13 Uplifting TV Shows On Netflix In Spring 2020 To Watch While Stuck At Home

After even just a few days of social distancing and self-quarantining, it's natural to need a little pick-me-up to help get through the lonely days cooped up inside. That's where Netflix comes in. The streaming service is bound to be everyone's closest BFF during the coronavirus pandemic, but finding the perfect show to calm your fears isn't always easy. Check out these uplifting TV shows on Netflix in Spring 2020 for some much needed respite from what's going on in the world.

As the novel coronavirus spreads around the world, the CDC has urged citizens to self-isolate in order to prevent the disease from reaching more people. Of course, it's only a matter of time before self-quarantiners get bored while distancing themselves from friends and family, and everyone is looking for something to lift their spirits right now amid all the unsettling and disheartening events. Thankfully, Netflix is fully stocked with a ton of sweet, heart-warming sitcoms, reality shows, and docuseries that are guaranteed to help you pass the time while also staying positive.

If you're in need of a show to stream that will give you the warm fuzzies, then look no further than the list below:

1. Schitt's Creek

Get ready to smile and happy-cry like never before, because Schitt's Creek is a masterclass in giving viewers all of the feels with each episode. What began as a quirky fish-out-of-water comedy about a rich family who lost it all and were forced to live in a podunk town quickly evolved into one of the most beloved modern sitcoms, with a knack for packing an emotional wallop. The first five seasons are available on Netflix, and the currently airing sixth and final season will likely be added until later this year.

2. The Good Place


Want to ponder the great mysteries of life and death without getting super-depressed? It's easier than it sounds: Just start streaming The Good Place. The one-of-a-kind afterlife comedy somehow manages to make moral philosophy not only engaging, but also incredibly fun and wacky. The show's four seasons follow a group of recently departed humans as they navigate the increasingly complex realms of the afterlife. Trust me, it's more silly and lighthearted than it sounds.

3. The Great British Baking Show

Most reality competition shows are pretty stressful to watch, as contestants compete, manipulate, and backstab one another for a big prize. But The Great British Baking Show is the complete opposite of that. The long-running series has won legions of devoted fans for how kind the judges — and even the contestants — are. The show has that warm, calming energy you're probably looking for right now.

4. Gilmore Girls

Once you get just a couple episodes into Gilmore Girls, you'll be ready to pack up your life and move to Stars Hollow. Sadly, the show's picturesque small town full of quirky but supportive oddballs isn't real, but there are seven seasons and a four-part revival to get lost in, so there's that.

5. Dancing Queen

Drag star Alyssa Edwards has given fans tons of joy with her memorable moments on RuPaul's Drag Race, and her docuseries Dancing Queen goes even deeper to deliver tons of heartwarming moments. Not only do viewers get to see Alyssa put on stunning performances, but the show provides an emotional look into Justin Johnson's personal life, as well as introducing a ton of talented young dancers from his dance studio in Texas. Think Drag Race meets Dance Moms... with less yelling and more heart.

6. One Day at a Time

A traditional sitcom made for modern audiences, One Day at a Time has the familiar, home-y feel that'll instantly remind you of the shows you watched as a kid with your parents. The series is all about family, and although the Alvarez family tackles major social issues like immigration, sexuality, racism, and more, each episode ends with a heartfelt coming-together moment. Plus, it's packed with jokes, so you'll be laughing just as often as you're happy-crying.

7. Derry Girls


Your teen years are always awkward, and that's what makes high school shows like Derry Girls so hilarious and relatable. The Irish comedy is a super-quick watch (each season has six episodes and it's only two seasons long right now), but each episode is absolutely packed with laughs.

8. Cheer

Everyone was talking about Cheer when it premiered earlier this year, but if you happened it miss it back then, now's the perfect time to start watching. The docuseries chronicles the ups and downs of the acclaimed Navarro College cheer team, and although there are a lot of dark, sad moments, by the end, you'll be completely invested in all of the athletes and find yourself rooting them on from your couch.

9. Big Mouth

For some people, crude humor is the best way to laugh away your worries, and the animated comedy Big Mouth is a master at combining gross-out jokes with relatable storylines. The show turns puberty into a menagerie of monsters, ghouls, and alternate realms, and its colorful depictions of universal awkward truths will give you tons to laugh about.

10. Jane the Virgin

TBH, it doesn't get more heartwarming than Jane the Virgin, especially for anyone who loves a good telenovela or romantic comedy. Since the series draws from and satirizes the telenovela genre, it is filled with hyper-dramatic moments (it's originally about a virgin becoming pregnant due to a mix-up at a hospital, after all), but between all the wild twists, the Villanueva family's love for one another, and Jane's romantic life, will have viewers in their feelings every single episode.

11. Queer Eye

Queer Eye is basically an injection of inspiration right into your veins. The rebooted series follows the life-changing journey of a different person struggling to fully love themselves as the Fab Five transform how they dress, groom, cook, live, and understand those around them. If you're not crying at the end, you're not human.

12. Documentary Now!

Sometimes, you just want to laugh at something totally goofy and absurd, and that's just what Documentary Now! delivers. The series offers a comedic take on a different famous documentary with each episode, and even stars a bunch of huge names in hilariously strange roles: John Mulaney, Cate Blanchett, Owen Wilson, Jack Black, Maya Rudolph, and Aidy Bryant are among the guest stars.

13. Parks & Recreation

You can't talk about uplifting shows on Netflix without mentioning Parks & Recreation. The sitcom was initially seen as the kid sibling of The Office when it premiered, but it soon grew into its own as one of the best examples of a comedy series that perfectly balances humor and heart. While the wild antics of Leslie Knope and her crew of misfits keep fans laughing, it's the genuine love they have for one another and for the town they live in that truly makes the show so special.

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