What He's Really Looking For In A Girlfriend, Based On His Venus Sign

by Nikita S.
Victor Torres

Ever met a man you had great physical chemistry with, only to discover you have next to zero emotional or intellectual compatibility?

Ever have great compatibility, but it just lacked that special spark?

Ever been really attracted to someone, but it was unrequited?

If so, I have some information that will help you discover why your past relationship didn't work out.

Venus sign

When you're first getting to know a guy, you need to check out his Venus sign.

It is the most important sign in terms of astrological compatibility, and it shows which kind of woman he feels uncontrollably attracted to on all levels.

To figure out his Venus sign, you'll need to know his date, time and place of birth. This information will reveal his astrological birth chart, which includes his Venus sign.

Though your Sun signs (the ones you look for when you're searching for your horoscopes) may be compatible, you also need to look at his Venus sign to see what he really wants in a partner.

Ready? Here we go.

If a man's Venus is in Aries

He is attracted to feisty, outspoken, challenging and independent women.

He actually likes it if you keep him on his toes, either through your smart, witty banter or your bossy, authoritarian demeanor.

This one doesn't mind roughing it out or a little play-fighting. He especially loves to get competitive with his love interest.

If a man's Venus is in Taurus

He is attracted to women who are feminine and down-to-earth. Think of the 1950s housewife as his ideal mate, while he acts as the provider and protector of the family.

This man is very sensual and appreciates a woman who is caring, kind and maternal.

If a man's Venus is in Gemini

He is attracted to women who are extremely intelligent.

Conversations, witty banter and exchanging information are major turn-ons for him. The more mysterious and fascinating your mind is, the more interested he will be.

If a man's Venus is in Cancer

He is attracted to women who are sensitive and compassionate.

He likes women who are very emotional and even clingy, so if you're worried about being too needy, it won't be a problem for him.

He only asks that you do the same for him by paying attention to his needs as well.

If a man's Venus is in Leo

He is attracted to women for superficial reasons such a good looks or popularity.

The more ostentatious, loud and flashy you are, the keener he will be.

Overall, he likes proud and confident women, so don't be afraid to let the world know you're the cat's meow.

If a man's Venus is in Virgo

He is attracted to women who are practical and simple. The natural look is a big turn-on for these men, so don't feel like you have to always dress up with a full face of makeup.

He likes women who are book-smart and detail-oriented. He will always notice the small things you do for him.

If a man's Venus is in Libra

He is attracted to women who are artsy, romantic and feminine. Girly-girls are especially attractive to him.

Your cultural knowledge of literature, film, music and the arts will most likely entertain and impress him.

Crudeness and loudness, however, are major turn-offs for these men.

If a man's Venus is in Scorpio

He is attracted to your average femme fatale, and he loves chasing after women who are complete mysteries.

Your raw, radiating sex appeal will be of major importance to him, as will the depths of your psyche and emotional intensity.

He is looking for a deep lover with whom he can share all his intimate and forbidden secrets. He is not afraid of passion.

If a man's Venus is in Sagittarius

He is madly attracted to women who are adventurous and fun.

Enthusiasm, a sense of humor and light-heartedness are what stimulate him. If you can be playful and philosophical at the same time, it's a double win.

Deep, intellectual and exploratory conversations are also a major turn-on.

If a man's Venus is in Capricorn

He is attracted to women who are in power.

You know the guy who has a crush on his boss just because she's his boss? Yeah, that's probably him.

He respects ambition, discipline and authority in women, so don't be afraid to tell him about your grand plans to conquer the world or the seven kingdoms.

Also, be sure to tell him exactly what you think.

If a man's Venus is in Aquarius

He is attracted to women who are — above all — different. The more rebellious, revolutionary and anti-authoritarian you are, the better!

Your eccentricities and unique idiosyncrasies are what turn him on. The phrase "just be yourself" has never been truer than with this dude.

He likes original women, and he will enjoy discussing anything interesting with you.

If a man's Venus is in Pisces

He is attracted to women who are laid-back, "go with the flow" types. Sweet and dreamy women are big turn-ons.

He won't mind if you're a little vulnerable and passive. Actually, he'll like to take the lead and show you the way.

He likes escaping into your fantasy world as well as taking you to his. So, be sure to share sweet, quiet adventures together.