The 85 Most Popular Products On Amazon This Year

by Lisa Fogarty

Spoil everyone on your gift list with some of the most amazing, useful, and fun gifts that everyone is raving about. The 85 most popular gifts on Amazon this year may not be what you expect, but they're all slightly out of the box and unquestionably extraordinary. These unbelievably affordable products will make your life or your loved one's life better and more convenient.

Whether you're shopping for your favorite foodie, beauty lover, techie, party animal, or even that person who is simply impossible to buy for, this list has a number of smart, practical products that will win them over.

Products an immersion blender will keep counters from getting messy and a hot sauce making kit will help them channel their inner gourmand. Nab a set of DIY bath bomb molds, a 14-piece makeup brush set that costs as much as two fancy coffees, and a silky pillowcase that is gentler on hair and skin. Have your loved ones rocking out with a new Bluetooth speaker that boasts incredible range. Or how about a set of lenses for their smartphone that will make their photos picture perfect?

Whatever their obsession, this is the gift list that will help you find a home-run of a gift.

This Mini Camera That Instantly Delivers Photos On Film

If you're lamenting the loss of a true film camera in this age of smartphones, here's an updated one with classic flair: the ultimate mini camera from Fujifilm that runs on battery and harnesses your nostalgia. Featuring a selfie mirror and macro lens adapter for close-up shots, this travel-friendly cutie prints old-school Polaroid-style photos instantly. Plus, it comes in seven colors, including a flamingo pink, a lime green, and an ice blue.

A Water Bottle That Glows As A Reminder To Drink Up

If you could use an occasional reminder to stay hydrated, this 3-in-1 water bottle is your new BFF. Made from odor-resistant, BPA-free Tritan, this battery-operated 22-ounce bottle has a secure lid that opens with the press of a button, doubles as a Bluetooth speaker, and glows on the hour to prompt you to take a sip — what more could you want from a water bottle? Well you could ask it to come in multiple colors, like this bottle does, including black, pink, yellow, and blue.

An Efficient Blender For Whipping Up Smoothies Fast

Whip up easy, delicious smoothies with this high-speed blender and mixer that does it all: creates beverages and serves as a lidded to-go cup. This set includes an extractor blade, milling blade, 24-ounce cup, 18-ounce cup, two cup rings (one with a handle), and resealable lids.

The Wireless Bluetooth Speaker With Incredible Range

With over 16,000 reviews, this pick is sure to please anyone on your gift list (including yourself). You can position devices as far as 66 feet away from this wireless Bluetooth 4.0 speaker and it will still deliver crystal clear sound quality. With 24 hours of playtime, the beat can go on and on with this pick. Plus, it comes in three colors: black, blue, and red.

This Silky Pillowcase That's Kinder And Gentler To Hair And Skin

Say goodbye to bedhead and hello to smoother skin by making the simple switch to this 100% mulberry silk pillowcase with 600-thread count. Gentler on hair and skin than traditional pillowcases, this smooth, soft alternative comes in six sizes and 30 colors including mint green, champagne, ivory, and eggplant. A few colors even come with a gift box to make your gift giving that much easier.

A Hot Sauce Making Kit That Lets You Craft 7 Bottles

Make your very own gourmet hot sauce with this hot sauce making kit. The kit comes with everything you need, even if you're a novice, including glass and squeezable plastic bottles, a funnel, Ancho Pasillas, Chipotle and Habanero Pepper bags, and label stickers.

The Hilarious Adult Party Game That's Just A Bit Naughty

Playing Cards Against Humanity with friends ensures a raucous, hilarious time as you compete to answer questions using the most off-color, inappropriate response card you can find. Gather your friends and get ready to see their funniest, naughtiest sides, and join in on the "party game for horrible people" that over 34,000 Amazon reviewers love.

These Molds For Making DIY Bath Bombs That Are Both Beautiful And Nourishing

Make baths even more custom and relaxing with this DIY bath bomb making kit. This set includes three molds in different sizes, measuring spoons, shrink wrap bags, stickers, and more. Bring your best bath bomb recipes and ingredients to the table and this kit brings them to life.

