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Here’s What Every Zodiac Sign Likes (No, Loves) In Bed

Didn’t expect that from you, Capricorns…

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Much like Gretchen Wiener’s hair, the stars are full of secrets. They can tell us so much about ourselves, from what we’re likely to seek in our careers to the qualities we most value in a partner (including — ahem — what we most crave between the sheets). So, what can the stars tell us about every zodiac sign’s favorite kind of sex? Oh ho ho, they can tell us plenty.

If you’re well-versed in the ways of the zodiac, many of the signs’ sexual preferences will come as no surprise — it makes perfect sense that the ever-empathetic Pisceans are generous in bed, for instance, while mercurial Geminis like to mix things up and keep their partners on their toes. But stay tuned — some of these signs have some unexpected tricks up their sleeves (I’m looking at you, Capricorns, you wily minxes). And if you’re wondering how each sign behaves in the bedroom, you’ve come to the right place.

Whether you’re looking for inspiration and date night ideas or you’re just curious about what your crush might be like in bed, below is a deep dive into everyone’s favorite kind of sex, as told by the stars.



Virgos are perfectionists, in and out of bed. They’re thoughtful, analytical, and attuned to their partners’ needs, which also means they’re attuned to their partners’ (literal) pleasure points and kinks. As a result, don’t be shocked if Virgos are into spicier, kinkier sex — think: nibbling, spanking, even a bit of light bondage. (They may be maidens, but they’re wild, y’all.)


Libras adore harmony and balance, which absolutely shines through in their sex lives. If any sign really ~makes love~, it’s sweet Libras. They’re generous and attentive, but they also expect that generosity and attention to be returned by their partners. Sweet, slow, steamy sex is definitely Libras’ vibe.



Ah, Scorpio — the predator of the zodiac; the wildest water sign. Scorpios are into, well, exactly what you’d expect them to be into: raw, carnal, domineering sex with their partners. As astrologer Ally Mead told Bustle, Scorpios like “to go as deep as possible sexually,” both literally and emotionally. Blood doesn’t scare them; messy period sex is very much up their alley.

Think: Christian Grey, “Laters, baby” kind of energy (ideally without, you know, the emotional abuse and manipulation).


Sagittarians are total thrill-seekers, but they play best when they know they’re in safe hands. A 2019 sex study found that Sagittarians were the most likely sign to use condoms, so they’re definitely into safe sex (as we all should be!). Oh, and they’ve got stamina. Sags are likely to recommend trying new positions, new environments, maybe even new toys — prepare for a wild ride.



Capricorns are hard workers, and they’re sure to take their time with their partners in bed. That said, Capricorns also adore control, in any and every sense. Their favorite kind of sex likely involves a bit of submission and dominance (they might even tie you up, if you’re comfortable with it). Just ensure, for their sake, it’s taking place behind closed doors.

Capricorns are definitely not into [public displays of affection] or doing it anywhere remotely near the public eye,” Alison Lessard, CEO of South Beach-based, Lessard Luxury Wellness, LLC and founder of The Cosmic Sex Movement, told Bustle.


Aquarians are a particularly artistic and creative sign — the more cerebral the moment, the better. They’re into dirty talk and spinning sexual narratives, talking their partner through exactly what they’re doing (and exactly what they’d like to be done to them). Though adventurous, they also like to ease into things so they know just what they’re getting themselves into. Slow, methodical, talkative sex is their favorite kind.



Pisces are people-pleasers, sometimes to a fault. They’re benevolent and giving, always wanting to ensure their partners feel comfortable and cared for. For these very reasons, Pisces are brilliant in bed. They’re especially down (pun intended) for oral sex or utilizing a sofa or chair — anything that’ll ensure their partner can sit back, relax, and quite literally enjoy the ride.


Aries are among the most adventurous of the zodiac — they’re spontaneous, whimsical, and almost (almost!) always keen to try something new. It’s no surprise, then, that a 2019 study found that the majority of Aries (68%, to be exact) had experimented with sex toys in the past. They’re also, presumably, the most likely to turn to their partner in a crowded bar and suggest meeting up for a little rendez-vous in the bathroom stall. The more adventurous the sex, the more suited to an Aries’ wants and needs.



Taureans are earth signs — they’re grounded, practical, no-nonsense folk. They like to get straight down to business when they’re, well, getting it on: standard, grounding, tried-and-true positions like missionary are among their favorites in the boudoir.


Geminis crave stimulation — mentally, physically, and (of course!) sexually — perhaps more than any other sign. They appreciate variety in the bedroom, enjoying a sexual smorgasbord of positions and settings. Geminis adore when their partners get a little rough and pull their hair or perform a sexy strip tease (and they’ll be sure to return the favor, keeping their partners guessing at every turn — literally).



Cancers are a sensitive sort — they crave tenderness and closeness, particularly from their sexual partners. They’re fans of whispering sweet nothings, lots of cuddling, lots of foreplay; much like Libras, Cancers truly want to make love to their partners. And the more they open up and trust you, the more sexually spontaneous they’ll likely become.

Oh, and P.S. "Cancer is the zodiac sign that rules the breasts, so either butter yours up or be prepared to fondle [theirs], because it's Cancer's erotic zone," Lessard told Bustle.


Last but certainly not least, Leos are here to bring a bit of animalistic fire to the bedroom — so long as their partners are able to give them a lot (and I mean, like, a lot) of attention. They want to feel desired, and they want to know that you’re there just for them.

“True Leos embody exhibitionism at its finest,” Lessard says, which means they might even be into filming your sexual exploits, if you’re both up for it.

Go on, get down with your bad self.

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