Here's What Jennifer Lawrence's Zodiac Sign Reveals About Her As A Fiancée

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If there's anyone who exudes Big Leo Energy, it's Jennifer Lawrence. Born on Aug. 15, 1990, Lawrence has that distinct Leo blend of sensitivity, tongue-in-cheek humor, and charisma needed to pull off Oscar-nominated roles. She also has that classic Leo boldness, which made her a great fit for the role of revolutionary Katniss Everdeen in The Hunger Games, X-Men's chaotic shapeshifter Mystique, and a ballerina assassin in Red Sparrow. But off-set and IRL, what does Jennifer Lawrence's zodiac sign say about her as a partner? Recently, a rep for Lawrence confirmed that she and Gladstone Gallery Director Cooke Maroney are engaged. (Lawrence and Maroney started dating in early summer 2018.)

For starters, when you're dealing with a Leo, you've got to keep in mind their reputation as the fearless leaders of the zodiac — the head of pride, if you will. Another thing: If you know nothing else about the sign, know that Leos adore being the center of attention. If you roll up to the function and there's some beautiful, glamorous partygoer loudly spinning a yarn to draw you in, it's likely to be a Leo (if not a Gemini). Sometimes, a Leo's taste for the spotlight can come off as arrogance or narcissism. But other times, a Leo's showboat-y attitude will be ultra endearing — think Lawrence tripping on the red carpet and absolutely owning it.

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As much as they love to feed off others' energy — fuel for their energetic and optimistic Leo vibe — Leos also like to give it back. They're low-key one of the most generous, giving and thoughtful zodiac signs. Your Leo friend is there to send you crime podcast recommendations or will remember to send you Mason Ramsey updates because you were obsessed with that cowboy kid yodeling meme when it came out. Being a Leo, Lawrence is likely to be that friend you can vent with over drinks and call for advice when the 3 a.m. thoughts get to be too much.

When it comes to dating a Leo like J.Law, secure your wig. A first date with Lawrence would probably be ripe with Leo exuberance, and lots and lots of talking. Leos tend to be fast on their feet and have a knack for rapid-fire banter. If you've ever watched an interview with Lawrence — re: her quick quip to E! News about having "camel toe" or responding, "This is the top and this is the bottom!" when asked what pieces she was wearing on the red carpet — you know that she's no exception. If you can keep up with a Leo's smart mouth and go! go! go! attitude, you'll survive.

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And be pleasantly surprised. Unlike the other fire signs (Aries and Sagittarius), Leos love love — it's that simple. Looking at Lawrence as a Leo, she's someone who's going to respond well to getting swept up in the romance of it all. Case in point: Lawrence and Maroney had been dating for just a few weeks when we found out in June 2018, and they're now engaged less than a year later.

Although Lawrence likes to keep her public persona on the more chaste side of things, Leos are known for having a high sex drive to match their cravings for love. We don't have any deets on what Lawrence's sex life is like. But there's a good chance you might remember those spicy pics of Lawrence and ex-boyfriend Darren Aronofsky making out hardcore in 2016. And there was also that thing where they were sharing lollipops (on multiple occasions) in a distinct PDA fashion.

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Lawrence's current relationship patterns based on zodiac sign are a bit of a mystery, though. Not much is known about Maroney in general — and the only bits of information we have about his birth is that he was he's 34 years old, so he may have been born in 1984 or 1985. But we still can't say what his sign is. Elite Daily reached out to Cooke Maroney's assistant to confirm his birthday, but they haven't responded yet.

Being a Leo, though, Lawrence will probably pour her heart into ensuring she and Maroney are thriving as a couple, as Leos often do. She'll keep things fun and will be a ride-or-die. In fact, in typical loyal Leo fashion, Lawrence came out to support ex-boyfriend Nicholas Hoult the other day at the premiere of The Favourite.

Because Leos are flirty by nature, Lawrence, like any other Leo, probably won't be giving that up any time soon. A Leo's tendency to pour on compliments a little thick and test the boundaries of their romantic relationship only becomes a problem if their partner isn't paying them enough attention. So, listen up, Maroney!

And yes, Leos can be quick to argue. They're a hot-headed fire sign. I mean, if you've ever watched Lawrence have an argument on screen, you'll know that getting caught in her crosshairs IRL probably wouldn't be a good idea. But at the end of the day, a Leo tries to see the good in everyone. Lawrence probably returns to that when looking for resolution with a partner. As quickly as they bounce back from heartbreak, Leos work to pave over rifts in relationships.

There's a million reasons why having a Leo as your partner is a great idea, and dating a Leo that's Jennifer Lawrence would probably be a roaring good time.