Here's Why ARMY Thinks A BTS Album Might Be Coming In November

Cindy Ord/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

BTS' "Dynamite" was just the beginning of their second 2020 comeback. In February, the group dropped their Map of the Soul: 7 album, and just a few weeks later, RM revealed in a YouTube livestream they were already working on another record. As time went on, BTS teased ARMYs can expect it before the year ends. Since their project hasn't arrived yet, fans are wondering if BTS will drop their second 2020 album in November.

Due to a hint Jin may have revealed in a May 11 YouTube log, fans initially believed new music would arrive earlier. "Our album release is in October, right?" Jin asked the guys in the video. Suga seemingly nodded in confirmation, sending fans into a frenzy thinking BTS may have leaked their own album release date.

Fans' suspicions only increased when BTS shared information about their fall schedule during the Honey FM radio show on July 26. "We are preparing an album for the second half of this year, but decided to first release a single because we wanted to reach our fans as soon as possible. Due to COVID-19, people around the world have been going through tough times and we wanted to share some positive energy with our fans," the group said about "Dynamite."

Fans were so sure BTS' album would drop in October because of Jin's comment, but now rumor has it the project will actually be here in November instead. According to entertainment website SoMagNews, on Sept. 13, eBest Investment Securities released information about K-Pop groups' upcoming comebacks, revealing BTS' album was scheduled for November.

Of course, hearing this made ARMYs so excited thinking about the possibility of getting new music so soon. Since Big Hit confirmed TXT will drop their third EP Minisode1: Blue Hour on Oct. 26, fans think a November release date makes sense because BTS and TXT likely won't debut new music the same month. Plus, if BTS' album does come then, fans predict the group will have their comeback performance at the 2020 American Music Awards. The event will air on Nov. 22, so BTS' reported schedule definitely lines up with the ceremony's date.

However, eBest Investment Securities' predicted TXT's next comeback was scheduled for December, and that obviously proved to be wrong, so fans will have to wait until Big Hit confirms BTS' album release date to know for sure.