The New Episode Of 'Run BTS!' Reveals The Funny Story Behind Jimin's "Promise" Cover Art

Kevin Mazur/Getty Images

In the K-Pop world, it's totally normal for members of a group to release solo songs — actually, it's encouraged. So when BTS member Jimin released a track of his own in December 2018 called "Promise," fans were thrilled. The BTS ARMY instantly fell in love with everything about the song, including the lyrics, vocals, and even the cover art for the single, which shows Jimin looking out at the sky with his arms outstretched. It's a really beautiful shot, and while fans were already obsessed with it, they became even more in love with it when they looked at the photo credits for the cover: Vante. BTS' V uses the pseudonym whenever he posts his artwork like photography, paintings, or drawings online. While fans didn't know the story behind the cover art, a new video of V taking photos of Jimin in Canada reveals a little bit more about what went down to get that perfect shot.

On May 14, BTS uploaded a new episode of its variety show called Run BTS! to VLIVE. The episode shows the group's seven members RM, Jin, Suga, J-Hope, Jimin, V, and Jungkookspending some free time in Canada. Based on their clothes (and hair colors), the episode was shot in September 2018, ahead of the group's three shows in Ontario, Canada, where they also visited Niagara Falls.

In the episode, the guys play a few games like they always do in Run BTS! episodes, and the next day, they head to a lake so that the losing member Jimincould act out his penalty (or punishment) for getting the lowest score in the games BTS played the night before. Even though it looked like it was freezing cold outside, BTS decided that Jimin would have to go into the lake as punishment for losing. The weather didn't seem to annoy Jimin though, as he was still in good spirits and even said, "I'll go in with a happy heart. I think it'll be good if I have positive thoughts for us." Wow, if only everyone could have the same positive mindset as Jimin!

But, it turns out Jimin did have something to be happy about! Once he went into the lake, V (being the photographer that he is) started taking pictures of him, and although it's not confirmed in the episode, fans believe this is where V took the photo for Jimin's "Promise" cover art, especially since Jimin was wearing the exact same outfit that day as he was in the photo for the song.

Although it's been a while since Jimin released his solo song, fans are just as in love with it today as they were the day it released (Dec. 31, 2018). In fact, a month after it came out, Jimin sang the chorus of "Promise" during BTS' concert in Singapore. In the video, you can hear fans in the crowd singing along to the song, despite having only released weeks before.

"Promise" obviously holds a special place in ARMYs' hearts, and now that they know the story behind the cover photo, I'm sure it means that much more to them!