ARMYs Have So Many Questions About BTS' Surprise 'BE' Album Concept Photo

Cindy Ord/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

BTS' comeback is officially starting! On Monday, Oct. 19, Big Hit Entertainment shared the first concept photo for the group's upcoming record, BE, set to be released Nov. 20. As expected, ARMYs are already making theories about what secrets about the album are hidden within the photo. These 20 tweets about BTS' BE album concept are genius, because they point out a few key details.

The picture shows RM, Jin, Suga, J-Hope, Jimin, V, and Jungkook sitting together surrounded by instruments, like a guitar, keyboard, piano, tambourine, and accordion. Fans had so many thoughts about the scene. For one, they couldn't get over the guys rocking dark hair again. The last time all seven members had dark hair for a comeback was in 2018 for their Love Yourself: Tear era, so the color reveal was a big deal.

ARMYs also loved how the painting in the background looks the one Suga worked on during an April 24 livestream. Suga said he's in charge of the album's cover art this album, so the painting had fans theorizing about it it possibly being the album's artwork.

Fans also wondered if the instruments were a hint BTS learned how to play them for this record. If so, fans hope they'll get to see BTS play the instruments in their new music video. They also theorized BTS could feature a live band throughout their album or live performances.

Check out the concept photo below.

BTS has said BE will be one of their most authentic albums yet because they were heavily involved in directing the record and each member had a specific role. For example, Jimin was the project manager, Suga was the album jacket visual manager, and V was in charge of visuals. Since they pushed themselves creatively with this album, it's not a stretch to think they experimented with instruments.

Check out what fans thought of the concept photo below.

BE is just a month away, so it won't be along before ARMYs figure out if their theories are true, after all.