54 Bougie Things On Amazon That Are Actually Bargains

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There’s nothing wrong with wanting the finer things in life. But when your bank account comes up a few zeros short, living the good life is easier said than done. Or is it? The truth is you can have those fancy trinkets and shiny baubles as long as you turn to the right sources and shop strategically. So, if you’re feeling like it’s time to live like a queen on a budget, here are bougie things on Amazon that are actually bargains. Consider it a handy little guide to help you shop to your heart’s content — and nothing here is more than $40.

Just because something is a bargain, doesn’t mean that it’s any less amazing. On the contrary, it just means that you scored an awesome deal. And as you scroll through this list, you’ll find there are plenty of these bargains to be had, like a faux-fur blanket that looks and feels like a cloud for less than $30, an under-eye mask infused with gold, and a French press coffee maker that might make the best cup of coffee you’ve ever had.

Whether you're shopping for yourself or someone else (or both), keep scrolling for tons of stuff that will make you feel seriously bougie on a budget.

This Water Bottle With A Rose Quartz Crystal

A water bottle infused with rose quartz? If that’s not bougie, I don’t know what is. Suitable for hot and cold drinks, this crystal water bottle holds 16.9 fluid ounces so you can stay hydrated in style. Plus, it’s BPA-free and made with an elegant but sturdy blend of borosilicate glass and stainless steel.

A Vitamin C Serum With Plenty Of Moisturizing Aloe Vera

This vitamin C serum comes as a fragrance-free gel that won’t run off your fingertips when you’re trying to apply it. The formula is obviously brightening, but it’s also packed with plenty of redness-reducing witch hazel, soothing vitamin E, and moisturizing aloe vera. Of course, you also get a handy dropper lid with this lightweight serum.

These Shower Steamers Infused With Eucalyptus & Mint

These shower tablets are infused with eucalyptus oil and menthol and release soothing steam when placed on the floor of your shower. Whether you’ve got a stuffy nose or just want a relaxing aromatherapy session, these tablets are a great way to turn your shower into a spa-like experience. Each pack contains 15 shower steamers.

This Gold-Infused Under-Eye Mask That Is Seriously Moisturizing

I don’t know about you, but an eye mask infused with 24k sounds pretty fancy to me. Each pair in this 20-pack of gold eye masks is infused with collagen and hyaluronic acid to moisturize and refresh tired eyes, whether it's due to the weather or screen time.

This Makeup Mirror With Multiple Panels And Magnification

With a three-panel design and three magnifying mirrors, this makeup mirror provides soft and natural light, thanks to its 36-piece LED lighting panel. What’s more, it’s tilt-adjustable, and the tray on the bottom is perfect for holding makeup, hair tools, or other small items. Choose from six colors, and enjoy it at home or on the go since it’s powered by battery or USB.

This Wine Aerator For A Quick Upgrade To Any Glass Of Vino

This wine aerator speeds up the breathing process, so you can enjoy that deliciously smooth glass of vino in nearly an instant. Made from sturdy silicone, the tapered spout minimizes drips and drops, and this aerator fits most standard wine bottles.

This Super Soft Blanket Reviewers Are Obsessed With

This fleece blanket features a furry side and a cozy sherpa one, and customers are clearly in love, giving it a 4.7-star rating after more than 1,800 ratings. While this faux fur blanket makes a dynamite statement draped over your chair, it’s just as wonderful to wrap yourself in on a chilly night, and it comes in sizes to suit beds and tons of colors to boot.

This Foot Spa That’s The Perfect Answer To A Long Hard Day

After a long day, pamper your feet with this foot spa that features massaging water jets and raised nodes. The built-in splash guard keeps spills to a minimum, and to make things even easier, it also has toe-touch controls. With more than 2,000 five-star reviews, it's a popular pick.