A Pair Of Waterproof And Wireless Earbuds With Smart Touch Controls

Even when it's pouring outside, you can get that run in and listen to music or podcasts thanks to these IPX7-rated waterproof, wireless Bluetooth earbuds. The buds boast Bluetooth 5.0 that provide high quality surround sound. Plus the easy touch control options and charging case make these a breeze to use.

This Wearable Massager For Your Neck, Shoulders, And Back

When aches and pains in your neck, shoulders, and back start to cramp your style, sit back and relax while wearing this 3D Shiatsu heating massager over your shoulders. The massager features eight nodes in total, with three speed strength levels to help relieve pain. It even comes with its own carry bag.

An Electric Hand Warmer That Makes Hands Nice And Toasty In Cold Weather

Warm up cold hands and boost circulation in a jiffy with this electric hand warmer, which you can keep in your pocket or bag. The rechargeable warmer fits in your palm and provides five to 10 hours of continuous warmth. It comes in five shades, including rose, black, gold, silver, and blue and features three heat modes that range from 107 degrees to to 130 degrees.

These Artsy Yet Practical Cactus Drink Coasters

This set of six green coasters assemble in the flower pot-shaped holder to become the cutest cactus you don't ever have to water. But they're not only cute, they'll also keep drinks, both hot and cold, from ruining surfaces. You can play with any number of configurations with these coasters to change up your new adorable, yet functional bit of decor.

The Warm Fleece Throw Blanket That Resembles A Tortilla

Who doesn't love a good burrito? Wrap yourself up in this fleece tortilla-shaped throw, and you'll become the most snug, warm burrito around. The blanket comes in four sizes and nine food designs, including a few different tortilla patterns as well as waffles or pizza, in case burritos aren't your thing.

An Adult Coloring Book To Calm Your Nerves

To get your mind off of the day's stresses so that you can unwind, dig into this "irreverent adult coloring book." With 21 pages of off-the-wall pictures and funny quotes that you're sure to start relaxing, and who wouldn't with quotes like "Home is where the vodka is" and "Suck it up buttercup." Designed by a stress relief therapist, one reviewer describes the book as a "hilarious adult coloring book for those who are sarcastic."

These Smooth Spiral Hair Ties That Won't Tug On Or Break Hair

Traditional hair ties can do a number on strands and not in a good way — but this pack of eight spiral hair ties are unique: made from smooth plastic, they glide out of hair without pulling or tugging, which can cause split ends and breakage. The transparent coils are also great at preventing dreaded hair bumps from styles like ponytails and blend into to any color hair.

The Compact Handcrafted Cocktail Kit: Just Add Alcohol

This cocktail-making kit includes ingredients you need to delight up to six guests with a classic old-fashioned cocktail; or a little variation on an old classic since the kit includes a bottle of aromatic bitters, one of orange bitters, and one of grapefruit bitters. This set also includes raw cane sugar cubes, stainless steel cocktail picks, a muddler spoon, and a linen cocktail napkin. You'll just need to supply the alcohol.

This Ring Light And Cell Phone Holder For Flawless Selfies

Ever wonder how influencers always seem to find their best light in photos? Here's the answer: a selfie ring light with its own cell phone holder that angles to your needs. The light features adjustable warm, cool, or daylight lighting options, with 11 brightness levels for each mode, a secure tripod stand, and a shutter remote.

An Aromatherapy Essential Oil Set That Includes 18 Oils Everyone Needs

Whether you're new to essential oils or are a seasoned aromatherapy aficionado, this essential oils kit is a necessity because it contains 18 of the most oft-used oils, including lavender, eucalyptus, lemon, peppermint, and tea tree. All of the oils are therapeutic grade and free of ketones, esters, alcohols, and aldehydes.

