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27 BTS Solo Songs That Show How Every Member Of The Band Is Essential

How can all seven be so freaking talented?!

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BTS is on top of the world right now, and they're continuing to gain new fans each day. I joined the BTS ARMY in 2017, but there are some fans that have been with the group since they debuted in 2013. Then, there are others who are probably joining the fandom right now and going down the BTS music video rabbit hole for the first time (I'm jealous of you, newbie ARMYs!). Since there are years' worth of BTS content out there, it might seem impossible to keep up with it all. I immediately think of BTS' albums, music videos, Run BTS! and Bon Voyage episodes, livestreams, and live performances. That's not even all, because they have so much more content to offer, like BTS’ solo songs.

Yup. RM, Jin, Suga, J-Hope, Jimin, V, and Jungkook have released songs of their own and they're all awesome and unique in their own way. Their tracks highlight how different each member is and how those differences help make BTS who they are as a group today. That's right. BTS wouldn't be BTS without every single member.

So, without further ado, I present to you 27 BTS solo songs that perfectly capture every BTS members' individuality. Enjoy.

Jimin's "Serendipity"

Jimin's voice is naturally soft and sweet and you can clearly hear that in his Love Yourself: Her solo track, "Serendipity."

Jimin's "Lie"

Jimin's voice sounds hauntingly beautiful in "Lie," which has a totally different message than "Serendipity," and shows how versatile Jimin's vocal color can be.

Jimin's "Promise"

"Promise" is such a beautiful song and is so Jimin. By that, I mean that the song's melody does a good job of showcasing Jimin's soft vocals and the best part is that the lyrics are by Jimin, too, with a little help from RM.

Jimin’s “Filter”

Jimin blew fans away with the release of “Filter.” The song’s flirty lyrics had everyone blushing. The most talked-about line was probably, “I can be your Genie/ How ‘bout Aladdin?/ I'll be anything/ You can pick and choose me.”

J-Hope's "Trivia: Just Dance"

On a happier note, J-Hope's "Trivia: Just Dance" from Love Yourself: Answer captures that feeling of falling in love.

J-Hope’s “Outro: Ego”

Outro: Ego” is definitely a fan favorite track because ARMYs can’t help but dance whenever they listen to it. The lyrics are about J-Hope overcoming his fears and insecurities to become the person he is today.

J-Hope's "MAMA"

J-Hope may sound upbeat in "MAMA," but the song itself has a bittersweet message about success that's about how parents can sacrifice a lot to help their children achieve their dreams. Every time you listen to "MAMA," I bet you that the line, "Hey Mama!," will get stuck in your head for the rest of the day.

J-Hope's "Daydream"

"Daydream," off of J-Hope's solo mixtape Hope World, screams J-Hope, as it's a song that will instantly put you in a good mood and make you want to dance.

Jin's "Epiphany"

Jin's Love Yourself: Answer solo track, "Epiphany," is all about learning to love yourself, and if that isn't getting you emotional already, I bet you Jin's vocals will.

Jin's "Awake"

Jin's vocals are on a whole other level, I tell you. I mean, just listen to "Awake."

Jin's "Tonight"

And here's yet another one of Jin's solo songs that will make you emotional because "Tonight" is all about the fear of loss.

Jin’s “Moon”

Jin’s “Moon” is all about his love for ARMYs. In it, he compares fans to planet Earth and says he’s their moon who will always be by their side. “You are my Earth/ And all I see is you,” Jin sings.

Jungkook's "Euphoria"

Jungkook's Love Yourself: Answer solo track, "Euphoria," is a fan-favorite song, especially at concerts. Fans can't get enough of Jungook's high note at the end of the song.

Jungkook's "Begin"

"Begin" is a really special BTS track and the lyrics only add to its meaning. Fans interpreted the lyrics to be about Jungkook's journey with BTS and how he's thankful for having the BTS members by his side. Aww.

Jungkook’s “My Time”

My Time” offers a behind-the-scenes look into Jungkook’s life in the spotlight. In it, he admits he sometimes feels that the world around him is going too fast and he’s missing out. “There're traces of losses/ Don't know what to do with, am I livin' this right?” he sings on the track.

RM's "Trivia: Love"

"Trivia: Love" from Love Yourself: Answer is a really gorgeous song and the lyrics showcase how talented and clever of a songwriter RM is, since the phrases he uses have double meanings.

RM's "Reflection"

"Reflection" will hit you right in your feels, especially when RM sings the line, "I wish I could love myself."

RM's "Moonchild"

"Moonchild," off of RM's solo mixtape Mono, has RM rapping as usual, but during some parts, he also sings, which shows that RM can really do both.

RM’s “Intro: Persona”

RM gets super honest about his journey to finding self-love on this track. He admits he’s made a lot of mistakes in life and it’s taken him a long time to get over them, but in the end, those mistakes taught him valuable lessons and they’ve become part of who he is. “I'm not embarrassed anymore this is the map of my soul,” he says.

Suga's "Trivia: Seesaw"

People know Suga as a rapper, but in "Seesaw" from Love Yourself: Answer, Suga does a bit of singing, which shows how versatile he is as an artist.

Suga's "First Love"

Unlike Suga's "Agust D" persona, "First Love" shows Suga's more sentimental side.

Suga's "Agust D"

This track off of Suga's solo mixtape Agust D really shows off Suga's impressive rap skills, which are also seen in BTS' "Cypher" tracks and "Outro: Tear."

Suga’s “Interlude: Shadow”

Suga begins “Interlude Shadow” by saying he’s always dreamed of getting to the top of the charts, and now that he’s finally achieved it as a member of BTS, he’s afraid of one day losing this success. “I can leap in the air but also plunge,” Suga says on the track. Fans loved how this song showed Suga’s vulnerability.

V's "Stigma"

V truly has a voice that can connect with the listener beyond language and that's obvious in songs like "Stigma."

V's "Singularity"

"Singularity," which served as the introduction song to BTS' Love Yourself: Tear album, showcases V's deep and seductive voice, as well as his talent for tapping into genres like R&B, soul, and jazz.

V's "Winter Bear"

V chose to show off softer vocals in his self-produced track "Winter Bear," and it proved to be a smart decision as it gave the song the feeling of a sweet lullaby, which added to the song's message.

V’s “Inner Child”

In “Inner Child,” which is featured on BTS’ 2020 Map of the Soul: 7 album, V reflects on his journey getting to where he is today. He basically tells his younger self not to have worries because everything will be OK in the end. “You at that time, didn't believe in galaxies/ But I saw it, a silver galaxy,” he says on the track.

Whew! That was just a few of BTS' solo songs. Yes, just a few, because some of the BTS members have entire mixtapes full of solo songs, but that's for another day.

Man, BTS is just so full of talent. RM, Jin, Suga, J-Hope, Jimin, V, and Jungkook stand out all on their own, but when they come together, they create something even more beautiful. Not one member of the group is like the other, and that's what makes BTS so special.

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