Jimin From BTS Dropped His First Solo Single, Making ARMYs Happy All Over The World

Ken Ishii/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

The wait is finally over. As of Sunday, Dec. 30, Jimin from BTS' first solo single is here, and fans all over the world are absolutely thrilled to listen to the "Promise." The BTS official Twitter account tweeted the news of Jimin's solo single on the morning of Dec. 30. According to a translation from Twitter account @learnkoreanpop, the tweet said:

Everyone, you waited a while, right? Finally, I am revealing my self-composed song. It is a song made for me, but it’s also a song made for you. Though this is my first time and a work of an amateur, I hope you enjoy listening (to this song). Thank you Army for waiting.

"Promise," Jimin's dreamy two minute, 31 second song features soft guitar music and vocals in both English and Korean. It's produced by Slow Rabbit, who is also a producer for many BTS songs, and the lyrics are co-written by Jimin and BTS member RM. Though Jimin has released solo tracks like "Lie" and "Serendipity" on BTS' albums before this is his first solo project outside of an album.

Check it out below:

Fans from all over the world are thrilled that they finally get to listen to this long-awaited single and are taking to Twitter to express their thoughts and congratulate Jimin on this big accomplishment. The original tweet is even being translated to other languages like Spanish, French, and English.

Here are some fan reactions to Jimin's first solo single, "Promise:"

Many fans are also posting pictures of their pinkies as a response to the song's title, suggesting that they're making a pinky promise with Jimin:

According to the BTS band members, Jimin is the hardest working member of the group, so it totally makes sense that he was working on a solo project in addition to the countless other projects and performances BTS has worked on this year. On top of having an absolutely dreamy voice, Jimin is also trained in modern dance and is known to be an exceptionally good dancer in the K-pop world, a high compliment in an industry where most people are incredible dancers to begin with. He's also a perfectionist who worked hard to master his vocals according to bandmate Jungkook. Jimin talked a little about his insecurities when it comes to his singing voice in the BTS Burn The Stage series, which makes his solo single all the more special.

Jimin is closing out the year strong with this incredible new song, the singer also had a great 2018 filled with other firsts and adventures. This year, Jimin shot his first ever solo magazine cover for Top Class magazine. He also quickly developed a bromance with Jimmy Fallon when BTS made their first appearance on The Tonight Show back in September. He also dyed his hair twice in recent weeks — in October, the performer unveiled a blue 'do at a concert in Berlin and in mid-December he dyed his hair grey to match his silvery outfit at the 2018 Mnet Asia Music Awards.

According to a Tweet from @BTS_billboard, "Promise" surpassed 1.4 million streams on Soundcloud within 54 minutes of its release.

Just goes to show that BTS fans mean business when it comes to new music. Happy streaming!