Here's What's Coming In Urban Decay's Coveted 'Game Of Thrones' Collection

Courtesy of Urban Decay

OK, I will confess that this new Urban Decay launch surrounding one of the most popular TV shows in existence is probably my favorite collab that they’ve ever made thus far. What’s in Urban Decay’s Game of Thrones collection will absolutely blow your mind. No, really, I’m seriously dying over the tiny sword makeup brushes (more of those later) in addition to all the other truly amazing products.

I'm not gonna lie, I usually audibly gasp when I meet people who haven’t watched GoT and don’t ever intend to. Thoughts like “what planet are you living on?” and “why are you still talking to me?” run through my head when they admit this truth, and I kind of feel bad for them since they’re missing out on arguably the greatest show every created in our lifetime. The first night my boyfriend and I met, we bonded over our shared love of GoT. He was going on about how he’s read some of the books but always thought the show was way better, and I laugh thinking about it now because I’ve actually only ever seen him read one book (about golfing!) in the two years that we’ve been together. Regardless, GoT brought us both together. And now, it's about to bring a world of beauty lovers together, too.

You are going to die and become a White Walker after seeing everything in the incredible Urban Decay x GoT collab below, which won't be available until April 19!

The Urban Decay | Game of Thrones Eyeshadow Palette

Not only does this 3D-palette include 20 shades, but it also pops up to reveal the Iron Throne in all its sword-glory. Each shade represents the intensity and diversity of Westeros’ power players, including House Targaryen (jewel-tone shimmers), House Lannister (regal metallic mattes and shimmers), House Stark (smoky mattes and neutral shimmers), and the White Walkers (cool, icy shimmers).

The Urban Decay | Game of Thrones Dracarys Lip & Cheek Stain

This lip and cheek stain is inspired by the High Valyrian command for “dragonfire,” where Dracarys represents confidence and power. Universally flattering, this Targaryen red shade will give you the perfect see-through flush on lips and cheeks.

The Urban Decay | Game of Thrones Highlight Palette

The Mother of Dragons Highlight Palette includes three new shades of Urban Decay’s Afterglow Highlighter, including Drogon (frosted pink), Viserion (metallic golden nude), and Rhaegal (metallic bronze). Swipe them on individually or layer to create your own custom shade.

The Urban Decay | Game of Thrones Vice Lipsticks

These four limited-edition lipsticks include the shades Cersei Lannister (bright metallic bronze), Daenerys Targaryen (fiery metallic red), Sansa Stark (warm peach nude), and White Walker (deep berry-wine). They’re intensely-pigmented and will last throughout your next GoT marathon.

The Urban Decay | Game of Thrones 24/7 Glide-On Eye Pencils

Since we’re expecting someone (or multiple people) to die in the last season of GoT, you’ll probably need these waterproof 24/7 Glide-On Eye Pencil in four UD | Game of Thrones shades: Dragon Smoke (smoky holographic black), Lannister Gold (metallic gold), The Night King (shimmery dark teal) and Winterfell Snow (iridescent white).

The Urban Decay | Game of Thrones Eyeshadow Brushes

Are you dead right now? Because I am 100 pecent dead over these steel sword makeup brushes. Jon Snow’s Longclaw Large Eyeshadow Brush is inspired by the storied Valyrian steel sword, and is a large eyeshadow brush that helps lay down and blend out eyeshadow. Arya Stark’s Needle Flat Eyeshadow Brush is a flat eyeshadow brush and is perfect for all-over color and precise lining.

Winter is coming, and so is this collection, both beauty and GoT lovers, so be prepared.