This New Line Of Hair Products Will Make You Rethink Your Hair Washing Routine

Photo Courtesy of The Good Stuff

Hair care has followed a pretty conventional path over the last couple of decades, with shampoos, conditioners, and deep treatment masks lining up almost everyone’s shower shelves and caddies. We as people haven’t really deviated from the usual two-step hair washing system (i.e. shampoo and then conditioner), but thanks to a new Unilever haircare line, that’s all about to change. The Good Stuff Hair Care line focuses on conserving water, maintaining moisture, and ditching the classic in-shower conditioner for a new line of products that could break hair-washing traditions and forge a path toward more sustainable practices.

There are so many leave-in conditioners available on the market, and almost all of them focus on adding more moisture to your hair after you’ve conditioned (and rinsed) it in the shower. I’ve tried a lot of these, and while I do love a good extra-conditioning after the shower from time to time, I have found that many of them will weigh down my hair pretty fast, and I end up having to wash my hair the next day, instead of washing every other day.

The idea of applying a leave-in conditioner into my hair every day seemed too aggressive — until I tried The Good Stuff. The new paraben- and dye-free line includes one shampoo called Gentle Shampoo ($8,, suitable for all hair types, and six “no-rinse” conditioners, each suited for different hair types or a specific look you want to achieve. The no-rinse conditioners include the Intensive Nourishment Cream ($8, for dry or dull hair; the Volumizing Hydrating Foam ($8,, best for fine, flat hair needing volume or height; Frizz Control Oil ($8, for dry, frizzy hair; Color Protect Milk ($8, for those looking to protect their pricey dye-job; Complete Repair Balm ($8, for really damaged and dry hair; and Weightless Protection Mist ($8,, a conditioner that absorbs instantly and is suitable for all hair types.

The Color Protect Milk was my no-rinse conditioner of choice, since I’ve been trying to preserve my balayage blonde hair for as long as possible. After blow-drying my hair straight, I was honestly shocked to find that my hair felt smooth but not weighed down at all. It felt like I had conditioned my hair, but I could feel the difference between my regular leave-in conditioner and this no-rinse conditioner. I could wait a few days to wash again without my scalp feeling too oily or greasy too fast.

Photo Courtesy of The Good Stuff

The Good Stuff hair care line has two reasons behind their innovative two-step system. The first is the idea that you shouldn’t be washing out moisture on your hair. Do you ever rinse off your facial moisturizer after you’ve applied it morning and night? No, so why should you wash away much-needed moisture on your locks? The Good Stuff has specially formulated their various no-rinse conditioners so that your hair can benefit from moisture (without the heavy weight) every day.

The second reason behind The Good Stuff involves water conservation. Their products allow you to save more time in the shower (since you aren’t conditioning in there), which will also save a lot of water, too. Plus, their bottles are 100 percent recycled and recyclable, so you can feel good about how much you’re conserving resources when purchasing this line.

Saving the Earth is top of mind for most of us (or at least it should be!), and I’m excited about how The Good Stuff is helping to conserve water without compromising the look and feel of our hair.