10 Underrated Valentine's Day Dates Your Partner Will Really Vibe With

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The most fun dates don't have to be the flashiest or the ones with the biggest romantic gestures. (Although, ginormous teddy bears, beds full of rose petals, and heart-shaped chocolate boxes can be a delight.) Time with your partner can often best be spent doing activities you both love, and sharing the thoughts and feelings you keep close to your heart. It's for this reason that the most underrated Valentine's Day dates are be the ones where you and your partner simply take some time to reflect and reconnect. Here are 10 underrated date ideas for Valentine's Day, so you can celebrate your love.

1. Have A Farm-To-Table Date

If you and your beloved like to cook together, then head to the farmer's market and rustle up some fresh ingredients to cook a meal for each other this Valentine's Day. From dinner chez-toi to your favorite greasy ol' pizza joint, the quality time you spend chowing down with your partner can be easily overlooked — even though it can be so intimate and wonderful. There might be something to the old saying that the way to someone's heart is through their stomach.

2. Book An Airbnb Experience

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Even if you're not planning a baecation, Airbnb can come in clutch with their Experiences section. Depending on where you live, you can find cooking classes, art tours, and all kinds of hidden gems in your own city. Along with learning something new, you get to make a sweet memory with your partner this Valentine's Day.

3. Recommend Books For Each Other

OK, so maybe you've already got a towering stack of books on your bedside table. But how cute would it be if you and your partner scoured your local book store and selected a read for each other? Visit a shop with a cafe inside or nearby, so you can discuss your literary faves (or find new ones) over coffee, too.

4. Pay A Visit To Your Local Sex Shop

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If you're looking to reconnect sexually, make a day of visiting an IRL sex shop. Share your fantasies with your partner over brunch, or discuss new things you'd like to try in bed. Then head to the store to pick out some sex toys together. And, of course, make a sexy evening of trying them out, too.

5. Upgrade Your Styles

You can re-vamp your wardrobes and bring out your competitive sides by engaging in a little reality-TV-style competition. With a mall or thrift store as the playing field, set a budget and a time limit to come up with a cute outfit you think your partner will look great in.

6. Host A Craft Fair For Two

Whether you're tie-dying your thrift finds or tackling other craft projects, artsy dates can be lovely. This Valentine's Day, get your creative juices flowing and make a memento of your time together.

7. Sign Up For A Paint-&-Sip

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Apart from offering a little more hands-on guidance than DIY vloggers on YouTube, paint-and-sips are nice because you get to create magic on a canvas — partner by your side, glass of wine in-hand. Like a cooking class, this Valentine's date is ideal if you or your partner are extroverted. You get the chance to share a special moment together while soaking up the good vibes of a group.

8. Check Out A Winery Or Brewery

Let your inner foodie prevail. Besides, you'll have plenty of time to talk and reconnect during a laid-back vineyard tour or while sampling all the cute little beers in your flight.

9. Have A Joint Spa Day

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Despite the "self" in "self-care," you don't always have to do it alone. Hit up a spa or bath house together. Get couples massages with your tables side-by-side so you can chat or hold hands.

If you'd rather stay in, trade face masks, enjoy a shared bath featuring salts or bombs, and give each other sensual massages.

10. Go All Out For Movie Night

Up the ante for movie night with your partner. See if there are any drive-ins where you live, or host a cool film screening of your own. A deck, terrace, or backyard can make the perfect theatre, especially with the help of a digital film projector.

Relaxed, intimate, and even low-key dates can go a long way, especially during holidays like Valentine's Day. Don't be afraid to lean into the underrated little things that make your relationship special this Valentine's Day.