When Does BTS' Second 2020 Album Drop? Jin May Have Revealed The Date

Being in quarantine has inspired a lot of artists to work on some new material for their fans. BTS dropped their last album Map of the Soul: 7 less than three months ago, and now they're already working on their next record. This time, they're taking a different approach to their album process, however. Instead of keeping the details hush-hush until release day, BTS is updating fans on their progress along the way through YouTube livestreams. At one point during their May 11 live, Jin may have revealed BTS' second 2020 album release date, and if it turns out to be accurate, ARMYs will be hearing new music from BTS very soon.

Unlike BTS' previous YouTube logs they shared the past few weeks that involved one to three members, their latest live had all seven members present for one big group meeting. It was also pre-recorded at some point in April.

To kick off the discussion, RM began talking about the affect of the coronavirus pandemic on them and their fans. "The most important thing for BTS to do in this covid period is to show that life goes on, even amidst difficulty," RM said, according to a fan translation by @doyou_bangtan. He went on to explain that much like their previous title track ON, this isn't the end, and every day continues.

RM suggested centering their album around the theme "Carry On" and the other members liked the idea. He also offered the theme "telepathy," due to BTS and ARMY sharing similar feelings at this time. While BTS is feeling down due to not being able to perform live for their fans, ARMY is just as sad because they can't see BTS live in concert. After RM was finished, the rest of BTS began pitching their own ideas.

The most concrete info fans received was Jin may have spoiled when the album will drop. At one point, Jin asks, "Our album release is in October, right?" and Suga seemingly nodded in confirmation.

Watch BTS' full YouTube log below.

If Jin's teaser turns out to be true, then ARMYs have two BTS albums to look forward to, because their new Japanese album Map Of The Soul: 7 ~ The Journey ~ also drops on July 15.

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