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Virgo And Aquarius Are A “Wildcard” Pairing — Here's Why

These signs' different energies will definitely keep you on your toes.


The cosmos are, undeniably, full of mysteries. And among those mysteries is the question of Aquarius-Virgo compatibility. Like water and oil (or, in this case, earth signs and air signs), these two weren’t necessarily made to mix. Even the experts struggle to know, for sure, what will happen with this pairing.

“​​Virgo and Aquarius — this is a wildcard,” says astrologer Valerie Mesa with a laugh. Whether you’re speaking about a Virgo man and Aquarius woman, an Aquarius man and Virgo woman, or a pairing of any other genders, it’s hard to say how these signs will get on in a romantic relationship. At worst, they’re ill-fated. But hey, at best, they’re delightfully unpredictable.

“When looking at the basic compatibility of Virgo and Aquarius, I see two completely different energies,” says Mesa. “Virgo has a plan that's equally efficient as it is productive, and Aquarius goes wherever the wind takes them, really.”

So, where, exactly, is the wind likely to take an Aquarian if they’ve got their eye on a Virgo? Will Virgos struggle to find the flexibility it takes to truly fall for Aquarians? And what might this mash-up of energies look like in a real-life, Virgo-Aquarius relationship?

Here are four ways this “wildcard” pairing might play out — for better or worse — given these signs’ similarities and (many, many) differences.

Virgo May Struggle To Rely On Aquarius (And Vice-Versa)


Virgos are earth signs, meaning they’re grounded and appreciate stability. Aquarians, however, are air signs, with floaty dispositions and a tendency to have their head in the clouds.

“Aquarians are detached, unpredictable, [and] experimental,” says Mesa. “Sure, Virgo wants to test things out if that means it brings results” — e.g. for the sake of optimization and efficiency — “but they can't necessarily ‘rely’ on Aquarius.”

Virgos like set routines, pre-made plans, standing orders. But Aquarians? They’re fiercely independent and love to try new things, which is where this duo might clash. If and when Aquarians suggest booking a table at that new tapas bar (or even mixing things up in the bedroom), they might be let down by Virgos’ hesitation to break from the norm.

Virgo And Aquarius Are Well-Matched Intellectually

All right, so when it comes to date nights and dinner plans, Virgos and Aquarians aren’t likely to be on the same page (like, ever). But if you’re looking for a bit of witty repartee, this pairing is sure to deliver. Virgos are known for being hard-working and detail-oriented, while Aquarians’ head-in-the-clouds mentality also makes them philosophical and cerebral, and that combo works for both parties.

“I will say, I feel like Virgo’s fussiness and attention to detail is an unconventional turn-on for Aquarius, despite their differences,” says Mesa. “The same way Virgo admires Aquarius's brilliant mind.”

Virgos And Aquarius May Fall Into The Friend Zone


Aquarius rules the 11th house of the zodiac — the house of community and friends — which means they may prioritize group friendships over one-on-one relationships.

At the same time, “[earth signs, like Virgos] like to think things through before acting,” astrologer Amy Tripp previously told Bustle. “They are often methodical and thorough in their approach,” meaning they might take their time before expressing romantic interest.

Pair these approaches together and you may end up with an Aquarius and Virgo who accidentally slip into the dreaded friend zone, rather than developing a flirtatious connection or relationship.

Virgo And Aquarius Could Be Into Mind Sex

That said, if they’re able to get out of the friend zone, there’s a chance Virgos’ and Aquarians’ mental connection and penchant for banter will take them to new heights in the boudoir.

“This is again, an interesting pair,” says Mesa. “If anything, I think mind sex is a thing for Virgo and Aquarius — lots of dirty talk [and] flirting, perhaps.”

Of course, there’s always a risk that the sometimes-aloof Aquarius may not be up to the task, according to Mesa. “I don't see it following [through] on Aquarius's end,” she says.

As ever, though, it’s important to consider a person’s entire chart (and entire personality!) before drawing conclusions about how well you’ll mesh in a relationship. In Mesa’s words, “we can't disregard the rest of their chart, you know?”


Valerie Mesa, astrologer

Amy Tripp, astrologer