Daley Quinn


Daley Quinn is a freelance beauty contributor at Elite Daily, where she writes about the latest launches, bizarre beauty trends, and best products or treatments on the market. Prior to going freelance over a year ago, Daley worked as the Assistant Beauty & Fashion Editor at Family Circle magazine for three and a half years. Daley regularly contributes to publications including Elite Daily, Women's Health Mag, Well+Good, New Beauty, Family Circle, and Spotlyte, among others. Daley is a Connecticut-born, Texas-bred Fordham University graduate where she majored in Communications & Media Studies and minored in Women's Studies. Daley’s makeup collection now takes up three-fourths of her apartment, while her clothing takes up the rest. She’s somehow crammed a bed and a couch in there, too. In her off-hours, you can find Daley stalking her queen, Vanessa Carlton, reading the latest buzzy self-help book, or riding the Amtrak back and forth from Boston to NYC. You can follow Daley on Instagram (@daley.dose.of.beauty) and Twitter (@daleyq) and learn more about her and her work at daleyquinn.com.

These Are The Festival Hair Trends You'll See On Absolutely Everyone This Summer

By Daley Quinn
Forget the killer music, great food, and fun people — festival season is all about who’s wearing what these days, including some surely wild hair trends I can’t wait to see everyone showing off. The six 2019 festival hair trends that you’ll see…