Here's Why Fans Are Convinced MAX & Suga Are Dropping Another Song Together

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ARMYs are always on the lookout for any sort of hint that new music could be on the way. In 2020, fans have been more perceptive than ever, and there's a good chance they just discovered a major hint about a potential upcoming collab. Back in March, fans predicted that Suga would collaborate with MAX on a track, and, in May, that prediction came true. Ever since then, fans have been wondering: Is MAX collaborating with BTS' Suga again? Well, all signs point to yes.

In case you were on a music hiatus and missed it, Suga dropped his second Agust D mixtape, D-2, in May, and MAX featured on the album for an epic collab called "Burn It". Both artists couldn't stop gushing about how amazing and fulfilling the experience working together was. MAX even recounted how he went to a basketball game with Suga, because they're actually friends. Obviously, with an artistic bond like theirs, fans hoped they'd collab again sometime in the future.

Fast forward to July, and fans' wish may be coming true sooner than they ever expected. On July 21, eagle-eyed fans noticed MAX and Suga were both credited as songwriters on a song called "Blueberry Eyes" on the American Association of Composers, Authors, and Publishers website.

Fans are now convinced another collab is coming down the line; possibly on MAX's upcoming album Colour Vision, set to drop on Sept. 18.

MAX has yet to confirm fans' suspicions, however, and until an artist confirms a track is actually coming out, one shouldn't get their hopes up too, too high. (Remember when the Weeknd register and then seemingly unregistered that song called "Like Selena"?That was fun.) But if "Blueberry Eyes" is featured on his upcoming album, fans will lose their minds.

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It's no surprise MAX and Suga reconnected. In June, MAX told Elite Daily that working with Suga came naturally for the two. "Sometimes, when you meet someone that feels like a soul friend, [it's] like you've known them forever," he said. "That's what it was like with Suga."

While the details of MAX and Suga's rumored collab are still foggy, there's no doubt fans are pumped over all the possibilities.

While we wait for any news on this exciting development, you can listen to MAX and Suga's existing collab, "Burn It," on repeat!