Gillette Venus & Vera Bradley Teamed Up To Make THE Cutest Collection Of Shaving Products

Photo Courtesy of Vera Bradley + Gillette Venus

To add to the list of collaborations I never saw coming, your favorite cloth handbag brand, Vera Bradley, has teamed up with Gilette Venus Razors to release an exclusive shaving set line. The Vera Bradley and Venus collaboration is the first of its kind, and is only available at Target stores on Sunday, April 21, and today, April 1. The new line features an exclusive Vera Bradley paisley design (of course) on a selection of Gillette Venus’ most popular and newest, special-edition products — think designer metal razor handles, disposable razors, and cartridges, and a shaving cream bottle all with the exclusive design displayed.

"As women spend countless dollars on hair removal, they should be able to easily products that suit their unique shaving needs, while still attractive in design," reads a press release from the brand. "Gillette Venus and Vera Bradley are merging premium quality with a fashionable print at an easy price and purchase point. With a variety of products, including disposable razors for travel, women everywhere are able to have a shave that looks as good as it feels, even while on-the-go."

The theme is blue and purple, and each product looks a bit different from one another. The metal razor includes a purple and pink handle with a small detail of the exclusive design on the end. The disposable razors are dark and light blue, with the design featured throughout the entire handle. The shaving cream is mostly blue, and features a collaboration-exclusive Blushed Bloom scent that will help bring the feeling of spring straight into your shower.

Photo Courtesy of Vera Bradley + Venus

It’s interesting to see Venus collab with a well-known fashion brand this year, as the tried-and-true hair removal giant has battled some competition in the last few years with new, innovative shaving companies taking over women’s showers. Take, for example, Flamingo, which sells three different kits like “Shave Set,” “Face Wax Set,” and “Body Wax Set.” Another brand making headlines with their pro-hair advertisements is called Billie, which, according to the site’s mission, “was built for all of womankind, celebrating our choice to be shaggy, smooth or anything in between.” They offer minimalist razors in five colors, body lotion, body wash, and shaving cream.

With this new design-centric collab, it seems Venus is here to give everyone the best of both worlds when it comes to Insta-worthy packaging and effective product.

Photo Courtesy of Vera Bradley + Venus

Sales of body care products have been increasing over the last few years, as more and more people, especially millennials, become increasingly preoccupied with wellness and the health of their skin, according to Business of Fashion. "Consumers are becoming more and more aware that skin is our largest organ and treating your body helps you achieve that overall state of wellness that you’re seeking,” Larisa Jensen, senior analyst at NPD (a company analyzing consumer trends across a variety of sectors), told the publication. Lest we forget, shaving is a part of overall body care, too, so why not make it more fun and enjoyable with chic, effective products?

Photo Courtesy of Vera Bradley + Venus

I’m curious to see if Venus continues to collaborate with other fashion designers to create exclusive designs for their products. I can see these razors becoming somewhat of a collector’s item or like a piece of décor for your shower. Vera Bradley is the epitome of fun, bold, and preppy, and I think their collaboration with Venus was a surprising, yet surprisingly perfect, match. If you think so, too, you can already snag these paisley-printed products at, and you can get them in stores at Target on April 21.