The Simplified Iced Coffee And Iced Tea Maker With A Large Pitcher

Brew a ton (or 3 quarts to be precise) of delicious iced coffee or iced tea in this simple-to-use iced tea and coffee maker. This gadget features a "Brew Strength selector" so you can customize your beverage. You can brew and serve straight from the same pitcher, and the self-cleaning cycle makes up-keep a breeze.

This Trio Of Hydrating Facial Sprays That Refresh Skin

Freshen up skin, give your makeup new life, and leave your complexion glowing with this trio of facial sprays from Mario Badescu. The soothing aloe-based botanical mists come in three types: chamomile and lavender, herbs and rosewater, and cucumber and green tea.

A Hilarious Exploding Kitten Card Game That Relies On Strategy And Lots Of Luck

What do kittens, explosions, and laser beams have in common? You'll find out in this fun adult party game, which can be played with up to nine players. The easy-to-learn game combines strategy, cards, and a sort-of Russian roulette situation where players who draw the Exploding Kitten card loses.

An Ultrasonic Silicone Facial Cleaning Brush With Adjustable Vibrations

Give pores a deep-cleaning treatment with this silicone cleaning brush, which has over 1,000 reviews, features sonic vibration technology and four levels of adjustable intensity. The waterproof, rechargeable brush can be used in the shower and comes in pink or cyan.

The Cozy, Chunky Sweater Wrap That You'll Wear Every Day

The second a chill blows in, grab this button-closed sweater wrap, which comes in five sizes and 15 colors, including khaki, a mustard yellow, a forest green, and a few options with contrasting sleeves. Rest assured that it looks amazing with absolutely everything you wear. This cold weather must-have has chunky buttons with a whimsical asymmetrical hem for a cozy statement piece for your wardrobe.

An Affordable Crossbody Bag That Comes In A Variety Of Colors

You don't have to break the bank to own a fantastic purse that effortlessly takes you from day to night. This affordable tasseled crossbody bag has a zippered top and front zippered compartment for a ton of stylish storage. It's made from faux leather with luxe gold hardware and comes in an amazing 45 shades, including solids like classic black, dark stone, and cognac as well as color-block options like mustard and coffee, light gray and blush, or mauve and taupe.

This Insulating Water Bottle With A Wide Mouth And Leak-Proof Lid

Keep cold drinks cold for up to 24 hours and hot drinks hot for 12 hours with this Hydroflask insulating water bottle. The stainless steel bottle features a wide mouth opening that can be easily filled with ice cubes and a leak-proof flip lid. It comes in 15 colors including blueberry, jade, and lemon and a few different sizes, at varying price points, ranging from 18-ounces to 64-ounces depending on your hydrating needs.

An Essential Oil Diffuser That Works With Voice Controls

Not only does this essential oil diffuser-humidifier combo provide a soothing cool mist and the scent of your favorite essential oil, but the app or voice commands, using Amazon's Alexa or Google Home, allow you to turn it on and off, set it on a schedule, and select one of seven rainbow color-changing lights to create ambiance. You can also select the mist and color brightness levels that work for you.

This Mini Espresso Maker And Travel Cup

This mini powerful espresso maker requires already-hot water, espresso, and a few button presses to extract a deliciously bold cup of coffee that you can enjoy anywhere — even when you're hiking or camping. The lightweight maker comes with a travel cup and case and is perfect for a single serving of espresso.

A Game Where Players Compete To Create The Funniest Memes

Compete against friends and family to create the wittiest memes you can think up; think of it as a close, visual cousin to Cards Against Humanity. This adult party game contains 360 caption cards and 75 photo cards — one player acts as the judge to decide which meme is the most off-color and hilarious; this pick is sure to get any gathering roaring with laughter.

The Nourishing Hair Repair Treatment For Dry, Damaged Strands

Dry, brittle, over-processed hair needs this vegan, before-shampoo nourishing hair-repair treatment to help reduce breakage and make strands stronger and glossier. Reviewers say this product has saved their hair from unbelievable amounts of damage. It's also sulfate-, phthalate-, and paraben-free.

