35 Cheap Things That'll Make You Feel Organized (Finally)


With everything you have going on in life, keeping things neat and tidy can be easier said than done. And when you actually have a little downtime, organizing is likely on the bottom of the list of things you want to do. But with some of these cheap things that’ll finally make you feel organized, having a home that feels uncluttered and relaxing has never been easier. Best of all, your friends at Amazon can help you stay on a budget — none of these game-changing adds are more than $30.

Fridges, pantries and kitchen cabinets, and closets are notorious clutter magnets, so this list is chock full of great items that can help you tackle common issues in those problem areas. In the kitchen, try fridge bins that are great for snacks, soda cans, and veggies, or maybe an over-the-cabinet organizer that finally gives your cookie sheets and muffin pans a permanent home. For bedrooms and closets, shelf organizers, drawer inserts, and a super popular over-the-door shoe organizer will work wonders to make a place for everything (and keep everything in its place).

So when you’re ready to get cut back on the clutter and get things organized, keep scrolling for some clever and affordable organization products.

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This Bottle Organizer That Works For All Types Of Beverages

With two storage levels, this bottle organizer holds up to six bottles of water bottles, wine, and more to keep them organized and accessible. You can use the organizer in your fridge, pantry, countertop, and more to turn your bottles into a display piece.

These Fridge Bins That Clear Up The Clutter In A Flash

Refrigerators can get out of hand quickly, so keep your stock organized and keep them from rolling around with these fridge bins. This set comes with an assortment of wide and narrow bins so you can store everything, including eggs, veggies, condiments, drinks, and snacks. They’re made from BPA-free, shatterproof plastic, and you can clean up any spills and messes easily with warm soapy water. “I bought them to [...] solve the clutter[ed] mess in the fridge, and so far it has been awesome!” one fan wrote.

This Under-The-Sink Organizer That Makes Way For Pipes

With pipes in the way, the cabinets under the sink are notoriously hard to keep organized — until now. This under-sink organizer is designed with an adjustable gap to accommodate the plumbing. This organizer goes from 15 to 25 inches, and work in bathrooms, too.

This Wall-Mounted Dispenser That Stores Up To 30 Grocery Bags

Keep your stash of grocery bags neat and tidy with this wall-mounted grocery bag organizer. This dispenser stores up to 30 grocery bags, and its stainless steel design will look great anywhere you put it. Mount it using the included adhesive tape (which works very well) or screws (that are also included). One Amazon reviewer wrote: “I’d seen this product for years and never really considered buying it until grocery bags invaded the cabinet under my kitchen sink. [...] I had never seen that cabinet as neat and tidy as I did when I finally decided to buy this bag dispenser and stick it to the door of the cabinet."

This Scrunchie Stand That Keeps Your Collection Organized

The thing about scrunchies is that you can’t just have one, but when you have a bunch, keeping them organized is another story. To that end, this scrunchie stand gives you a nice assist. The clear acrylic design won’t stretch your scrunchies, and you can also use the stand for bracelets or other hair accessories.

These Adjustable Drawer Dividers That Lock In Place

Organize your socks, yoga pants, lingerie, and other small items with these adjustable drawer organizer that keep them stacked up and lovely. These organizers expand to fit your drawers, and they lock in place, so everything stays put. Choose from six colors.

These Shelf Dividers That Prevent Sweaters From Toppling Over

Closet shelves are great for storage, but your stacks can only go so far before everything topples over. So to keep stored items in place, try these acrylic shelf dividers. These dividers slide onto existing shelves, and each divider is 8 inches for plenty of support.

This Over-The-Door Organizer To Maximize Lost Space

Use this cabinet door organizer to store cookie sheets, muffin tins, and cutting boards with ease. Even better, there’s no complicated installation, just slip it over cabinet doors, and the hooks are padded so it won’t damage things.

These Storage Jars That Are Great For Snacking On The Go

With four jars (in assorted sizes), these twist and lock storage jars are ideal for snacks on the go, picnics, and more. These containers are stackable and interlocking, and the convenient carry handle makes it super easy to tote around. What’s more, they’re BPA-free, dishwasher safe, and available in several color options.

