14 Women Share The Sneaky Ways Their Partners Show Their Love & It's Surprising

by Candice Jalili

When I think of "acts of love" within a romantic relationship, everything that comes to mind is so cliche. Now, don't get me wrong — just because something is cliche doesn't mean that it's not adorable. (In other words, if my boyfriend wants to send me flowers or buy me jewelry, he's more than welcome to). But there are also plenty of non-traditional ways to show your partner you love them that show affection, commitment, desire, and support just as effectively.

In fact, in a recent Reddit AskWomen thread, ladies shared the most unromantic ways in which their partners show them love and their responses are, ironically, so romantic.

He was more worked up about her Lasik surgery than she was.
When I got lasik surgery, my husband was completely worked up--way more than I was. Every bump, every move, every phone call. He was completely freaking out. He kept checking on me. Making sure my mask was on. Making sure I used my drops. I actually heard him telling the dogs that they needed to be quiet because mom was trying to sleep in the other room after having hurt done to her eyes. That was pure love. I grown man talking to dogs like they were children in a baby voice, so they wouldn't disturb me. He is not one to show any kind of love or affection, so that meant a lot.


He didn't yell during their first fight.
I decided to marry my spouse the first time we had a fight.My parents are serious fighters - toxicity, insults, screaming, occasionally it's gotten physical. Raised voices make me flinch, which was a problem in my first relationship, where my boyfriend was also a yeller.I liked my SO when we were dating, but I wasn't sure it would last in part because we never fought, and I needed to know what that was going to look like in order to know if we would work. When something finally hit... we were both frustrated but kept level voices. We each talked about how we felt and why the problem had started. We agreed to compromise, and found a solution.I asked him to move in with me the next day. We got married 2 years later.


They each use their own blankets.
We don't share blankets bc we are both theives. So we each have one or two comforters on the bed every night.I actually think it's awesome because we are not low key annoyed or uncomfortable with each other. I love sleeping beside him and whenever we want to cuddle it's so endearing for one if us to Chuck iff their blankets and crawl into the others. Especially in winter that's a big 'i love you' move.


He was a confirmed bachelor and still chose her, a single mom.
My SO was a confirmed bachelor at 35 when we met. He had never been in a relationship before, and somehow chose me, a single mom to five kids (four were still at home when we met and now three years later, only two are still at home).He has no experience with kids at all but has adjusted well to living with me and mine. A few weeks ago, my 11yo son woke up sick and made it to the sink to vomit rather than the toilet. Instead of waking me, my SO cleaned it all up, comforted my son, put him back to bed, and let me sleep through it all. If that isn't love, I don't know what is.


He bought her a microwave for Valentine's Day.
He bought me a microwave for Valentines’ Day. I was over the moon with it, as I’d been talking about needing one and the one he got matched the colour scheme in my kitchen.I much prefer practical, useful presents to things like flowers, chocolate, jewellery, etc. so it was the best present he could’ve got me, even though it wasn’t traditionally “romantic”.


He discreetly helped her when a bird pooped on her head.
We were wedding shopping today with our parents and a bird pooped on my hair. I didn't realise it, and he pointed it out very discreetly. Without letting anyone know he helped me fix the situation and we couldn't stop laughing about it and making some rather childish jokes. No surer way to know I want to spend the rest of my life with this man.


They won a game together.
The other day my gf and I were playing the boardgame Pandemic. If you're unfamiliar with it, you're on the same team, trying to cure and prevent the spread of diseases that can end the world.We were right on the verge of losing the game, the planet was about to succumb to a massive epidemic. But we talked through it, considered all possibilities and scenarios, worked through our disagreements, and really planned out our last couple of moves. It literally took us an hour of talking and planning before we finally made a move. It was stressful and tense watching the last moves unfold. We were holding hands tightly as we played out those moves. And we won the game! We cured the last disease, just barely, and saved the world! We were so happy, proud and relieved.A little while after the game, my gf told me that even though it was just a game, she realized that we work very well as a team. We showed patience, intelligence, and we listened to each other. She gave me a huge hug and kiss and told me she sees a great future for us.


He's been helping her after her surgery.
I just got out of the hospital for surgery, and the past several days have been an incredible show of love from my SO while I've been feeling the least sexy possible. Having my SO help with the absolute basics of making me feel human during recovery, like helping me take a warm shower and towel drying me, has been a huge help.


She farted in his face and he didn't freak out.
I farted in his face while he bit my a** (it was a silent killer) and he laughed and didn’t say anything. The next morning while he was making waffles he told me that he felt it and just kept laughing about it the entire day.


He picked her friend up when she was too drunk at a bar.
One of my friends was super drunk at the bar and she texted and asked him for a ride home as a last resort (I was busy doing other things). He picked her up, stopped for food, and got her home safe. That she trusts him enough to ask that and the fact that he cares enough abt forming solid relationships with the other people in my life makes me realize how easily I can see us being together for the rest of our lives :)


He cleaned her entire apartment for her.
When we first started dating, I lived I alone in a 1BR apartment. I had to travel for work and was stressed about the state of my apartment when I left. While I was away he cleaned my place! Folded the laundry, unloaded the dishwasher, even ran the vacuum! He took care of something that was bothering me without me asking, and his thoughtfulness really made me think I should plan a future with him.


He makes sure she gets the right amount of pillows when they sleep together.
I sleep with a few pillows whereas he prefers just the one. Whenever we share a bed he arranges the pillows for us so that I get more. It makes me happy to make the bed and arrange them so they are equal and looks nice during the day, and then later on to see he has gotten into bed and rearranged them so we are both comfortable. It's my favourite unspoken mutually beneficial arrangement.


He checks where the good bathrooms are for her before they go for long drives.
I have a small bladder. When we take long intercity drives, he always makes sure to check where a good bathroom is on the way. The first time he did that, I was like, I'm going to marry this man.


She pooped her pants and her partner helped her get home without feeling embarrassed.
Walking through streets of Lisbon, I s**t my pants. Too much sea food lol She was the best about it and helped me get home and told me not to be embarrassed. She’s great and I felt the love.


I don't know about you, but I'm noticing some general themes here. Pretty much every response in here had to do with taking care of your partner when they're sick, doing something small and thoughtful to make them feel more comfortable, and going out of your way to diffuse a potentially embarrassing situation for them.

The main takeaway here? We should all try our best to do those three things for our partners every single day!