Fit More Into Your Existing Space With These 10 Genius Closet Organizers

When the world is feeling a little too overwhelming, there's something strangely relaxing about sitting down and organizing my closet, and the best closet organizers come in the form of clothes hangers, shelving units, shoe racks, and dividers.

Not all wardrobe hangers are the same. While some are made to hang vertically and hold various layers of clothing, others are specifically designed with zig-zags and hooks to organize denim and handbags. And even though some shelving models hang from the closet rod with various cubbies and drawers, others sit on the ground like a miniature chest of drawers. Many shoe racks — such as the ones I've listed — are designed to hang on closet doors and rods, totally eliminating piles of footwear on the floor. And finally, a set of dividers help prevent your stacked garments from bleeding together so you can section certain wardrobe items together.

It doesn't matter how stuffed your closet is; the best closet organizers can help get everything looking neat and tidy. Keep scrolling to check out my top picks.

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The Best Clothes Hangers

If your closet rod is cramped and overflowing, a good set of hangers can help open up some space while keeping everything organized.

These Space-Saving Hangers That Hold More Clothes In Less Room

Able to hold up to six garments, these space-saving hangers are made from durable stainless chrome — not plastic. If you let one of the ends hang loose, the hanger will slant down vertically to help free up space on your closet rod. Unlike other space-saving hangers, these have extra-large slots to fit hangers of all kinds of sizes. They're available in four-, six-, eight-, 12-, and 20-packs.

What reviewers write: "Love these hangers! We had to install a water conditioner in our vacation home and the only available location was the master bedroom closet, so we lost a lot of usable space. These durable hangers saved the day! We were able to fit a ton of clothes into a very small area."

These Zig-Zag Hangers Made For Scarves, Denim, And More

Hanging up your pants and denim can help free up space in your drawers, and these stainless steel hangers are specifically made for them. They're durable enough that you can also hang folded blankets on them, and they're also rust- and scratch-resistant. Each hanger is able to hold up to five pairs of pants, and the looped ends even help keep your garments from sliding off. These come in one-, three-, five-, and 10-packs with stainless steel wiring, but you can also opt for five-packs with nonslip plastic tubing around the stainless steel rods for more grip.

What reviewers write: "Absolutely love these hangers! I had zero issue or worry when it came to hanging both my formal work pants and blue jeans on these. I’ve no questionability of its durable. Yea, if you push down on it hard or tug your clothes roughly off, there’s a good chance it’ll bend. Just be careful and take your time. My closet has never looked better and I’ll never go without them."

This Vertical Hanger With Multiple Hooks For Handbags & More

If your handbag collection is taking up too much space in your closet, this hanger can help. There are six snag-free, rounded hooks where you can hang handbags, fanny packs, duffel bags, scarves, ties, and more. Plus, the steel frame is coated in chrome to give it a chic appearance. It's designed to hang on any standard closet rod, and many reviewers raved about how it takes up "very little space." And if you like this handbag holder, you can check out the other organizational hangers from the brand, such as this scarf holder and this belt rack.

What reviewers write: "Great product. All my bags were on the floor in the corner of my closet. Now I can see my floor because the hanger holds all of my bags! Even my backpacks! Very strong and sturdy and takes up very little space. Very happy with this purchase and may purchase more."

The Best Shelving Systems

Not all closets have shelves. Depending on how space is configured, you may prefer a shelving system that hangs from the rod or one that resembles a chest of drawers and sits on the ground.

This Hanging Shelving System With A Built-In Closet Rod

You won't have to sacrifice closet rod space to hang up this organizer, because there's a second closet rod attached to the bottom of it. The attached rod is made from rust-resistant metal, and the three heavy-duty hooks on top are so strong that they can support up to 40 pounds. There are four cubby-style compartments that are large enough for everything from sweaters to purses — and when it comes to the polyester canvas color, you've got options including beige (as seen above) or gray.

What reviewers write: "I was really pleased with how nice the quality is and how easy it was to put together. Perfect for organizing closets. I have heavier clothing in one of the cubes (jeans) and the support is great - the bottom part isn't sagging. The added bar on the bottom is also a game changer!"

A Compact Chest Of Drawers Made With A Durable Steel Frame

If you'd prefer to have your shelving system sit on the ground (but don't have room for a bulky drawer set), this chest of drawers is a great pick. It's small enough that it won't take up much space, yet large enough that it can hold an entire collection of delicates and so much more. The frame is made from durable steel, and the laminated wood top makes it look more expensive than it is. Not only does each order comes with all the fabric drawers included, but the feet are even made of smooth, sturdy plastic to help prevent accidental scratches to your floor. You can choose from multiple frame colors including black, bronze, and white — and you can also opt for many colors of replacement drawers in case you want to mix and match fabric shades.

What reviewers write: "Love this item. Bought two of these instead of the conventional dresser. Fits great in the closet, easy to assemble, and no headaches. My kids are hard to please but my son really liked this over a big bulky dresser."

This Narrow Hanging Organizer That Includes 3 Drawers

Complete with three cubbies as well as three drawers, this set of hanging shelves combines the best of both worlds. The strong fabric hook at the top secures with Velcro, and it's able to support up to 45 pounds. Plus, the entire unit collapses down for compact storage when you're not using it. It's made from a combination of high-quality polyester canvas and fiberboard — and unlike other organizers, this one also features two large pockets on one side for any miscellaneous items you might have.

