The Myers-Briggs personality types who love cheesy romantic gestures tend to be Intuitive Feelers.
3 Personality Types Who Love Cheesy Gestures, So Lay On The Romance


A cozy picnic for two in a scenic park, a surprise bouquet of flowers, a heartfelt handwritten note left on your pillow — to some, this isn’t just the stuff of silver screen romances, but their actual idea of real-life #relationshipgoals. Knowing the Myers-Briggs personality types who love cheesy romantic gestures can come in handy, too. Because if you’re dating one of these types, you can indulge their fantasies and make them feel extra special by leaning into your mushy-gushy side.

It probably goes without saying that Feelers are hard-wired to appreciate romance a tad more than Thinkers. Given that they’re driven by emotions, they’re more likely to get sentimental over a sweet gesture that makes them feel appreciated and loved — whereas a Thinker might appreciate a practical act more. In other words, the way to a Feeler’s heart isn’t doing them a favor like helping them finish a task, but rather, carving out one-on-one time to cuddle and converse with them, and expressing your adoration for them verbally. The “Idealists,” all of which have a preference for Intuition and Feeling, are particularly prone to craving grand romantic gestures. On the other hand, the “Rationals” (INTJ, ENTJ, INTP, ENTP) are least likely to appreciate these displays of affection. (In fact, many of them think these cheesy acts are silly and unnecessary).

Keeping all that in mind, it’s worth taking note if your current crush or partner is one of the following types. If they are, don’t be afraid to lay on the romance — whether that means making them an old school mixtape or doing an impromptu slow dance in the living room.


There’s no denying that Campaigners are all-in when it comes to their relationships — they fall hard and fast, and they don’t hold back in terms of expressing their emotions or affection (think sudden makeouts in the rain and lunchbox love notes).

Once an ENFP falls for you, they won’t hesitate to show you through little romantic acts simply because they can’t help themselves. That may mean randomly picking up a bottle of your favorite wine at the end of a long week, or taking you on a mini road trip for an epic day date.

Since ENFPs are so enthusiastic when it comes to their relationships, they thrive in long-distance romances. Physical distance is no match for their level of devotion and passion. Moreover, thanks to their Perceiving preference, they have a spontaneous streak that allows them to continually surprise their partners in the most romantic ways — like hopping on a flight and showing up unexpectedly for an anniversary, or sending a thoughtful personalized gift for Valentine’s Day. Given that they pour so much into their relationships, they feel happiest and most appreciated when their SOs can put in just as much effort. Indeed, they love with unparalleled intensity — and they typically expect the same from their partners.


The Mediator is an idealist to the core — they’re not just looking for a significant other, but a soulmate. In fact, they sometimes get a little carried away with their fantasies of the “perfect” partner, imagining detailed scenarios in their head of how, when, and where they’ll meet, what they’ll say and do, and how they’ll act in the relationship. This may suggest that it would be challenging for anyone to measure up, but the truth is, it’s easy to win an INFP over as long as you can cater to their need for a passionate connection with occasional romantic gestures. Fortunately, INFPs are pretty patient and can see the good in everyone, so if it takes you some time to get comfortable displaying your feelings in a romantic way, know that they’re likely to give you the benefit of the doubt.

Let’s be clear about one thing, however: The INFP isn't always able to verbally expressing their emotions. They are introverted, after all. While they may not initially feel comfortable telling you how strong their feelings are for you, they have no problem showing you by setting aside quality time to spend with you, taking care of you when you’re under the weather, and acting as a sounding board for all your fears, desires, and ideas. Plus, since this personality type is super creative, they never run out of unique ways to surprise you.

INFPs certainly aren’t afraid of making a fool of themselves in the name of love, and their ideal partner feels the same way. Keep in mind, too, that an INFP has a tendency to take things personally, so if you don’t bother to show them how much you care, they’ll take that to heart.


The Advocate is nothing if not thoughtful and insightful. So, don’t be surprised if they send the perfect text to lift your spirits when you’re having a bad day, or come home with takeout when you’re too tired to make dinner. Their ability to understand your needs and desires before you even express them combined with their knack for planning (via their Judging preference) makes this personality type a phenomenal partner.

It’s also worth noting that INFJs are passionate AF. You may not notice it first given that during the early stages of dating, they may seem a tad reserved. But that’s because they’re looking for long-term love — a flame that lasts, rather than one that burns bright and dies out fast. Once you’ve earned their trust, they’ll want to build intimacy with you in a range of meaningful ways beyond just the physical realm, like engaging in all-night convos about your hopes and dreams, experiencing new things with you, and even opening up emotionally (which isn’t always easy for them).

At the end of the day, the Advocate takes the act of being in a relationship seriously, and as a result, there’s no effort too grand to ensure their SO feels loved and appreciated. And while they may not tell you outright, they’re secretly hoping that you’ll go the extra mile and plan romantic dates or shower them with sweet surprises, too.