This 14-Piece Makeup Brush Set With Every Tool You Need

Makeup brushes can be a big investment, which is why it's nice to know this 14-piece makeup brush set works out to less than a dollar a brush and it boasts more than 7,400 stellar reviews. The set comes with five Kabuki brushes, and nine precise eye makeup brushes. You can score it in five colors including a grayish purple, all black, pink with gold accent, or black with gold or rose gold accent.

A Skin-Brightening Vitamin C Serum With Hyaluronic Acid

Brighten your complexion, even out your skin tone, and combat the effects of free radicals that can damage skin with this vitamin C serum. This popular serum that has over 8,000 reviews is infused with hydrating and nourishing hyaluronic acid, vitamin E, and active botanicals like jojoba oil, witch hazel, and aloe.

This Cooling Memory Foam Cushion To Support Your Lower Back

Sitting around for hours can be torture for your back, but this cooling gel memory foam cushion provides support for your tailbone, without causing you to sweat and stick to your seat. The cushion has over 2,500 reviews and a nonslip bottom. It also comes with a removable, machine-washable velour cover.

A Water-Resistant Radio For Emergencies

This rugged portable radio is rated IPX3 for water resistance and comes super handy in an emergency since it provides NOAA's weather report, a powerful LED flashlight, an AM/FM radio, and an SOS alarm. In addition to the solar power and hand-crank power sources, this thing runs on AAA batteries or an included power bank that can charge other devices like phones.

The Tea Lovers' Ultimate Variety Pack

This set of 48 tea bags is organized with care in an attractive lidded box and makes the ultimate gift for the tea lover in your life. The set comes with the most popular tea flavors, including English breakfast, Earl Grey, decaffeinated breakfast, lemon & orange, pure Assam, green tea with jasmine, organic peppermint, and organic chamomile, which means each variety has six tea sachets.

A 5-Year Diary That Inspires You To Reflect

You'll find major inspiration to record your day's thoughts in this beautiful celestially-themed line-a-day diary — but the one thing you won't feel is pressure: jotting down one sentence is all it takes to record your day. You'll love opening this journal up daily thanks to its gilded pages, golden foil stars, and the beautiful watercolors by designer and artist Yao Cheng, which calmly invite you to reflect.

These Pizza Socks That Comes In A Delightful Delivery Box

Not only are these cotton blend socks warm, comfy, and designed to look like actual slices of pizza, including Hawaiian, pepperoni, and Italian. The best part may just be their packaging: the four pairs of socks come wrapped up in a clever, classic pizza box.

This Multitool That Fits In Your Wallet

The next time you have an emergency DIY job that needs to get done pronto, pull out this heat-treated steel multitool card. It's as compact and sleek as a credit card so it fits in your wallet or right in your pocket. This one card serves 11 functions and is a ruler, four screwdrivers, a cell phone stand, can opener, and more.

A Gentler, Kinder Hair Towel That Dries Strands Fast

Ordinary towels can actually contribute to frizz when you use them to dry wet hair, but this pair of microfiber hair towels soaks up excess water so it's gentler and kinder to strands and helps to eliminate frizz, according to reviewers. Wear the towel, turban-style, and go about your business while it absorbs water — it comes in five shades, including grey, pink, blue, white, and purple. You can also get a set with two different colors if you want a bit of variety in your towels.

An Attachable Set Of 8 Lenses For Better Cellphone Photos

Expand your creativity and your smartphone's photo-taking possibilities with this set of eight cell phone lenses. The sky is honestly the limit with these lenses, which attach to most phones and include two telephoto lens, a wide angle lens, a macro lens, a fisheye lens, kaleidoscopes, 4-line star filter, and CPL filter.

This Hot Sauce Keychain For Anyone Who Loves To Spice Things Up

Hot sauce fans will flip over this useful and fun token of spicy affection: a keychain with its very own hot sauce bottle attached, because you never know when a meal is going to require a bit of zest. The set comes with a 9-ounce bottle of Huy Fong Sriracha and two keychain-ready bottles, one 1.0 ounces and another that's 1.7, which means your hot sauce-loving friend can continue to refill their on-the-go sriracha.

The Toilet Bowl Night Light With 16 Color Options

Find your way to the bathroom in the middle of the night safely with the help of this guide: a motion sensor toilet bowl night light that provides 16 color-changing options, including teal, indigo, amber, and more. The nightlight attaches effortlessly to any bowl and features a five-stage dimmer. Plus, it's super easy to install without tools.

A Bacon Grill Tray For Your Microwave With A Vented Cover

Say goodbye to grease splatter by cooking bacon in your microwave fast with this mess-free bacon cooking tray, designed with elevated grooves that allow grease to slide to the bottom. The tray can cook up to six slices at once and comes with a vented lid.

These Super Cute Padded Bear Claw Oven Mitts That Protect Hands And Wrists

Accidental burns every time you whip up a batch of cookies are a thing of the past thanks to these unique bear claw oven mitts. Made from heat-resistant silicone and insulated cotton, these mitts feature extra padding to protect your hands and wrists better than most mitts, making them great for grilling and baking. These also come in an equally adorable polar bear edition.

The Squatty Potty Portable Toilet Stool For Healthier Bowel Movements

So, maybe it isn't polite to talk about bathroom habits everywhere you go, but people are becoming more hip (and vocal) about the benefits of using a squatting toilet stool, which elevates your legs and promotes a more complete bowel movement. This thing is even portable as it folds to fit in a convenient carry bag to keep you comfortable at home and while traveling.

An Air Fryer For Delicious Fried Foods Without The Oil

Love the taste of deep-fried foods, but aren't excited about how much oil they require to cook properly? This 2.6-quart air fryer doesn't need a drop of oil or butter and air fries up food to perfection for up to two people. It has a 60-minute auto shut-off function and an adjustable timer and temperatures for ultimate air-frying precision.

This Loose Leaf Tea Sampler With Calming, Caffeine-Free Blends

Prefer loose tea leaves to tea bags? Get your calm on with this tea sampler set of 15 single serve packets of organic, caffeine-free tea leaves. The set includes funky flavors like Kiwi Lime Ginger, Apricot Amaretto, Mojito Marmalade, Cherry Cosmo, and Blueberry Merlot.

A Heated Straightening Brush With Adjustable Temperatures

No matter your hair type, this heated straightening brush gets strands straight, silky, and glossy — but never flat. The brush comes with over 3,500 reviews and a glove for safety. Plus, it has an adjustable heat setting that ranges from 300 to 400 degrees Fahrenheit as well as an automatic shut-off feature.

The Soothing Crystal Salt Lamp With A Dimmer

Made from Himalayan salt crystals, this soothing salt lamp provides ambiance with a soft amber glow that works great as a nightlight. It features an adjustable dimmer switch and a 6.6-foot cord. Want to make existing lamps a Himalayan salt lamp? You can also try the salt light bulb.

A Bar Of Soap That Makes You Just A Bit Richer (And A Lot Cleaner)

Why not make a little money as you get clean? This fun money soap bar boasts a secret surprise when you get to the middle: an actual cash note. Reviewers say it is powerful enough to remove grease and embedded dirt. Its scent is a mix of pears and berries that some reviewers describe as reminiscent of spring.

This Palette Of 63 Eyeshadow Colors To Create Any Look

Why limit yourself in terms of makeup looks — large eyeshadow palettes can cost a pretty penny, but this assortment of 63 pigmented shades won't break the bank and gives you major options. The highly pigmented shadows include a combo of matte and shimmer shades like blue, red, pink, and plenty of neutrals. Amazon reviewers give it a wowing 4.7-star rating.