This Sunglasses Holder That Neatly Displays Your Collection

Keep track of your sunglasses with this cute display sunglasses organizer. Each can hold up to 12 pairs, and the clear construction ensures complete visibility. If sunglasses aren’t your thing, this organizer also works for nail polish, makeup, hair products, and more.

This $10 Shoe Organizer With Nearly 20,000 5-Star Reviews

Get your shoes off the floor and ditch the bulky boxes with this over-the-door shoe organizer. This organizer holds 12 pairs of shoes and clear pockets keep the contents visible. This organizer protects your stuff from dust and damage, so while great for shoes, it’s also great for toiletries accessories and other small items. Choose from three colors.

This Cutlery Organizer That's Great For Small Spaces

This cutlery organizer keeps your utensils neat and organized in less space by utilizing five angled compartments to hold up to 24 pieces. Plus, cutlery icons allow for easy identification, and this organizer can be washed by hand as needed. One Amazon reviewer shared, “We were short on storage and drawer space, and this worked perfectly for our tiny drawer!”

This Spinning Makeup Organizer That Holds Your Entire Collection

This makeup organizer rotates a full 360 degrees for easy access, and it holds your entire makeup stash, including 30 brushes, 20 skin-care products, and more. Even better, the tray heights are adjustable (there are seven slots to choose from), and you can choose from black, clear, or white. “Why I waited to buy this, I do not know, but I am so glad I finally bought it as my bathroom counter is now organized,” one reviewer commented.

This Brush Organizer That Neatly Displays Headbands, Too

This stackable brush organizer is perfect for storing brushes, and you can wrap headbands around the outside, too. The clear organizer keeps everything visible, and you can also use it for hair accessories, toiletries, and even art supplies.

This Slim Storage Cart That Makes Use Of Tight Spaces

This slim storage cart is great for tight spaces anywhere around the house. Use it in the laundry room, bathroom, kitchen, or office. There are three storage shelves on four easy-glide wheels allow you to pull this cart in and out for easy access. With pieces that snap together, this cart is easy to put together, and if you need more space, there’s a four-tier option available as well.

This Style Station That's Heat Resistant

This style station keeps all of your hair styling tools neat, tidy, and off the countertop. Made with heat-resistant mesh and silicone, this organizer holds hot tools while they cool down, and if you want it out of the way, you can hang it on a towel bar. Choose from several colors.

This Toothpaste & Organizer That Also Provides Storage

With an automatic toothpaste dispenser, brushing cups, and four toothbrush slots, this toothpaste dispenser and holder makes a great hygiene station that holds a whole lot. The top-level of this organizer has plenty of space to store toiletries, and it can hold up to 15 pounds.

This Makeup Brush Organizer That Also Works For Art Supplies

This unique makeup brush organizer is made with sturdy silicone teeth that keep brushes upright or even at an angle. The organizer can hold six large brushes or 15 to 20 small brushes, and it would also be useful for office and art supplies.

These Drawer Inserts That Are Perfect For Small Items

Keep undergarments, socks, scarves, and other small items neat and organized with these drawer inserts. This 12-pack comes in an assortment of large, medium, and small bins, so you have plenty of flexibility, and they fold down flat for storage when not in use. What’s more, these organizers are stackable, so they’re great for closets too. Choose between gray and linen.

This Handbag Stand That Puts Your Bags On Display

Great handbags shouldn’t be relegated to a shelf at the back of your closet. So how about putting them on display? This stainless steel handbag holder can help with that. Even better, this bag holder’s height is adjustable, and it’s freestanding, so there’s complicated setup.

These Velvet Organizers With Plenty Of Room For All Your Jewelry

These velvet jewelry trays are perfect for keeping all of your jewelry (down to the last earring) neat, organized, and exactly where you left it. Each set includes three trays, and you can adjust the size and number of compartments by adding or removing dividers. They stack, too. Choose between black, white, or gray.

These Bottle Hooks That Help You Tidy Up The Shower

These bottle dispenser hooks use an adhesive to attach them to the wall, so there’s no tricky installation, and you can use them for shampoo, conditioner, body washes, and more. Get two different sizes with each pack.

