'Jane The Virgin' Is Officially Over & Friends, Twitter Is NOT OK

The CW

This post contains spoilers for the Jane the Virgin series finale. Jane the Virgin concluded its fifth and final season on July 31, delivering the tears and sentiment in a way only the beloved Villanuevas could. From delivering a happy ending for Jane to confirming a witty theory, the final chapter of Jane's story was beyond satisfying, and tweets about the Jane the Virgin series finale capture viewers' bittersweet goodbyes to The CW show.

Debuting in 2014 as a spin on the traditional telenovela, Jane the Virgin began with the concept that the religious Jane (Gina Rodriguez) was artificially inseminated by mistake. She was dating Michael (Brett Dier) at the time, but definitely had some conflicted feelings about her baby's biological father Rafael (Justin Baldoni). Since her fateful decision to raise her son Mateo, audiences watched Jane fall in and out of love, write stories, and support her mother Xo (Andrea Navedo) and grandmother Alba (Ivonne Coll) in their own life hurdles.

In July 31's series finale, Jane tied the knot with Rafael after a few obstacles briefly delayed their special day, so fans really don't have much to complain about when it comes to this conclusion. The episode was also packed with throwbacks to Jane the Virgin's early days. These little details stirred up fans' nostalgia and even more heartbreak about bidding farewell to the Villanuevas and company. On Twitter, viewers commiserated about the episode's finality and nods toward the show's history. Some fans also tweeted about what the show meant to them.

The final episode also confirmed what several fans had already speculated. It turns out that the show's narrator, usually utilized to poke fun at the telenovela genre, was actually a grown-up Mateo. This meant that in the universe of the show, Jane's book was popular enough to inspire the TV series fans had just watched. Given that the narrator was telling his parents' love story all these years, the sweet reveal was too much for fans' already fragile hearts to handle.

The show's tidy ending was no coincidence. "That is built into the DNA of telenovelas," Jane the Virgin creator Jennie Snyder Urman told The Hollywood Reporter about the happy conclusion. "They're always built with an ending, and the ending is usually a wedding. All of that was important to me — that they're not conceived as shows that go on forever, that there's an ending that you're building to."

The gushing social media response to the finale comes after the Jane the Virgin cast posted their final goodbyes online prior to the series finale. Thanking Urman and fans for their support, Rodriguez wrote on Instagram, "Today [are] the very last episodes, 99 and 100 airing of Jane The Virgin. Five years. Five years of love, laughter, growth, pain, surprises, deaths, new births and a sh*t ton of memories."

I'm not crying, you're crying! The saying "All's well that ends well" doesn't always apply to TV finales, but in Jane the Virgin's case, there's no better way to describe this final chapter. Adios, Villanuevas.