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Synastry Readings Are For All Of Your Relationships & Here's How They Work


I know it sounds cliché, but there's a whole universe that exists inside of you. If you're into astrology, you know I'm not just saying that to be poetic or romantic, either. When you were born, the planets in our solar system were all in a special position. They each radiated the energy of a certain zodiac sign, took up space in a specific astrological house, and collided with the other planets in your birth chart. You carry this energy with you wherever you go. That exact snapshot of the cosmos in the moment of your birth exists within you forever. If you're wondering how that snapshot connects with someone else's, you need to know what a synastry reading is.

Even if you're not all that into astrology, a crush is a powerful thing and it could prompt you to Google how compatible you are with that specific person based on your respective zodiac signs. However, this doesn't tell the whole story because you and your crush are made of so much more than your sun signs. Even if every website is saying that your sun signs are totally incompatible and your relationship will probably fail, don't trust it until you've truly delved into the synastry between you two. It paints a detailed and nuanced picture about where you connect effortlessly, where you might struggle, and how you can help each other grow. And, if I'm being honest, not even a synastry reading should prevent you from getting to know someone. Remember, astrology is merely a tool to help you understand yourself and the world you live in on a deeper level. It should never dictate policy because life is meant to be lived.

A synastry reading can also describe the dynamic between you and your mother, why you and your brother might argue, and why one of your friendships may have ended. Synastry readings are for all the relationships in your life and here's how they work:

A Synastry Reading Describes An Astrological Relationship


As I said before, you contain your own universe just as someone else contains theirs. When you interact with each other, both of those universes collide. Your planets speak to their planets and vice versa. Your planets fall into some of their astrological houses and vice versa. As a result, you may feel one way about someone and they may feel a completely different way about you. They might bring out a specific reaction from you and you might bring something else out of them.

For example, let's say your natal Venus — planet of love and beauty — forms a harmonious trine with someone's natal sun, which is the planet of ego and outward energy. This sparks an instant attraction and an easy connection. Your Venus finds their sun pleasant and possibly even magical to be around. That person's sun finds your style of flirtation lovely in return. All seems well so far.

However, let's say your Venus also forms a difficult square with their natal Uranus, planet of unpredictability and independence. While this could spark an intriguing romance for you, it might be an emotional roller-coaster ride due to the lack of stability it provides. Their Uranus may even feel inhibited by your Venus, which might challenge their independence. And, if your Venus falls in that person's seventh house of partnerships, you might view them as your dream come true. They may exude the energy you've always desired in a potential partner. However, when you couple that with the square to their natal Uranus, you may find you're idealizing a relationship with someone who can't give you the emotional security you truly need.

Every single part of your birth chart has a say in your synastry with someone else. So, just because your sun signs may supposedly be a match made in heaven (or hell), that says very little about the actual outcome of your relationship. Don't let this discourage you. Every single birth chart has something in common with someone else's.

If you'd like to calculate your synastry with someone else, input your birth information and theirs here for a breakdown. However, the best way to understand your synastry (or anything else astrology-related, for that matter) is to seek an astrologer. Wink wink.