10 Small Gestures To Show Your Partner You Love Them That’ll Keep The Excitement Alive

When thinking about love and romance, it's easy to call to mind the grand gestures we see in movies. Even though going over-the-top for your significant other is almost always a welcome surprise, using small gestures to show your partner you love them can be just as effective. TBH, the day-to-day things partners can do to make each other smile can be far more important and impactful than you might think.

Although I'm sure we'd all love nothing more than to wake up and find out we're being whisked away by bae to an exotic locale for a two-week vacation that's already been OK-ed by our boss, reality usually isn't as decadent as our fantasies. Fortunately, there are much more practical and understated things you can do for each other to keep the love alive. Coming up with just about any activity or surprise that you know your partner would enjoy can be the perfect opportunity to remind them just how important they are to you. Don't underestimate the little things and the simple moments you can share with your SO that they'll always treasure.

If you need some help coming up with ways to say "I love you" with your actions, here's some inspiration to get you started.

Take them on an unexpected date.

Sometimes, going on a date that you don't have to plan yourself is the best. Plan to meet your partner after work and surprise them with a spontaneous or unexpected outing. You can keep it simple and try a new restaurant or grab drinks at an open-mic night. The fact that you surprised them with an activity will definitely make their heart skip a beat.

Surprise them with flowers.

Flowers are a beautiful and easy way to let the person you love know that they were on their mind. They'll be thrilled to get this lovely delivery, but if you can deliver them in person, then they'll probably be even more elated.

Give them a massage.

Who wouldn't love to get their back rubbed? Giving them a massage is a nice and sensual way to connect. If you're insecure about your massage skills, then making them an appointment at a nearby spa should also do the trick.

Bring them breakfast in bed.

Few things are as heartwarming as waking up to the smell of eggs, bacon, and coffee. Show your partner you care by waking up a little earlier on the weekend and making them their favorite breakfast.

Come home with their favorite treat.

At the end of the day, all most of us want to do is kick back and recover from work and other stressors. Putting in the extra effort to swing by their favorite bakery, or grabbing their favorite pint of ice cream on your way home will go a long way.

Take care of dinner on the nights they work late.

Anyone who has a demanding schedule knows that coming home to a delicious meal after a long day is absolute heaven. If cooking isn't your forte, there's absolutely no shame in ordering in from their favorite restaurant.

Write them a love letter.

Articulating the depths of your feelings for someone on the spot isn't always easy. That's why taking the time to organize your emotions on paper can be a wonderful way to remind bae why you fell in love in the first place.

Buy them a new book.

Has your partner mentioned having a new interest lately? Buying them a book on the topic is such a sweet way to show you genuinely care about what they're interested in.

Give them your undivided attention.

Sometimes, just something as simple as making it a point to turn your phone off for a couple of hours when you're together can make someone feel like a priority.

Surprise them with a romantic & sexy bath.

Want to enjoy a romantic night in? Taking a few minutes to get a bath going and light some candles is the perfect way to welcome bae home after a long day.

Showing your partner just how much they mean to you doesn't always have to involve a huge gesture. Sometimes, it's the little everyday surprises that make someone feel loved and appreciated. So, if you want to make your partner feel extra special, a simple reminder of your love is never a bad idea.