Sharon Brandwein


Sharon Brandwein is a commerce writer for Bustle Digital Media, where she researches, curates, and writes product round-ups and shopping guides for Bustle and Inverse. Before working with Bustle, Sharon was an SEO analyst and blog writer for YourTango. She specializes in writing about parenting and content marketing, and her work has also appeared on Her View From Home, ABCNews, Motherly, Parents, and Scary Mommy. When she’s not busy curating a wardrobe for her puppy, you can find her writing about motherhood and documenting her life as a writer at

51 Things That Are Super Popular On Amazon Because They Work So Freakin' Well

By Sharon Brandwein
The best thing about online shopping might just be reviews. Not only are they super helpful when you’re trying to figure out what to buy, but sometimes they have the added bonus of being downright hilarious. But hilarity aside, the real thing to…

If You're Bored As Hell, These 49 Clever Products Are Lifesavers

By Sharon Brandwein
Boredom can mean some serious trouble. From dialing exes to cutting your own hair, extreme boredom can be both scary and hilarious. (Well, maybe except for Shakespeare, who may have written King Lear while under quarantine. That's just impressive.)…

54 Bougie Gifts On Amazon That Are Actually Bargains

By Sharon Brandwein
There’s nothing wrong with wanting the finer things in life. But when your bank account comes up a few zeros short, living the good life is easier said than done. Or is it? The truth is you can have those fancy trinkets and shiny baubles as long as…

Not In The Mood To Get Dressed? Here Are 41 Comfy Pieces You'll Be Obsessed With

By Sharon Brandwein
While there are people out there who will tell you that getting dressed can help with productivity, truth be told, not spending the time to pick out outfits and put on something restricting like a blazer can do just as much to aid your mood. So when…

40 Pieces That Are So Cozy You'll Want To Wear Them Every Day

By Sharon Brandwein
As the nip in the air creeps in and the leaves start to fall, you're probably thinking about a wardrobe refresh to get you into a cozy mood. While daylight might be in short supply, inspiration doesn't have to be when it comes to clothes that are as…

35 Cheap Things That'll Make You Feel Organized (Finally)

By Sharon Brandwein
With everything you have going on in life, keeping things neat and tidy can be easier said than done. And when you actually have a little downtime, organizing is likely on the bottom of the list of things you want to do. But with some of these cheap…

A $31 Vacuum With 10,000+ Reviews & More Of The Best Cheap Stick Vacs

By Sharon Brandwein
For everyday messes or in homes with hardwood floors or low-pile carpet, you don’t need to spend a whole lot to get a feature-packed vacuum to do the job. The best cheap stick vacuums are lightweight, versatile, and work on a variety of surfaces.…

30 TMI Grooming Products That Are Totally Genius

By Sharon Brandwein
Whether it’s daily, weekly, or monthly, everyone has a grooming ritual, and maybe even a few aspects of it, you wouldn't want share at brunch or with your coworkers. But especially in stressful times, taking care of yourself and feeling your best…