This Magnetic Eyelash Kit That Dials Up The Drama

Add a little drama to your eyes with this magnetic lash and eyeliner kit. The kit includes five sets of lashes ranging from subtle to dramatic, and with the magnetic eyeliner, it’s a breeze. Even better, the eyeliner goes on smoothly, it lasts all day, and it’s waterproof. One reviewer wrote: “I am in love with these lashes! I have had strip lashes, and extensions, and everything in the book, and these are the easiest and most comfortable of them all. Their texture is amazing, and they look and feel wonderful.”

This Aromatherapy Diffuser With Color-Changing Lights

This color-changing diffuser and humidifier makes it easy to enjoy aromatherapy session after aromatherapy session. There are two mist levels to choose from, and the built-in LED can be changed to one of ten soothing colors. What’s more, this diffuser operates quietly, so it’s great for bedrooms, and it shuts off automatically when the water level runs low.

These Flameless Candles That Kick Up The Ambiance Safely

These flameless candles can kick up the ambiance in any room, and they do so without open flames. This set features an assortment of candles that are pillar and votive sizes, and it comes with a remote control. Built-in timers let you set it to turn off automatically after two, four, six, or eight hours.

This Bamboo Lazy Susan That Looks More Minimalist Than A Spice Rack

This bamboo lazy Susan looks way nicer than any plastic spice rack you could find. It also spins 360 degrees, so your red pepper flakes will never be hidden on a shelf. This chip-resistant lazy Susan can also hold up to 25 pounds if you’re using it for heavy sauces.

This Pillow Spray That Smells Like Calming Lavender

Made with a blend of essential oils, this aromatherapy spray refreshes your pillows and relaxes your senses, setting you up for a good night's sleep. This plant-based formula is infused with calming lavender and comes in two sizes.

These Colorful Wine Glasses That Never Break

Wine is great but when those delicate glasses break — not so much. These shatterproof wine glasses are made with stainless steel, which ensures that they’re durable and also helps with temperature control — so even though they’re stemless, your drinks stay cool when you’re holding them. Choose from 16 stylish colors.

A Marble Tray You’ll Want On Every Countertop

This is the budget-friendly and super durable marble tray you’ll want to place on every countertop in your house. The rectangular design is perfect for your kitchen sink soap bottles, olive oil dispensers, and even your makeup brushes. Plus, the compact 12-inch size easily fits on small bathroom counters.

This Rainfall Shower Head That Filters Your Water

With rainfall, massage, and jet spray settings, this filtering shower head really kicks up your bathing experience. While it is designed to keep pace with your water pressure, it still saves water (up to 30%, in fact). Even better, this shower head is easy to install: Just screw it onto any standard shower hose, and you’re set.

This Mini Humidifier That’s Perfect For Desks Or Nightstands

This mini humidifier is super compact, and the elegant design makes a nice addition to your desk or nightstand. With a one-touch button control, you can choose between two adjustable spray modes (continuous or intermittent).

This Facial Steamer That Opens Your Pores For A Spa-Like Deep Clean

For a spa experience at home, try this facial steamer. With the touch of a single button, this neat little gadget releases nano-ionic steam (e.g. tiny water particles) for more effective penetration of your pores. For a full night of self care, the steamer comes with extraction tools, and a fuzzy headband to keep your hair out of the way.

This Milk Frother For Barista-Quality Drinks With The Touch Of A Button

This milk frother lets you indulge in barista-quality drinks like cappuccinos, lattes, and even hot chocolate. And the best part is you can do it all with the touch of a single button. This milk frother operates on two settings, so you froth up foam for creamy drinks, or remove the whisk to simply heat milk.

This Bamboo Tray That's Perfect For Lazy Sundays In Bed (Or Work)

A bed tray just screams fancy any way you slice it, and it's perfect for lazy breakfasts in bed — or getting some work done. This bamboo tray features two carry handles, it folds up flat for storage, and a high lip around the edges keeps spills or small items contained.

