A girl wearing space buns as a part of festival hair trends for 2019 on a summer festival

These Are The Festival Hair Trends You'll See On Absolutely Everyone This Summer

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Forget the killer music, great food, and fun people — festival season is all about who’s wearing what these days, including some surely wild hair trends I can’t wait to see everyone showing off. The six 2019 festival hair trends that you’ll see everywhere this summer are not what you might expect. (TBH, they’re even better).

After interviewing Andrew Fitzsimons, celebrity hairstylist, and Sharon Dorram, master colorist at Sharon Dorram Color at Sally Hershberger Salon, on the new festival hair trends popping up this summer, I’m considering buying a ticket to Coachella just so I can recreate one of these sick looks on myself.

Festival season is kind of like Halloween in that you get to experiment with different looks and not be judged for it. I love how whimsical and magical everyone looks at every festival, and essentially, it’s just a fun time to dress up and let loose. Since some of these trends might be more difficult than others, I suggest you test them out first, maybe a week before the event, so that you can nail the look without any last-minute freak outs.

It’s time to start refreshing those braiding skills and whipping out your temporary hair colors, because these six festival hair trends are gonna be the headliner to every outfit this season.

Half Up/Half Down Styles

While they're a ton a fun, festivals usually mean long days in the sun. “Keeping your hair out of your face is crucial for your look and for your sanity, so you'll see a lot of half up/half down styles,” says Fitzsimons. “The best part about this look is there are endless style possibilities and it's so easy to throw part of your hair into a cute bun with face-framing hair on the sides and back.”

To recreate this look, all you need is a sturdy ponytail holder, like the one below:

Loose, Messy, Braided Ponytail

While this hairstyle might seem wayyyyy too advanced for someone who's not a hairstylist, I promise it's doable, especially with some tips from Dorram. “Soft beach waves are ideal to start with, so if you have very curly and/or thick hair, you'll want to straighten it first and then use a styling wand to put the waves in,” says Dorram.

Once you've done that, spray the hair with a medium to strong hold spray, and begin your braid. “Section the hair into three sections — a thin section in the middle of the back and two wide sections on both sides — and braid the small section fairly tightly. Take that braid and the other two sections and loosely braid, weaving left to right to create your finished look,” says Dorram.

To get this look to stay, hairspray, like the one below, is absolutely essential:

Temporary Colors

When it comes to festival season and hair, this is the ultimate time to play and have a little fun — especially with color. “You can very easily add in subtle pastel shades to your hair that easily wash out,” says Fitzsimons. “These products have come a long way, so you won't experience the chalky formula that rubs off like you've seen in past years.”

To play with some temporary color on your hair, try this:

Twisted Bun Pigtails

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Part the hair in the middle, and start to twist the first side back away from the face until you have twisted the hair all the way to the end, suggests Dorram. “Then, take the twisted hair and wrap it around itself until it has formed a bun,” she says. Use a few hair pins (make sure they match your hair color) to secure the bun, making sure to anchor it into the base, close to the scalp. Then, after you repeat on the other side, take a few pieces out from the front of your hair to frame your face, and use a styling spray to set it all, giving the hair a beautiful, shiny finish.

This styling spray will set and hold your hair in place all day:

Playful Ponytails

Again, keeping your hair out of your face is crucial for optimal festival enjoyment! You don't want to feel sweat soaking down your back and all over your face where your hair is, do you? “A high pony with some texture is a look that is easy to create, will keep you cool, and lasts all day,” says Fitzsimons.

Using a texturizing spray like this on your ponytail will give it the ultimate bounce and natural wavy look.

Side French Braid

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Braids of every type have been a longtime staple of festival looks, and they're definitely not going anywhere anytime soon. Pick your favorite type of braid — French, Dutch, fishtail, etc. — and rock it. “They do a great job with keeping your hair out of your face, and there are limitless style possibilities,” says Fitzsimons.

To keep your braid in tact and look sleek, try the below: