BTS' V's "Winter Bear" Music Video Is So Unbelievably Beautiful In Every Way


Prepare your eardrums, your eyeballs, and especially your tear ducts, ARMYs. BTS' V dropped the most beautiful surprise that will, frankly, attack you emotionally. BTS' V's "Winter Bear" music video is so unbelievably beautiful in every way. I'm talking sonically, lyrically, and visually.

On the morning of Friday, Aug. 9 (midnight on Aug. 10 in South Korea), V pulled a fast one on every BTS ARMY around the world by dropping a surprise solo single. BTS dropping solo singles out of the blue is no new thing. Jimin dropped "Promise" last year with no warning at all. What's different about this song is two things: 1) It came with a whole music video (like, a legit music video), and 2) it's entirely in English.

The song, written and produced by V (with some help from Big Hit's resident producers like Adora and RM), is quite literally the most beautiful thing you'll hear, see, and experience today (and for the rest of your life). The music video starts out with a shot of a flock of birds flying through the sky before V is revealed taking photos through a window from the backseat of an SUV. By the looks of V's blonde hair and red snapback at the beginning of the video, it seems like it's been in the works for a while since he was rocking that look back in late 2018.

The music doesn't start until around 20 seconds into the video, when the soft strumming of a guitar introduces the first chords of V's first-ever original song entirely in English. Brace yourself for emotion, and then press play below!

"Winter Bear"'s lyrics are very whimsical, just like the beautiful footage of the different cities V visited on the Love Yourself tour and different animals featured in the video. It's not clear who the song's lyrics are directed to, but whoever it is (my money is on ARMYs), he's hoping they have a lovely night's sleep like, just like a winter bear (that's hibernating, — you get it?).

Check out the simple lyrics below:

She looks like a blue parrot / Would you come fly to me / I want some / Good day, good day, good day / Good day, good day
Looks like a winter bear / You sleep so happily / I wish you a / Good night, good night, good night / Good night, good night
Imagine your face / Say hello to me / Then all the bad days / They’re nothing to me / With you / Winter bear / Sleep like a winter bear / Sleep like a winter bear

The song is so soft and full of whimsy, it's the perfect song to fall asleep to. And as someone who enjoys sleeping like a winter bear (aka, like I'm hibernating), I personally feel so very seen. I'm going to have this song on repeat every night to lull me to sleep.

Thank you, V. For real. You always come through.