This Cult-Favorite Facial Toner That Smells Like Roses

This facial toner cleanses, tones, and moisturizes, and coming in under $11, it’s a steal, too. This toner is alcohol-free, so it won’t dry out skin, and it’s made with a soothing blend of witch hazel, aloe vera, and rose water. One reviewer shared: “I have hated shaving my whole adult life because my neck is very prone to ingrown hairs, usually getting at least one or two after every shave. ... This toner has become the most important product for my skin. I have not had an ingrown hair in weeks, but also, my skin has never looked and felt better."

These Shabby Chic Wall Sconces With Lights And Faux Flowers

Sold in a set of two, these mason jar wall sconces spruce up any space. With rope for hanging, rustic wood backboards, faux flowers, and twinkle lights all included, everything you need for styling and display is there — just add two AA batteries for the lights.

This Long-Lasting Eyebrow Pen That Gives You Natural-Looking Brows

With its specially designed tip, this eyebrow pen gives you natural-looking and well-defined eyebrows with a little oomph. This long-lasting formula is smudge-proof, and it won’t fade or smear (even during your toughest workouts or if you get caught in the rain). Choose from four shades.

This Customer-Approved Whiskey Stone Set With Accessories

For the whiskey fan in your life, this whiskey stones gift set is a great choice. It features a sleek wooden box, granite chilling rocks, tongs, coasters, and recipe cards, plus a pair of glasses that come in four styles. It’s a great addition to any home bar and just a head’s up — while the product says it’s ‘for men,’ it works for anyone.

A Silver Cleaning Kit That’s Easy To Dip Your Jewelry In

You can totally clean your jewelry mess-free with this silver jewelry cleaning kit because it comes with an easy-to-use dipping tray. This tray makes it easy to pop your pieces in the gentle tarnish- and stain-removing solution. Plus, there’s a cleaning cloth to finish off your freshly cleaned jewelry.

This Hydrolific Serum For Serious Moisture

Treat your skin to a little TLC with this budget-friendly bottle of hydrolific serum. It’s basically hyaluronic acid with plenty of pure vitamin B5. This serum absorbs quickly to deeply moisturize your skin, and it keeps dull skin at bay. For best results, use it twice daily.

This Sunglasses Organizer That Keeps Your Collection Scratch-Free And Organized

This sunglasses organizer keeps your collection in tip-top shape. It has a soft lining to keep your glasses scratch-free and eight compartments to keep them neatly organized. Even better, this organizer is lockable, and it has a clear acrylic top so you can find what you need when you need it.

This Loose Powder With More Than 35,000 5-Star Reviews

This loose face powder sets your makeup and minimizes the look of fine lines and blemishes for a flawless finish, and it's backed by more than 35,000 five-star reviews. Even better, this translucent powder is long-lasting and lightweight enough for all-day wear.

This Luxurious Waffle Knit Hair Towel

This gentle microfiber hair towel actually makes you look so chic on hair-washing day. The waffle knit textured fabric even looks nice hanging on the hook in your bathroom. This absorbent towel stays in place with a stretchy band that’s barely noticeable. Plus, it feels breathable while your hair dries.

This Heated Eyelash Curler With 3 Settings To Choose From

This eyelash curler applies gentle heat to your lashes, giving them a curl that lasts all day. It heats up in 10 seconds, you can choose from three temperature settings, and there’s a heat protection groove for your safety. What’s more, this eyelash curler is slim and lightweight, so you can toss it in your bag when you’re on the go, and it charges via USB.

This Bamboo Tray For Insta-Worthy Spreads

This bamboo cheese board is generously sized for Insta-worthy spreads. This board comes with a matching set of cutlery, housed in a built-in drawer, and there are two side trays that are perfect for nuts and crackers. Plus, two handles help you get it from the counter to the table with ease.

