4 Subtle Signs Suga From BTS Is Dropping A Collab With Max Schneider

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BTS' Suga has worked with a number of amazing artists over the years, like Heize, Epik High, and Halsey, to name a few. Now, fans think Max Schneider may be added to that list soon. There have been a few hints BTS' Suga may collaborate with Max Schneider, but this latest update has ARMYs seriously convinced it's happening.

Fans know BTS puts a lot of thought into each of their collaborations. For example, BTS and Halsey knew each other for years before finally releasing "Boy With Luv" in April 2019. The stars let their friendship grow before working together, and BTS' team up with Lauv happened just as naturally. It seems like Schneider's relationship with the boys is growing organically as well.

Jungkook shared his love for Schneider's "One More Weekend" in an April 2017 livestream, and a few months later, Jungkook and Suga revealed they were also big fans of the singer's "Love Me Less" track. Schneider tweeted his thanks to BTS both times.

In an October 2017 interview with WiLD 949, he said he would love to work with them. "I've been on the BTS vibe for a while. I told Ryan, 'Yo we need to remix a BTS song now.' Then I saw the Chainsmokers got a song with them and Steve Aoki. I was like, 'We should hit that wave Ryan. We knew about this months ago,'" Schneider explained.

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Watch Schneider gush over BTS beginning at the 1:57 mark below.

Now, fans think these four subtle signs hint Suga and Schneider will be dropping a song together soon.

1. Schneider and Suga instantly bonded during their meet up.

Before meeting Suga, Schneider invited Jungkook to his Seoul concert this past January. "@BTS_twt hey jungkook hope we can finally meet in person at my show in Seoul January 14th," Schneider tweeted.

He wasn't able to meet Jungkook, but he met Suga, and it seemed they really hit things off, because Schneider called Suga his "new brother" on Twitter.

2. They loved spending time with each other so much, they met up again.

The two reunited just weeks later in Los Angeles at a Lakers game, and Schneider spilled the deets about their get together to KIISFM.

"I hung with Suga who is a massive basketball fan like me and I love him so much. I thought we were just gonna meet and he's gonna give love to my music and we just take a picture, but no he had a translator and it felt like we were talking for an hour and a half," Schneider revealed.

3. Their interactions didn't stop there.

Following their reunion, Schneider congratulated BTS on the release of Map of the Soul: 7. "CONGRATS TO MY BROTHER SUGA, AND THE WHOLE @BTS_twt FAMILY ON THEIR NEW ALBUM. SO AWESOME!" he tweeted.

Then, Suga gave Schneider a shoutout during a March 8 livestream, and the singer followed up by wishing Suga a "Happy Birthday."

4. Schneider's album will supposedly include Korean lyrics

While all of these interactions have fans hoping a collab will happen someday, a tweet by Hot 99.5 radio station has them convinced it already happened. "DID @MAXMusic JUST TELL @luvelizabethany TO LEARN KOREAN BEFORE HIS ALBUM COMES OUT?!?! #kpop," the station tweeted.

Schneider ramped up the speculation himself when he tweeted confirming he'd gotten vocals for a feature back... and they were in Korean.

Schneider could have teamed up with any Korean artist, but his interactions with Suga over the years has the ARMY convinced the collab can't be with anyone else other than him.

Schneider's new album Colour Vision arrives on May 22, so fans won't have to wait long to get their answer.