BTS Fans Are Celebrating Jimin's First Solo Magazine Cover Because He Really Deserves It

by Karen Ruffini

BTS is undoubtedly 2018's breakout boy band and you simply can't tell me otherwise. Jungkook, Jimin, V, Suga, RM, Jin, and J-Hope have officially shaken up the music game in a huge way, and have finally been getting the recognition they deserve. But there's one member, in particular, that the world seemingly can't get enough of as of late, and that's Jimin. He's been going viral like wildfire on Twitter (hello, red suit), and it's pretty clear that the world has taken notice. Case in point: Jimin from BTS' Top Class magazine cover — which, in case you didn't know, is a huge deal. The fact that he's landed the cover of a magazine solo is proof that Jimin and all the BTS members have endless talent, and their fans are beyond excited to see Jimin get his solo debut on a magazine cover.

So first thing's first: What is TopClass magazine? One Reddit user said it's a "professional, interview-based, monthly with stories of those who have achieved altruistic success." Another Twitter user describes the magazine as a"high-quality people's mag that captures trend leaders in different fields, shares their ideas, success through vivid interviews." Sign me up, please!

But just an FYI — if you're hoping to grab yourself a copy, it's already sold out. Let that sink in for you real quick.

Though, can you really be surprised when the cover looks like this?

Naturally, fans on Twitter are going wild over the announcement (as they should), and tweeted their sentiments, which were all beyond heartwarming:

A Top Class man, indeed.

Many fans are also happy that Jimin is getting recognition as an individual, as opposed to simply grouping BTS as the sum of its parts (other members have gotten spotlighted solo this year, too, so it's not like Jimin is the only one slaying the game).

Considering that BTS's emotional speech at the MAMAs this year revealed that the band considered disbanding, scoring the cover of TopClass is particularly gratifying. According to AllKPop, Jimin told the audience,

ARMY, thank you. Over the year, there could've been many hard times you know... We had times where we got together and had discussions. What we felt is that we have so many people around us. So we want to thank you guys for always giving us encouragement. We really wanted to receive this award here again. Your pride in us is our pride. We will show a better side of us next year and show you guys this award again.

But truly, life without BTS just wouldn't be the same, especially when it comes to Jimin. The world fell in love with him almost instantly, and in 2018, Jimin became the eighth most mentioned musician in the United States on Twitter (but he only got the credit after the BTS ARMY noticed an error on Twitter's behalf where it mistakenly attributed the accomplishment to Jimin Park of JYP Entertainment and not Jimin from BTS):

Ain't no army like a BTS ARMY, amirite?

And not for nothing, but Jimin literally swept up dozens of slots in Gallup Korea's rankings for Top Artists of 2018. According to AllKPop, Gallup (an organization dedicated to analytics and consumer trends) held multiple polls to find out which artists consumers and music fans were obsessed with in 2018. They noted that the information about "idol trends" were gathered from 1,500 people within the age group of 13 to 29. Jimin was placed in each of the five categories, and came in at number one in three of the five categories (Top Idols, Top Idols picked by females aged 13-18, and Top Idols picked by females aged 19-29). Jungkook also made multiple lists (he's no stranger to going viral himself), along with V, Suga, RM, and Jin — so you can probably expect more solo covers from them in the near future, too. (Also: JUSTICE FOR J-HOPE!)

I can't even say that I'm surprised by all of his rankings. Jimin is well deserving of all the good things coming his way — especially a cover of a magazine. Well done, Jimin!