An Adorable Syrup And Honey Dispenser That Will Make You Want To Host Brunch Every Day

Skip the drippy, sticky bottles and enjoy a smooth pour from this glass syrup dispenser that works for honey, sugar, and other liquids, too. It’s cute and compact, and holds and eight ounces of liquid. Plus, it comes with a stand so you don’t have to wait for slow-moving liquids to creep to the bottom when you’re ready to eat.

This Salt And Spice Box Set With Swiveling Lids

This set of bamboo salt and spice boxes is cleverly designed with rotating lids and subtle magnets that keep them closed when you’re not using them. They instantly make your counter or table look more pulled together. Or, if you’re not in need of spice containers, they’re great for desk supplies or other small items too.

This Scalp Massage Brush That Improves Blood Flow And Feels So Calming

With thick and flexible silicone bristles and two interchangeable heads, these scalp massager and dandruff brushes get your hair and scalp squeaky clean, and as an added benefit, they feels amazing. Both pieces are lightweight and fit comfortably in the palm of your hand. Use them every time you wash your hair to boost blood flow and calm itch.

This Makeup Brush Cleaner That Takes Seconds To Use

Cleaning makeup brushes is as tedious as it is important — but this electric makeup brush cleaner makes it easy. Almost everything you need to clean your entire collection of brushes is included, including a bowl, spinner, collars to fit each brush, and drying stand. Just add your soap of choice and you (and your brushes) will be good to go.

This Fruit-Scented Heat Resistant Spray For All Hair Types

This fruity heat protectant spray is actually a shield for your hair, so you can blow dry as much as you want. You can thank the orange, peach, and coconut scent for the fun fruitiness this paraben-free protector leaves behind. Plus, it sprays with super fine particles that won’t make your hair feel heavy and wet.

This Mineral Powder Sunscreen You Can Just Brush On

While sun protection is crucial, this powder sunscreen might be the perfect alternative to greasy creams — and it’s easy to reapply over makeup. This sunscreen offers SPF-30 protection, and it’s vegan, cruelty-free, and formulated without oxybenzone or oxtinoxate. Even better, it’s infused with antioxidant-packed green tea and black licorice root to soothe your skin and reduce redness.

These Pearl Hair Clips That Might Be The Easiest Way To Dress Up

Pearls always look elegant, and these pearl-effect hair clips will add a glam touch to any hairstyle. Each clip features pearls that are connected with fishing line, so there’s no chance of pearls spilling everywhere. Plus, each set comes with 12 clips, so your options are kind of endless. Your Zoom celebration outfit has just been solved.

This Set Of Belts That Makes Any Outfit Look Fabulous

This set of elegant belts will kick any outfit up a couple of notches. Made from artificial leather and elastic fabric, this belt stretches to fit, and the interlocking buckle is easy to put on and take off. Choose from two color assortments.

This Foot Peel Mask That Restores Dry, Cracked Feet

These exfoliating foot masks are a perfect way to treat and restore dry, cracked feet. Slip them on to tackle calluses and dead skin and reveal softer feet in one to two weeks. They come in a variety of scents including tea tree, peach, lavender, and lemon to name a few.

These Satin Pajamas That Are Available In Dozens Of Colors And Prints

Slip into something luxurious when it’s time for bed with these satin pajamas. This silky set comes in a ton of colors and fun prints, which is great because, at less than $25, you might want more than one. It features adjustable spaghetti straps and an elasticized waistband for comfort.

A Warp-Resistant Cutting Board That’s Super Durable

Grab this versatile and durable plastic cutting board, no matter what recipe you’re trying out. It has a non-slip surface, and it even holds up in the dishwasher. This stain- and warp-resistant board can even handle a bit of heat if you’re chopping hot garlic bread.

This Bath Pillow That Gives Your Head And Shoulders A Soft Place To Land

With this plush bath pillow, chances are, you’ll never want to get out of the tub. This two-panel pillow hangs on tight with seven powerful suction cups to give your head, neck, and shoulders a soft place to land. Plus, it’s waterproof, so you’re not up against a soggy mess by the time your bath is over.