This Lazy Susan That's Great For Office, Pantry, Or Garage

This lazy Susan rotates a full 360 degrees for easy access, and high side walls keep items secure as it spins. Use this organizer to wrangle small or loose items in pantries, offices, kitchens, garages, and more.

This Power Cord Wrap That Helps Mac Users Stay Organized

For a little help with cord management, try this cord wrap for Mac chargers. The battery pack is encased to protect it from scratches or cracks, and this cord wrap keeps curling, twisting, and bent wires at bay. One Amazon customer wrote: “This is excellent. To summarize: If you use [the] thick three-prong power cord, you need this.”

This Toilet Paper Holder That Keeps Your Stash Close At Hand

There’s probably no fear greater than going to the bathroom and doing your business only to find that you’re out of toilet paper. Yikes. Keep your supply of toilet paper close at hand with this toilet tank paper holder. This toilet paper holder hangs on your tank (so there’s no hassle with installation), it holds up to three rolls of paper, and there are several color options to match any decor.

This Kitchen Organizer That Works For Lids, Cookie Sheets, And Cutting Boards

Kitchen cabinets are notorious for looking cluttered and messy, but this kitchen organizer can help with that. Use it for baking sheets, muffin pans, pot lids, pans, cutting boards, and more. Each organizer has eight slots for storage, and there are several color options.

This Nail Polish Organizer That Holds Up To 60 Bottles

If you've accumulated tons of nail polish bottles over the years, grab one of these acrylic nail polish organizers to keep the bottles neat and easy to find. This organizer has five shelves, and each one can hold up to 60 bottles of nail polish.

This Charging Station That Tidies Up Your Nightstand

This charging station has a spot for all your tech toys, so you can streamline the charging process (and cut down on clutter). It has designated spots for your phone, AirPods, Apple Watch, and even an Apple pencil. It’s compatible with Qi-enabled devices (so it’ll work with Android devices as well) and is designed to prevent overheating and overcharging. Users can charge phones horizontally or vertically.

This Magnetic Cable Manager That Keeps Your Cords Within Reach

It never fails; you unplug your phone only to have the cord fall behind the nightstand or desk. That can be pretty annoying, so keep your cords in place with this magnetic cable manager. This cable manager has a nonslip base and is available in two elegant colors, toasted beige and pencil gray.

This Monitor Riser That Also Offers Up Plenty Of Storage

Not only does this monitor riser elevate your screen (laptop or monitor) to alleviate neck strain, but it also adds storage space. This riser has two heights, and it can hold up to 50 pounds. A pull-out drawer gives you easy access to papers and files, and side compartments offer plenty of storage for small items.

This Makeup Organizer With Removable Shelves

This makeup organizer is an excellent storage solution for palettes and more, and it can be placed horizontally or vertically. This organizer has eight shelves, however, those shelves are removable to accommodate thicker palettes or other products, too.

This Sink Caddy That Helps With Drainage

This sink caddy is great for sponges and scrubbers, and installation is super easy because the silicone strap attaches around the faucet (no screws, tools, or suction cups that don’t work). Holes at the bottom allow for quick drainage, and the airflow helps to minimize odors as well.

This Purse Organizer That Helps You Quickly Find Your Credit Card

Giant handbags are great, but sometimes wallets, phones, and other things can disappear in them. Get your handbag organized and quickly find what you need when you need it with this purse organizer insert. This felt organizer is available in multiple sizes, and each has 13 pockets and a separate zipper insert wallet. Choose from 12 colors.

These Cabinet Shelves That Let You Make Better Use Of Vertical Space

Utilize vertical space in cabinets with these cabinet shelf organizers. Stack them or use them side by side to essentially double your storage space. Made with bamboo and metal, these shelves are quite durable, and each one can hold up to 33 pounds.

These Under-Shelf Hooks That Are Great For The Kitchen Or Closet

When it comes to getting things organized, there’s no better feeling than making good use of otherwise dead space, and that’s exactly what these under-cabinet hooks do. These rows of hooks easily slide onto existing shelves, and you can use them in the kitchen for cups and utensils, or in your closet for scarves, belts, and ties. Each rack has six hooks and a 6.6-pound capacity.