Jimin's "Promise" Lyrics Make A Beautiful Pinky Promise To ARMY That Will "Blow Your Mind"


Every BTS stan has grown to love all seven members of BTS as individuals, which is why they adore when members drop solo projects. Almost every member of BTS has also dropped solo projects outside the solo songs they record for their usual comebacks, like J-Hope, Suga, and RM's solo mixtapes — Hope World, Agust D, and Mono, Jungkook's many song covers and Golden Closet Film videos, V's acting role in the K-Drama Hwarang: The Poet Warrior Youth, and Jin's many turns as MC extraordinaire. Noticeably missing from the list of BTS members with solo projects: Jimin. At least, that was the case until the clock struck midnight in Korea on Dec. 31 and it all changed. That's the fateful moment Jimin dropped what fans had long been begging for for years: a solo track called "Promise." So, what do Jimin's "Promise" lyrics mean?

The track, which was produced by Slow Rabbit, features mostly Korean lyrics with English sprinkled throughout (as we've come to expect from BTS). Without even understanding Jimin's lyrics (written in partnership with RM), fans connected with Jimin's super sweet vocals and the soft guitar accompaniment. Check out the track below:

After getting lost in Jimin's dreamy voice for two hours while playing the track on loop, every non-Korean-speaking ARMY finds themselves asking: What do these lyrics mean?

Well, thank goodness for I-Army, because fans have already translated the track for non-Korean speakers and the English translation reveals that Jimin's first solo song is a 2-minute-30-second track about loving yourself.

Although Jimin wrote the song for himself, it's also a message to fans. He sings that fans should be their own light so that they can find the strength to love themselves through thick and then (like he hopes to love himself). In the end, he sings that fans should link their pinky fingers and promise that they'll love themselves, which is certainly fitting since he has the ARMY wrapped around his exceptionally small and cute pinky anyway.

There's no official English translation of "Promise," but here are the lyrics in English according to translations by the BTS fansite ARMY Cafe and Twitter account Chageunjimie.


Alone, sinking to my knees / I’m lost in thought/ You probably don’t even know / When you started hurting me


You know you’re hurting too / Cause you’re mine / I just wanna blow your mind / You keep getting farther away from me / I say it like it’s nothing / But honestly, I think it might not be that way.


I want you to be your light, baby / You should be your light / For you to not hurt anymore / To make you smile / You could be your night / So I can be honest with you tonight


Promise me now / No matter how many times you feel alone in a day / You won’t throw yourself away / Stop here for moment / Link pinkies / And promise me

With such a moving message like this, is it any wonder that Jimin's solo track is already breaking records on BTS' Soundcloud? According to the BTS fan Twitter account, BTS on Soundcloud, "Promise" his 3 million streams on Soundcloud just two hours after release, beating the record set previously by RM, Suga, and J-Hope's subunit song, "Ddaeng."

Makes sense, considering fans have been waiting seven years for this moment! Thank you, Jimin. Now excuse me, I'll be busy listening to "Promise" on repeat for the foreseeable future. I pinky promise you that.