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Your Aries Season Horoscope Encourages You To Hang Tight

by Valerie Mesa

The springtime is finally here, yet the start of the season, sadly, feels like a prolonged extension of winter with all the chaos happening across the globe. But I sincerely hope your Aries season 2020 horoscope enlightens you with a brand-new perspective amidst the current events.

Upon the sun's shift into warrior-like Aries — on March 19 at exactly 11:49 p.m. ET — Mars will sit alongside Jupiter at 22 degrees Capricorn, while Saturn and Pluto conjugate a few degrees ahead.

Mars is Aries' planetary ruler, so there's really no denying the potency of this conjunction, especially on the first day of Aries season. Mars is aggressive and Jupiter is expansive; Capricorn is a symbol of the global system. As you can probably imagine, these astrological energies are nothing short of radical.

The moon will also be in eccentric Aquarius while squaring off with its planetary ruler, Uranus. Themes revolving around comfort and security are in the midst of a powerful revolution. Uranus will also be sitting in a perfect trine with the South Node, so collective chaos is an understatement.

Of course, this doesn't mean things won't get better... eventually. I sincerely believe Saturn's shift into Aquarius — March 21 — will bring a long-lasting revolution, personally and collectively. Funny enough, Aquarius is the sign of the astrologer and universal insight; it's no wonder so many people — specifically the Pluto in Scorpio and Sagittarius generation — are so fond of these topics. In the end, it doesn't matter whether you're an astrologer or a truth-seeker, this is your moment to awaken. It's time to embrace the ancient gifts and knowledge you brought with you to this lifetime. Your journey starts now.


Aries: It's Time To Channel Your Inner Warrior

You're here for a reason and you know it, Aries. Everything, from your soul purpose to your sense of belonging in the world, is more apparent than ever before, and you're ready to make a difference.

Taurus: You're Embracing The Comfort In Your Stillness

Close your eyes and say a prayer for the collective, Taurus. You're a messenger of Mother Earth and a child of the goddess Venus. Listen to the universal messages you're receiving, because they mean something.

Gemini: Find Victory In The Darkest Corners Of Your Psyche

You're the only thing standing in the way of your power, Gemini. You're a leader at heart and an inspiration to your soul tribe. Transform the pain you've experienced into something healing for the collective.

Cancer: You're Looking For Ways To Make A Difference

Pay it forward, Cancer. Your nurturing heart and intuitive personality have touched the lives of many, and you're just getting started. This is an opportunity for you to find freedom in your one-on-one connections.


Leo: You're Thinking Ahead While Staying Productive

Looking at the bright side has always been your greatest superpower, Leo. You are the sun and the world needs your warmth and light right now. Being of service to those in need while being mindful of your well-being is number one on your list.

Virgo: You're Shedding Snake Skin And Starting Over

Start over, Virgo. Nothing in life is promised, but the good news is it just keeps going. Helping others, tweaking and critiquing, in order to help people improve their lifestyle is wonderful, but what about you?

Libra: Show Support To Those You Love And Need You

Balance is everything, Libra. Although, contrary to popular belief, it's something you're constantly trying to achieve, especially during Aries season. That said, this is an opportunity for you to show someone you genuinely care.

Scorpio: Your Voice Of Reason Can Help Someone In Need

Words are spells, especially yours, Scorpio. Say it to the universe. Speak your mind and visualize where you can be both helpful and productive. Write in your journal. Don't let stress or negative thoughts accumulate in your mind. Be mindful of your well-being and share your experience with others.


Sagittarius: You're Putting Your Unique Gifts To Good Use

You know exactly what you came here to do, Sagittarius. Despite the collective circumstances, there's always hope for a better tomorrow. Use your talents and gifts to spread joy and wisdom. Social media isn't always toxic, you know. In the end, it's still a platform. You know what to do.

Capricorn: You're Protecting Yourself And Your Loved Ones

Be fierce, Capricorn. You're already a warrior at heart, and your loved ones need you more than ever right now. Stock up on your essentials, disinfect your living space, and create a wholesome atmosphere.

Aquarius: You're Feeling The Collective More Than Ever

You are the internet, Aquarius. Use your social media platform wisely and spread messages of love and light to your followers. You're feeling the collective anguish right now, but you can be the revolution.

Pisces: You're Gathering The Troops And Getting Prepared

Your sixth sense is one-of-a-kind, Pisces. Your soul tribe means the world to you, and you're ready to do everything in your power to keep everyone up to date with current events. Your gifts of compassion are needed more than ever.