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Young couple in bed as two zodiac signs to date if you want a passionate sex life.
3 Zodiac Signs To Date If You Want A Passionate Sex Life

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Every zodiac sign brings their own flavor to the table (and bedroom). Aries are always down to try something new, Geminis crave stimulation in all ways *wink wink*, while Capricorns love to be in control, so they might prefer a little BDSM. But if you want an ultra-passionate sex life, there are three particular zodiac signs that come with just the right amount of spice.

From spending hours going down on their partners to keeping intense eye contact throughout the night (and day), these signs are masters of passion and pleasure. And while hot sex looks different for everyone, this trio is great at communicating with the people they sleep with and ensuring that everyone's needs are being met.

Venus is our sex life, what we’re attracted to, and our taste and aesthetic when it comes to sex and sexuality.

When you’re talking sex and astrology, you’re almost always going to be checking out planets Venus and Mars. “Venus is our sex life, what we’re attracted to, and our taste and aesthetic when it comes to sex and sexuality,” astrologer Daniel Santos previously told Elite Daily. “Mars is the planet of desire, initiation, and how we go after what we want.”

Venus is the feminine, soft, and receptive counterpart to aggressive, masculine, giving Mars. Both planets flavor a person’s sexual appetites. For those who crave sex loaded with passion and connection, there’s usually a pointed Mars and/or Venus influence happening in their birth chart.

If passion is your priority, here are the three signs that really bring their bedroom A-game — bonus points if they have these as their Mars or Venus signs.

Taurus Zodiac Signs (April 20–May 20)

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The Bull doesn't just like comfort and luxury, they live for it. From stocking their boudoir with scented candles and expensive massage oils to buying linen sheets with the highest thread-counts, Taurus is all about pleasuring the senses at any time, but especially when it comes to getting frisky.

This Venus-ruled sign is characterized by sensuality and taking things slow — not in a boring way, but rather in a thorough manner. “They want to do it for a long time and feel pleasure and beauty and that interconnected feeling with their partner,” astrologer Daniel Santos previously told Elite Daily.

Taureans love foreplay and will give ample time and attention to each of your senses to get you feeling in the moment, from kissing and caressing you to whispering sweet nothings in your ears. As they go all in on deep eye contact and embracing all night long, this earth sign will turn up the passion and the ambiance in any partner’s sex life.

Libra Zodiac Signs (Sept. 23–Oct. 22)

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As the other sign ruled by Venus, it's no wonder why dreamy Libra is so good at being sexy. Like Taurus, Libra has “sensual, beautiful, soft energy,” says Santos. Libras are the sign of partnership, love, and romance, and they really just crave connection with a counterpart.

Libras, aka the Scales, are characterized by justice and balance, this sign is affectionate and attentive to their partner’s needs. There’s no selfishness here and equal pleasure is the name of their game.

As is the nature of Venus, Libras are extra flirty and fun, and they do like to try new things if their partner is down. These lovers are 100% into role-playing and making all their partner's fantasies into reality. From buying sexy lingerie to transforming their bedroom into a sex dungeon for the night, Libra will fully commit to making their sex life as passionate and mutually fulfilling as possible.

Scorpio Zodiac Signs (Oct. 23–Nov. 21)

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Don't be fooled by their penchant for privacy — water sign Scorpio is all about fostering a passionate sex life with the people they love.

“They’re ruled by Mars and Pluto,” astrologer Stefanie Caponi tells Elite Daily, “Mars is our sex sign, it’s how we take action and how we do passion, and Pluto is how you transform and it’s all about taboo stuff, so that’s where they get their kinky nature.” From experimenting with light bondage and role-playing, to sending their flame dozens of NSFW texts throughout the day, Scorpio is all about turning up the heat and keeping things steamy and interesting.

Intuitive and emotional, they know what their partner wants, sometimes even before their partner does. Preferring to be in charge, they’re typically the ones to make the first move and help you discover all of your desires — this mysterious water sign will change everything you thought you knew about sex.

As a reminder, though trying a new move or surprising someone with a sexy text can be exciting, it's imperative to ensure everyone's comfort level as you start getting frisky. Checking in with your partner and being transparent about your desires can help you both turn each other on.


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