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The Emotional Meaning Of March's New Moon Has Everything To Do With Courage

by Valerie Mesa
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The power of the moon never ceases to amaze me. If you stop and observe the events taking place throughout each lunar phase, you'd be surprised with the accuracy of it all. For instance, the emotional meaning of the March 2020 new moon is about courage; although, if you pay close attention to the phases leading up to the following full moon, you'll be able to witness the pattern of the zodiac archetype play out beautifully. Sadly, there isn't a lot to look forward to these days, but this is precisely what this lunation is trying to evoke, personally and collectively.

Here's another example of the undeniable synchronicities: Just days after the full moon in Virgo, people all over the world took to social media specifically to remind the world to wash their hands via Coronavirus-inspired campaigns. It doesn’t get more Virgoan than this, but it actually goes much deeper. The sun was conjunct Neptune during this lunation, which inspired a sense of compassion and universal love. Some people showed the world how to “properly” wash their hands, while others shared videos of themselves serenading their neighbors with music, amidst “social distancing.”


When Is The Next New Moon And What Is It About?

On March 24 — at exactly 5:28 a.m. ET — both of the sun and the moon will join forces and bless the collective with a highly spirited new beginning. As you know, the new moon phase represents the beginning of a lunar cycle. This occurs when the moon sits between the earth and the sun, and the sun sheds light on the dark side of the moon, which is the side we never get to see. This is precisely why the moon becomes invisible — as seen from Earth — during the new moon phase. Although, aside from the celestial logistics of it all, the new moon phase takes place when both the sun and the moon are in the same zodiac sign, which provides a cosmic boost — a more energetically concentrated version — of this particular zodiac sign.

Both the sun and the moon are a representation of your conscious and unconscious mind, and with both of these ever-glowing luminaries traveling through a cardinal fire sign like Aries, there's really no denying the super strength and fertility stemming from this Mars-ruled lunation.

Something else to keep in mind is, the new moon is taking place a few days after the spring equinox, which speaks volumes. Remember, the springtime is a representation of brand-new life; it is the first spark of consciousness after your journey to the divine, which is Pisces. Aries season feels like waking up from a dream and eerily enough, this couldn't be more accurate with the current events. The sun will always come out tomorrow, so don't stop fighting through this.


The Emotional Meaning Of The New Moon In Aries

How does the Aries zodiac archetype come to life during times like these? Governed by red-hot Mars, the essence of Aries is assertive, confident, vigorous, passionate, and full of stamina; its cardinal fires epitomize the meaning of “new beginnings,” which is precisely what the collective needs right now. Sitting in a charming sextile with Saturn, this new moon will inspire enthusiasm while instilling the power of self-control.

Mars will be in a powerful conjunction with Jupiter-Pluto in Capricorn; this will bless the collective with enough courage, strength, and faith to power through, despite the circumstances. Lady Venus will also be in harmony with this powerhouse conjunction, creating a charming synergy of manifestation and abundance. The new moon will also be conjunct Chiron, the wounded healer. How can you invoke your inner warrior amidst taking care of your well-being?

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