotional wreck right now. With a mysterious title like "Winter Bear," you must be wondering what BTS V's "Winter Bear" lyrics are all about.

Thankfully, V shared the lyrics on BTS' blog, so fans can be in on the lyrical genius of "Winter Bear."

OK, enough from me. Let me present you the lyrics of "Winter Bear," which honestly sound like a beautiful lullaby, and maybe that's because the song is telling fans to sleep like a winter bear.

She looks like a blue parrot

Would you come fly to me

I want some

Good day, good day, good day

Good day, good day

Looks like a winter bear

You sleep so happily

I wish you a

Good night, good night, good night

Good night, good night

Imagine your face

Say hello to me

Then all the bad days

They’re nothing to me

With you

Winter bear

Sleep like a winter bear

Sleep like a winter bear

That was beautiful, wasn't it? That's not even a translation of the lyrics, because guess what? V sings "Winter Bear" entirely in English!

If that wasn't all, V also shared a music video for "Winter Bear" on BTS' YouTube channel. The video is so artsy, and just as beautiful as the lyrics of the song. It gives fans a look into V's life, which is filled with traveling to different cities across the world.

When I watched the video, I couldn't help but put my hands to my heart because the video is just so sweet. (I'm crying, guys!)

"Winter Bear" is V's second solo song released this year. On Jan. 30, V shared his self-composed song "Scenery," which is honestly just as soft and sweet as "Winter Bear."

"Scenery" didn't come with a music video, so that's why fans are so happy that "Winter Bear" got the music video treatment.

You can listen to "Scenery" on SoundCloud below.

V also shared "Winter Bear" on SoundCloud. Unlike the cover art for "Scenery," which had V in it, the cover art for "Winter Bear" shows a plain white piece of paper on the grass with the words "Winter Bear" written on them. To make it more adorable, the photo also shows two bear figures on the grass looking at the piece of paper.

Take a look below.

V's voice is so unique and beautiful. While I love hearing him on BTS' songs, it's always nice to hear V sing solo once in a while.

Now excuse me while I go rewatch the "Winter Bear" music video, because that is pure art right there.