Channing Tatum Just Went Platinum Blonde & I Just Had To Do A Double Take

Joe Maher/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

Sometimes a drastic hair change can be a good thing — a fresh cut or new hair color can make someone feel renewed, inspired, and like they can finally move forward from whatever they're trying to leave behind. Other times, extreme hair changes can be just that: extreme. Take, for example, Channing Tatum’s new platinum blonde hair. His new bright 'do just made me do an extreme double take.

The star of Magic Mike and Step Up first took to Instagram to debut his new look, posting a selfie onto his Instagram Stories of his new bleach blonde hair on Wednesday, March 20. When it first went live in the moning, the post included a poll, where he asked his followers to weigh in on whether or not they thought his new ‘do was a bad idea. Unfortunately, the majority of his followers actually voted “yes." For starters, Tatum looks totally unrecognizable with his new blonde hair, and I'm willing to bet fans were super thrown off by the look.

After his many followers spit their truth about his new hair color, Tatum posted another Instagram story that said, “Well, bad ideas are sort of my thing. So…” Um. Yeah. "So" is right.

Take a look at his new hair if you haven't yet had the chance to check it out:

Photo Courtesy of E! Online

Though he's always a news-cycle staple, Tatum made headlines last year with his split from then-wife, Jenna Dewan. Following their split, news broke in October 2018, that Tatum was now dating singer Jessie J, and, according to a recent article, Tatum reportedly traveled to London recently to meet Jessie J’s family, where they were photographed there for the first time, holding hands and showing some PDA. Additionally, a source who spoke to E! News claimed that Tatum and Jessie J are “smitten and don’t want to spend time apart. He has fallen hard for her and can’t get enough. Things are going very well between them.”

Tatum isn’t the only one head over heels since his breakup with ex-wife Dewan. People confirmed in October 2018 that Dewan had been dating Tony award-winning actor Steve Kazee for months, and they are still going strong today.

For Valentine’s Day, Kazee posted a picture of Dewan with the most heartfelt caption: “Somehow, inexplicably, I’ve been granted the honor to have this be the person that I get to be side by side with throughout this wild journey we call life. Jenna I don’t know what I did to deserve your love but I will always be so thankful that our lives found their way to each other.”

While the two seem to be happily moving forward with their lives (they share daughter, Everly, 5), all anyone can really talk about is Tatum's new hair. Is it hot, or is it not? If you take the opinions of his Instagram followers to heart, it sounds like fans are split on how they feel about his close-cropped chop and bleached blond, but I guess that's better than everyone outright hating it?