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4 Reasons A Virgo-Aquarius Friendship Is All About Finding Common Ground

These two signs form an incredibly surprising pair.

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Astrology is a great tool for checking the compatibility between you and someone you care about. Every pairing has its challenges, but harmony also exists within every pairing. Using the method of synastry — which thoroughly analyzes the way someone’s birth chart impacts another’s — you can delve deep into the complex and intricate realm of compatibility. When it comes to figuring out whether the Virgo and Aquarius friendship compatibility is a good fit or a turbulent ride, there are some interesting factors to keep in mind.

Virgo and Aquarius might be the last zodiac signs you’d expect to gravitate toward one another. These two zodiac signs form something called a quincunx (something more commonly labeled as “inconjunct”), which essentially means they sit 150 degrees away from each other (or five zodiac signs apart). When two zodiac signs form a quincunx, it means they have very little in common. In fact, they tend to go about life in two completely divergent ways.

However, even though these zodiac signs clash in more ways than one, they also form an incredibly surprising pair (and who doesn’t love seeing two totally different people form the random friendship?). A quincunx-based friendship can feel incredibly funky and oftentimes even awkward, but it’s also incredibly eye-opening. Here’s how Virgo and Aquarius embrace their strange little quincunx:


1. Both Aquarius And Virgo Are Highly Charitable Zodiac Signs

One thing Aquarius and Virgo can agree on? Making the world a better place. Together, these zodiac signs form a pair that can succeed at organizing charity functions, participating in mutual aid, or simply refining their vision for how they can help those in need. Selfless Virgo and progressive Aquarius can connect over their innovative perspective of the world, driving both zodiac signs to become better versions of themselves.

2. Virgo Is Constantly Debating While Aquarius Has Already Made Up Its Mind

At times, Virgo can feel overwhelming to an Aquarius while Aquarius can feel stubborn to a Virgo. After all, Virgo is a busy mutable sign, meaning that Virgo is constantly changing their mind, processing information in a new way, and analyzing data. Aquarius, on the other hand, is a stoic fixed sign, making them committed to their perspective. At times, Aquarius might wish Virgo could settle on their opinion, while Virgo might wish Aquarius could leave a little more wiggle room when it comes to theirs.

3. Aquarius And Virgo Can Stimulate Each Other Intellectually

Aquarius and Virgo are both incredibly smart. Virgo is constantly digging for the truth, scanning details for deeper meaning, and absorbing so much energy at once. Virgo literally always has something interesting to say. Aquarius is highly individualistic, eccentric, and forward-thinking, making them equally as compelling in the intellect department. While chatty Aquarius helps Virgo become more confident in their ability to say their opinions out loud, grounded Virgo helps Aquarius sit down and study. Together, they elevate each other’s intelligence.

4. Virgo Is More Of A Planner And Aquarius Prefers To Take Things As They Come

However, let’s not forget Virgo is an earth sign who prefers to plan what they can predict. Aquarius, on the other hand, is an air sign who prefers to keep things light and noncommittal. Aquarius sometimes finds it frustrating that Virgo constantly needs to know what to expect, wishing they would try going with the flow more often. Meanwhile, Virgo wishes Aquarius would actually put a plan into motion instead of just sitting around musing on their ideas.

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