A Bluetooth Karaoke Microphone That Works With Your Phone

Connect this Bluetooth karaoke microphone to a variety of devices (or use the included cable). It's guaranteed to help you absolutely slay during your next karaoke performance (even if it's a performance for one). The microphone has adjustable volume settings and comes in 12 colors like rose gold, space gray, purple, blue, and more.

The Water-Based Buddha Board That Provides A Lesson In Zen

Is there anything more Zen than learning to let go? This relaxing Buddha Board provides a canvas where you can create beautiful masterpieces using just water, which helps eliminate stress, but once the water dries, your creation disappears — allowing you to start over. Reviewers say it's a fabulous pick for all ages.

This 3D Printing Pen For Unlimited Creativity

Unleash your inner artist with few limits to keep you from creating a unique masterpiece with this eight-speed 3D pen. The pen comes with two finger protectors, a non-clogging nozzle, temperature control, and an LED display. Plus, it's a great gift for both kids and adults.

A Breakfast Sandwich Maker For Two

Load up this double breakfast sandwich maker with bread, eggs, veggies, and/or meat, and relax as it does all of the work for you, cooking two breakfast sandwiches to perfection at the same time. It's simple to use and fast — your sandwiches will be ready in five minutes.

These Nourishing Face Masks That Tackle Every Skin Concern Under The Sun

This set of 32 Korean beauty facial masks include ingredients that tackle every skin issue you're having, from unwanted dry skin to red skin to acne. With unusual ingredients like wine, cucumber, and royal jelly, you'll never tire of using these collagen full-facial sheet masks to get a fresh, glowing complexion.

This Quartet Of Clay, Gel And Peel-Off Masks For Clear, Smooth Skin

Provide a thorough deep-cleansing treatment, exfoliate skin, and leave it hydrated and radiant with this 4-pack of facial masks. Each mask is designed to address a different skin need: you'll get an exfoliating charcoal and black sugar scrub mask, a renewing cucumber peel-off mask, an anti-stress sea mineral mask, and an avocado-oatmeal clay mask.

The Scratch-Off World Map For Those With Wanderlust

This oversized world map boasts a scratch-off features that reveals a colorful political map underneath. Your favorite world traveler can use it to track the destinations they've visited and the ones they still dream about. It makes a great conversation-starting piece in any room.

A Super-Simple Streaming Device With A Voice-Activated Remote

Simplify your streaming needs with Roku Express for high quality streaming on a budget. Along with Amazon's echo, this remote allows you to use voice commands or simply press the remote's buttons to navigate directly to your favorite streaming services like Netflix.

This Trimmer That Can Handle Any Area Of Your Body Where Hair Grows

If there's a part of your body that hair grows where you'd rather it not grow, rest assured: this is the trimmer and groomer kit that can handle the job. Providing up to 70 minutes of cordless power, this gadget comes with nine attachments that include beard, nose, ears, and body hair trimmers and shavers.

The Money-Saving LED Light Bulb That You Can Set On A Schedule

Simultaneously save money on your monthly electric bill and customize your home light schedule with these smart LED light bulbs, which work with your Amazon's Alexa and Google Assistant. The bulbs save up to 60 percent of energy consumption and each one works for about 30,000 hours before it needs to be replaced. Plus, these lights emit light in what seems like an unlimited number of colors.

This Genius Hot Dog Pop-Up Toaster With A Retro Design

No need to boil a pot of water — pop frozen hot dogs and buns into this retro-looking hotdog maker and choose one of five adjustable toast shades. The machine, which comes in blue or red, has a removable crumb tray, mini tongs, and is simple to clean.

The Lighted Trifold Makeup Mirror With Magnification

With 21 LED lights and three magnification options, this trifold makeup mirror is perfect for applying cosmetics and grooming brows. It has over 1,200 reviews and a touch sensor switch with adjustable brightness. Plus the trifold design is ideal for travel.

