BTS' 'BE' Album Details Will Get ARMYs Hype For Their Most Personal Music Yet

Here's Every Single Thing To Know About BTS' New Album, 'BE'

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Get excited, ARMYs! BTS is officially making their second 2020 comeback, and it's happening soon! On Sunday, Sept. 27, Big Hit Entertainment announced the group's next album is called BE, and they're releasing a Deluxe Edition of the album that'll arrive in just a few weeks. Based on BTS' BE album details, fans can expect the record to be the group's most personal one yet.

BTS first announced they were working on new music in April. Ahead of their Bang Bang Con virtual concerts, RM revealed because their Map of the Soul world tour had been cancelled due to the coronavirus pandemic, they had extra time to work in the studio. Since their upcoming schedule was so uncertain, they decided to record a new album and take fans behind the scenes on their creative journey. "We're still thinking about what and how much of the process to share with you but we're going to try to [record] the process together with you all," RM said in an April 17 livestream.

Through several videos on YouTube, fans saw BTS at group meetings as they discussed the details surrounding their project. One of the most interesting things ARMYs learned is each member had an important role (besides singing, rapping, and producing, of course) on this record.

Now, after months of waiting, fans will finally get to hear what BTS has been working on all this time. To prepare for BTS' comeback, you can read all about their new album below.

BTS' BE (Deluxe Edition) Album Concept

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According to a statement by Big Hit, fans can expect BE (Deluxe Edition) to feature "the most BTS-esque" music yet.

"The latest story from BTS begins by declaring that ‘Even in the face of this new normality, our life goes on' and imparts a message of healing to fans and to the world," they wrote on Weverse. "This album is made more special by direct involvement from BTS in not only the music, but from the concept and composition to design. You will discover throughout the album the thoughts, emotions, and deepest reflections of BTS while experiencing an even richer musical spectrum."

BTS' BE Album Concept Photos

The boys usually drop a promotion schedule detailing when they plan to drop every photoshoot and music video connected to their next release, but they decided to surprise fans with the first concept photo for BE on Oct. 19. The snap features all the boys rocking dark hair while seated holding various instruments. The simple concept had fans speculating the album could be stripped down or feature the boys playing their own instruments in some capacity.

On Saturday, Oct. 31, BigHit Entertainment shared a concept video for the new album, which shows each BTS member briefly checking themselves out in a mirror before posing as a group. Fans are already buzzing with theories about the teaser, with some thinking the clip proves BE's major theme will be self-reflection, and others guessing the audio in the snippet is the beat from a new song.

BTS' BE Album Lead Single, "Life Goes On"

On Weverse, BTS explained their album was inspired by how much the world has changed due to the coronavirus pandemic. "Even in the face of this new normality, our life goes on," BTS said about their project's message. Fans know the guys like to give hints about their future concepts and song titles, and it seems this line actually revealed the group's next single. On Oct. 30, the boys revealed their next single is called "Life Goes On."

The song will release on Friday, Nov. 20 at 2 p.m. KST and 12 a.m. ET.

At the same time, the American Music Awards announced the group will make their TV debut of "Life Goes On" on the show, which takes place on Nov. 22. BTS will also perform "Dynamite" at the show.

BTS' BE Album Tracklist

BE will include eight tracks, including "Life Goes On" and "Dynamite." Based on the titles, it seems the group is going to get really honest about their feelings on the pandemic in these songs. ARMYs are especially interested in hearing "Skit" because they predict it will either be an audio recording of BTS reacting to "Dynamite" going No. 1 on the Hot 100 or the guys reading a personal letter to fans.

Alongside their tracklist, BTS shared this message: "Life goes on/ Like an echo in the forest/ Like an arrow in the blue sky/ On my pillow, on my table/ Life goes on like this again." It had fans convinced the snippet was BTS' "Life Goes On" lyrics.

What comes in BTS' BE (Deluxe Edition) album?

According to BTS' announcement on Weverse, the initial BE (Deluxe Edition) album will be printed in limited quantities for first-run, print-only stocks, and pre-order periods may vary by retailer, so fans will want to pre-order to ensure they get their hands on the deluxe edition.

  • 1 CD
  • 1 photobook
  • 1 making book
  • 1 lyric paper
  • 8 photo cards
  • 1 polaroid photo card
  • 1 photoframe
  • 7 postcards
  • 1 poster

Fans are particularly excited about this album because, unlike BTS usual physical releases where you only get one random photo card in each album, BE (Deluxe Edition) comes with photo cards and postcards featuring all the boys. If you pre-order BE on BTS' Weverse Shop, you'll get two bonus gifts: an album concept lyric note and postcard. Big Hit unveiled the extra goodies alongside the album cover and a sneak peek of the photo book and photocards.

How To Pre-Order BTS' BE (Deluxe Edition) Album

If you want to be the first to snag BTS' upcoming project, you can pre-order the BE (Deluxe Edition) from the USA Weverse shop, BTS' official music store, and all major U.S. retailers, starting on Monday, Sept. 28. The album's cost is dependent on where you make your purchase, but it runs for around $50.

All U.S. sales will count towards the USA SoundScan and Billboard charts as well as the Korean Hanteo and Gaon charts. Keep in mind that, on Weverse Shop, sales will only count toward Billboard charts if you purchase on the USA shop.

BTS' BE (Deluxe Edition) Album Release Date

Fans guessed BTS will make their comeback some time in November, and it turns out they were right. BE will drop on Friday, Nov. 20, at 2 p.m. KST and 12 a.m. ET.

Will there be regular versions of BTS BE (Deluxe Edition) album?

ARMYs on Twitter have been speculating that, since BTS is kicking off their comeback by releasing a deluxe edition of BE, regular versions of the album are sure to come down the line. Considering BTS usually releases four versions of their albums, the theory isn't too far fetched. Currently, however, Big Hit and BTS have not announced any details about additional versions of BE.

BTS makes history with every comeback, so fans have high expectations for this album.

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