A Cleanable Gel Eye Mask With A Soft Design

Not only does this budget-friendly gel mask soothe your eyes, but it’s also comfy on your skin. It’s made with a soft and fuzzy fabric on the back, so your eyes aren’t pressed against the heated or frozen gel beads. Simply pop this mask in the included drawstring bag after each eye-calming moment.

This Clothes Steamer That Keeps You Looking Crisp & Polished

This clothes steamer will keep you looking crisp and polished everywhere you go. Although it’s pretty compact, this steamer has a tank that’s large enough to offer 25 minutes of continuous, and it heats up in about 30 seconds, so you can even use it when you’re just about to head out the door.

This Brown Sugar Body Scrub That Gently Exfoliates & Moisturizes

Infused with collagen and hydrating oils, including almond and jojoba, this brown sugar body scrub exfoliates and moisturizes at the same time. One reviewer raved: “I have sensitive skin and this scrub has exfoliated nicely without causing redness or breakouts. Unlike scrubs with gritty granules, there is no small grit or sand left on shower floor. The sugar dissolves and rinses away. It also has a sugary citrus smell that I love!”

This Coffee Maker So You Always Have Cold Brew On Tap

You'll always have a refreshing cup of caffeine on hand with this cold brew maker. This one holds 32 ounces — roughly four cups of cold brew. The classic chemistry set-inspired design features a convenient spout, which makes it super easy to pour. Just fill it up, secure the airtight lid, let it brew for 12-24 hours, then store it in your fridge to enjoy for days.

This Wireless Charger Available In Tons Of Colors

This sleek wireless charger looks far more expensive than it is (it’s just $12), and it clears up the clutter to boot. This wireless charger automatically powers off so it won’t overheat or overcharge, and it works with iPhones, Samsung Galaxys, and more models that are enabled for wireless charging.

These Stackable Bangles You Can Wear As A Set Or Solo

The right jewelry can take any outfit to the next level, and this set of bangles come with a whopping 19 pieces to supercharge any outfit. You can choose from rose gold and classic gold styles. And for just $16, this set is a steal.

A Set Of Ice Cube Molds For Chic & Versatile Ice

With this dishwasher-safe ice cube mold set, it’s easy to mix and match your cocktail ice. It comes with a square and a spherical mold that stacks in your freezer, so you always have two chic ice options on-hand. Plus, this flexible and non-stick silicone set makes it easy to add these oversized cubes to your glass.

This Activated Charcoal Soap With Peppermint And Tea Tree Oil

With palm oil as its base, this activated charcoal soap promises a rejuvenating and refreshing wash that’s lightly scented and great for fighting odor. Plus, you can use it on your face or body. “The product is absolutely amazing ... I love this product and think this will be a new favorite this winter. ” one buyer said. “The smell is very nice and not overly fragrant. I have sensitive skin and absolutely love this product!”

This Makeup Organizer That Displays Your Stuff

This large-capacity makeup organizer puts all of your makeup on display, so not only does it look fab, but everything is neatly organized and within reach. With three-pieces in the set, you can stack them together or spread them out. Choose from three colors: clear, violet, or pink.

This Hair Treatment That’s So Popular There’s 1 Sold Every Minute

For silky, shiny hair that looks fresh from the salon, try this moisturizing hair treatment from L’Oreal Paris. This treatment transforms hair in about eight seconds, and apparently, it’s so popular that there’s one sold every minute. What’s more, it has a weightless feel, and it’s even safe for color-treated hair.

These Satin Pillowcases That Are Gentle On Your Hair And Skin

Satin pillowcases are great for your hair and skin, and there’s no denying that they look pretty luxe on your bed, too. Made from 100% polyester, these satin pillowcases are fade-resistant, machine-washable, and dryer-friendly, and they come in a ton of fantastic colors.

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