A Felt Board To Leave Reminders And Sweet Notes For Loved Ones

This felt message board comes with a 4.7-star rating, 696 letters, numbers, and symbols, a stand, and two storage pouches. The felt comes in gray or black with an oak wood frame that's ready to hang. This sweet but customizable message board will serve as a convenient place to leave little reminders and sweet messages for roommates and loved ones.

These Colorful Wooden Building Blocks For Creative Play

There's no limit to what you can build and the games you can create using this set of 48 colorful stacking blocks. The blocks comes with dice and are ideal for setting up a Jenga game, but can also be used for constructing small houses and buildings. Plus, there's no age limit on this kind of fun.

An Inflatable Lounge Sofa For Camping Or Dorm Rooms

Whether you're intent on camping in comfort or have a small apartment or dorm room and would still like to entertain guests, this inflatable sofa and hammock can be set up in seconds — without a pump — and will stay inflated for five to six hours. It comes in seven colors and prints, including black, purple, orange, and a fun leaf-print.

This Durable Outdoor Blanket That Handles The Elements Like A Champ

Take this extra-large outdoor blanket to your picnic or hiking — even if it starts raining, the durable, waterproof PEVA blanket stands up to the toughest elements. The extra-large blanket comes in five striped prints with your choice of blue, orange, red, grey, or green and folds up into a portable package with a convenient handle.

These Indestructible Stemless Wine Tumblers

Take beverages on the go, or serve wine and cocktails without worrying about your rug — these stainless steel wine tumblers won't shatter if they fall and their lids prevent drinks from spilling. The 12-ounce stemless tumblers are vacuum insulated to keep cold drinks crisp for longer. They come with reusable straws and a straw cleaner. Just choose from the 14 colors available on Amazon including rose gold, mermaid sparkle, rainbow, and more.

The Waterproof Phone Holder For Taking Photos In The Ocean

Who wouldn't want to take otherworldly photos under the ocean or in the pool? This waterproof phone holder protects devices from damage, while offering an easy way to push a few buttons and capture amazing images and video by the sea (or in it!). It's also snow- and dust-proof for even more adventures with your phone.

A Padded Pillow Stand For Your Tablet

Instead of resting your device on your lap, use this comfy and soft pillow tablet stand as the perfect spot for a tablet or book. The pillow has a fold-over band design with pockets for small objects like your phone. The cover is removable and washable and it comes in five colors, including honeysuckle, lemongrass, charcoal gray, khaki, or a classic blue denim.

An Outlet Shelf That Provides A Space For Your Phone Or Speaker

Plug in this small space-saving outlet shelf and use it to store your phone, speaker, or anything that weighs up to 10 pounds. The outlet comes with a built-in cable channel and installing it is as easy as replacing an outlet cover.

These Solar Lights For Illuminating Your Path Outdoors

Save money and practically never worry about replacing bulbs when you install these motion-sensor solar lights outside of your home. Each eco-friendly light features 28 bright LED lights with long range. Let the sun charge them for at least 8 hours and they'll guide your path through the night for a range of 120 degrees.

The Easy DIY Vegetable Growing Kit That Practically Makes You A Gardening Expert

Growing healthy vegetables isn't as difficult as it may seem — this DIY vegetable growing kit provides all of the tools you need to successfully raise and enjoy five unusual, delicious veggies: purple carrots, yellow zucchinis, stripped tomatoes, red Brussels sprouts, and rainbow Swiss chard. The kit with everything you need to start growing so you're ready to brush off that green thumb.

This Plush Sherpa Blanket Sweatshirt For Cozy Nights In

This oversize Sherpa blanket sweatshirt is cozy and warm — exactly what you need for chilly nights spent snuggling on the couch. Featured on Shark Tank, it has a large hood, pockets for keeping hands warm, and it comes in 18 colors and prints, including plaid, leopard, teal, burgundy, and a few festive holiday options. It has over 1,000 reviews and is a #1 Best Seller.

