BTS' Jimin Just Broke A Major Record Set By Drake With His Solo Single, I'm Shaking

Frazer Harrison/Getty Images; Jamie McCarthy/Getty Images

OK, BTS ARMY, let's be real: Under all the sheer joy and excitement over Jimin dropping his first solo song, "Promise," we were all the tiniest bit salty that it took SIX YEARS for Jimin's solo moment to come. But now, seeing all the love Jimin's first solo venture has garnered has me thinking the six-year wait was more than worth it because Jimin did not come to mess around. Jimin's tender love and care producing the song surely contributed to the three-minute, 21-second track becoming a certifiable hit with fans and locals alike. Case in point: BTS' Jimin's solo song "Promise" broke a major record on Soundcloud. Whose record did he break, you ask? Oh, this small-time rapper you've probably never heard of... his name is Drake.

Bahahahahaha. Yeah, no. I'm talking about that Drake — one-of-the-biggest-rappers-in-the-world, Drake. Jimin from BTS has officially smashed a major Soundcloud record previously held by the Drake.

According to a report by Forbes, SoundCloud confirmed that Jimin's first solo track outside of a BTS album, “Promise,” was streamed 8.5 million times in the 24 hours after its release, breaking the site’s record for the best first-day debut ever.

Drake previously held the record for the best first-day debut with his May 2018 release, “Duppy Freestyle."

And Jimin didn't just squeak by Drake's record with a few hundred thousand streams. To be blunt: Jimin blew Drake's record out of the water.

Drake's “Duppy Freestyle" raked in 4.9 million streams in the first 24 hours after its release, which means Jimin's year-end gift to fans surpassed his record by a whopping 3.6 million streams.

And please allow me to wave my Jimin Stan Club membership card proudly in the air for a hot second: Drake's "Duppy Freestyle" was a highly anticipated diss track directed at Pusha T and Kanye West in response to Pusha T's diss track, "Infrared," so there was a lot of build up and hype surrounding it. Jimin dropped his track out of the blue on New Year's Eve with absolutely no warning. If that's not a flex, I don't know what is.

Drake right about now:

JK, JK, JK. Sorry, I just had to make an "I'm Upset" joke because how could I not in this situation?

We all know Drake is a lover of good music and I'm sure he'd be glad to know an amazing artist like Jimin broke his record (with an assist from RM, of course, who wrote the lyrics for the song in collaboration with Jimin).

And, to be honest, Jimin's "Promise" is a track all about self love and it's really nice to see a song with such a positive message take its spot on the mantle as Soundcloud's biggest first-day debut. Here's a little taste of its most moving lyrics:

Promise me now / No matter how many times you feel alone in a day / You won’t throw yourself away / Stop here for moment / Link pinkies / And promise me

You can listen to it below:

Anyone who knows anything about Jimin knows that the reason it took him so long to drop his first solo track is because he's a huge perfectionist. It probably took a lot of time, effort, and courage for him to finally release "Promise" to the world. Now, fans couldn't be happier that he's seeing the rewards for all his hard work.

Now, Drake... I know for a fact that BTS loves you. I don't see any reason why you wouldn't love BTS. So can we talk about that BTS collab the world needs?