Jimin From BTS Dyed His Hair Grey For The 2018 MAMAs, So ARMY Are Completely Freaking Out


BTS did not come to play when they arrived on the 2018 MAMAs Fans' Choice red carpet in Japan on Dec. 12. But, let's be real: that comes as no surprise to ARMY who have come to expect Jungkook, Jimin, V, RM, Suga, Jin, and J-Hope to slay on whatever red carpet they bless with their presence. The boys arrived to one of Asia's biggest night's in music looking almost entirely predictably stunning. I say "almost" because nothing about Jimin's new grey hair at the 2018 MAMAs was predictable and fans are totally freaking out about it.

So, the boys strolled out onto the MAMAs red carpet about half an hour before it ended looking like seven Prince Charmings. Some highlights: V was wearing a pink suit that totally matched his now-fading red hair. J-Hope was rocking a sleek black look with bumblebees all over it (and he's the only person in the world that can make bumblebees look sexy AF). Jin and RM were both decked out in white, while Jungkook looked super smooth in a black suit. Suga was shimmering in a silvery overcoat. They came to stun, and stun they did.

But Jimin... Oh, Jimin. Our resident eighth most-talked-about musician on Twitter was rocking a grey trench coat, and he further solidified his spot by showing off brand new grey hair to match that had fans' heads spinning.

OK, check out the boys' looks below:

Did you spot Jimin's new dark grey hair? Well, here's a closeup!

He even rocked grey contacts with the look! I can't deal!

Considering K-pop stars change their hair color more than you change your nail polish, you'd think that fans would have been prepared for a member of BTS or two to show up on the red carpet with a new hair look. But alas. One is never emotionally prepared for BTS hair changes. Twitter was completely and utterly shook.

This is hardly the first BTS hair change we've gotten in recent weeks. V and RM hit us with a one-two punch when they hit the red carpet at the Melon Music Awards with red and purple hair respectively. And then Jungkook made ARMYs swoon in Taiwan when he emerged on stage with black hair.

At this rate, I've pretty much grown to expect a hair-color change from one of the boys at every appearance, and I'm not mad about it. I live for it, actually.

The boys took home four MAMAs at tonight's ceremony for Icon of the Year, Favorite Music Video for "Idol," Global Top 10 Fans' Choice, and Favorite Dance Artist (Male). They're up for even more awards at the official MAMAs on Dec. 14, though, so they're not done winning yet!

Now I'm taking bets on who will show up to the official MAMAs in two days with a brand new look. I'm putting my money on Suga or J-Hope. I feel like they've been rocking the same hair look for a loooooong time. Can't wait!