A Selfie Stick For Group Photos

Capture the entire group — and any lovely background images you want to remember — which this lightweight selfie stick that's compatible with most devices and extends so that it goes from fitting in your pocket to catching the best angle for more beautiful selfies. Plus, the 270-degree adjustable head helps you truly get the perfect shot.

The Comfy Bean Bag That Doubles As Storage For Toys

Hide toys and knick knacks in this oversize zippered bag, which can then be used as a relaxing bean bag chair. The bag is designed to hold more than 100 toys, towels, bedding, and anything else you need to stash away. And the machine-washable 100% cotton canvas comes in gingham, a striped print, and a classic denim look.

These Unique Whiskey Glasses That Have Been Punctured With Real Bullets

A fun novelty item and useful glassware, this set of two whiskey glasses feature actual .308 bullets embedded right in the glass. In addition to serving as a fun conversation piece at parties, the glasses hold up to 10 ounces of liquor.

A Cheese Board Made From Sustainable Bamboo

This water-resistant bamboo cheese board is divided into three sections where you can set up crackers, cheese, meats, fruit, and spreads. It won't absorb the scent of food, cleans like a dream, and is also anti-bacterial and anti-microbial.

The 8-In-1 Rotating Surge Outlet That Will Give You A Plug For All Your Devices

This eight-outlet surge protector has six rotating outlets for a convenient, space-saving tools you can stash behind your sofa to keep wires and cables neat and organized. It comes in black, white, and gray, but if you need more outlets it also comes in 10 and 12 outlet versions at varying price points.

This Wearable Nail Polish Ring Holder For Easy At-Home Manicures

Polish your nails at home or really anywhere, even when you lack a solid surface, with this nail polish holder, which can be worn like a ring that fits vertically (so as not to mess with your polish). The ring balances one bottle of polish and can be tilted to get out every last drop. And it works with a ton of different nail polish brands including OPI. Choose from 22 different colors including creamsicle, wineberry, smokey marble, and more.

A Modern Projector That Screens Videos From Your Phone

This mini video projector is built for our modern times since it syncs to your smartphone. Throw the ultimate movie night and connect to crisp videos using your phone, USB disk, laptop, SD card, and more. And if that simplicity doesn't convince you maybe the over 1,500 reviews will.

The Soothing Lavender Candle That Doubles As Heated Massage Oil

Light this sweet hydrating lavender candle and fill your room with its soothing scent — then use its warm aromatic oil to give yourself (or someone else) an invigorating massage. The candle also contains moisturizing shea butter and avocado oil. There's also a lavender-vanilla option if you want a slightly sweeter scent.

These Soft Sleep Headphones With Built-In Speakers

Fall asleep to music and podcasts when you wear these soft bluetooth sleep headphones, designed like a headband that stays in place, whether you sleep on your side, back, or stomach. The sleep mask blocks out light and comes with built-in speakers that play music for 10 hours on a single charge. The speakers can be removed to make this headband machine washable. You can even use this pick as a workout headband so you don't have to worry about wearing earbuds.

A Contoured Sleep Eye Mask That Blocks Out Light For Better Rest

If you're the kind of sleeper who needs all traces of light blocked from your vision, then this is the contoured sleep mask you need to sleep more peacefully. The soft memory foam mask features 3D contoured cups that won't pinch eyes and skin, with an adjustable strap and a choice of four colors, including black, grey, purple, and blue. It even comes with ear plugs and a travel bag.

The Mess-Free Hand Blender For Making Soups And Smoothies

Keep mess to a minimum by bringing your blender to your pot instead of transferring ingredients to your blender. You can submerge this two-speed multi-purpose immersion blender into pots and bowls to whip up fast soups, smoothies, and more. It has over 3,500 reviews, a non-slip grip, and comes with a whisk attachment.

This Simple Streaming Stick For Watching TV Without A Fuss

Simplify your streaming setup by relying on this Amazon Fire TV streaming stick, which works with voice commands thanks to Amazon's Alexa. It lets you automatically launch popular streaming networks like Netflix, Apple TV, and YouTube and it's super easy to set up.

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