What reviewers write: "Great item, it totally organizes my closet, plus I am a snowbird and rotate between Florida and Minnesota. This hanging closet holds all my essential/favorite undies, purses as well as t-shirts and tanks. When it comes time to move I just shrink wrap the whole unit and hang it back up at my other home."

The Best Shoe Holders

If you're anything like me, shoes take up a ton of your closet space. A hanging shoe organizer — whether it's over a door or hanging from a rod — can help keep everything looking tidy.

This Shoe Organizer With Pouches That Hangs Over Your Door

If you have a lot of shoes and are trying to get the most out of your closet, this fabric organizer will be a great addition to your space. That's because it turns any standard door into a convenient shoe rack by simply hanging in place. There are 24 pockets that can be used to store 12 pairs of shoes, and they're clear so that you can easily see what's inside. You have the choice of three fabric colors, including white, pink, or brown. You also don't need any special tools to hang it up; just loop the hooks over your door. This organizer isn't limited to just shoes, either — the pockets are large enough for toys, art supplies, and more. If you're looking for a closet rod organizer, though, check out the pick below.

What reviewers write: "I bought this to use in my daughter's closet for her hair bows. It works perfectly! Prior to this we had them all in a bin that I was constantly digging through. My husband even agrees that this new method is great. The clips fit over the door perfectly and it doesn't swing around when we open and shut the door."

A Shoe Organizer With Cubbies That Hangs On Your Closet Rod

Able to hold up to 30 pairs of shoes, this extra-large organizer is made with durable steel hooks that allow it to hang on any standard closet rod. The canvas fabric is strong — but it's also breathable enough that your shoes don't develop any unwanted odors. Plus, the seams are reinforced — just in case you overload it (the maximum weight it can carry isn't mentioned). It's a great choice if you're looking for more storage, but it will take up a significant amount of room in your closet rod area.

What reviewers write: "I actually used this to store my sweaters and it works perfectly if you roll them vs fold. It's really made a difference in them keeping their shape and this fits nicely in the back of the closet for the warmer months when I'm not using them as often. I might order a second one for my jeans. It's sturdy and took a minute to loop through the hooks and hang in place."

The Best Closet Dividers

When you have trouble remembering what garment went where, a good set of dividers for your shelves or closet rod can help you keep track of everything. Not to mention, dividers for shelves can help keep stacks of clothing separate.

The Closet Rod Dividers You Can Label

These clothing rack dividers let you organize your closet by season, color, item, or however you prefer. You get 20 circular dividers in one pack, and they're made from sturdy plastic that easily clips onto your closet rod with minimal warping. The opening in the center is 3.5-centimeters wide in diameter — so just make sure your closet rod is thin enough before you order them. One marker is even included with each order.

What reviewers write: "I really love this idea. These disks have helped me to finally organize my hanging clothes in a meaningful way, first, by function and then by type. I haven't chosen to use the marker yet but This product comes with a marker to label each section. Great idea for the organized home."

A Pack Of Shelf Dividers Made From Transparent Acrylic

With these acrylic shelf dividers, you'll be able to keep your stacks of blankets, sweaters, shirts, and more from toppling onto each other. They're transparent so that it's easy to see where everything is, and thanks to the adjustable clamp that keeps them firmly in place, they're able to fit shelves up to 2.5-inches thick. Plus, there are zero tools required for installation; just slide them onto your shelves and they're good to go. These orders come with six, but you can opt for a two-pack, too, if you want.

What reviewers write: "These dividers are made of sturdy acrylic and stand up straight on my closet shelves. Even with my handbags leaning against them, they do not bend over or lean. They are so easy to install a child could do it. Just follow the very simple instructions. If you wish to organize sweaters, purses, shirts, shoes, etc. these dividers will definitely do the the job!"

Also Nice To Have: The Best Storage Bags

Whether you're storing winter clothes or an extra set of sheets, storage bags will keep your garments and blankets in good shape until you're ready to use them again. They'll also keep them organized in your closet (and off your shelves).

These Storage Bags With Windows In The Front

Many storage bags with fully opaque liners require you to unpack everything just to find out what's inside, but these ones feature a transparent window so you can see what's there and save some time when searching. It's made from durable, non-woven fabric, and the handles are reinforced so you can take it in and out of the closet without worrying about tears. The zippers are even made from stainless steel that's rust-resistant for longevity. Plus, these storage cases are incredibly versatile; use them for sheets, clothes, blankets, stuffed animals, and more.

What reviewers write: "Great sturdy and huge storage bags. I ordered them as i was organizing my closet and needed strong bags to store all my winter stuff. I liked these as the transparent front makes it easy to see inside content without having to open the bag every time. The handles are very sturdy. I was able to keep 2 king comforters and 3 blankets in 1 bag. It has made organizing and storage much easier."

These Cult-Favorite, Vacuum-Sealed Storage Bags

To save plenty of space, these storage bags will get the storage job done. That's because they can shrink in size, creating more closet space than ever. Each jumbo-sized bag — such as the one listed here — is big enough that it can fit four pillows or even a complete queen-sized bedding set. The double-zip seal and triple-seal valve help get rid of every ounce of air, and each order also comes with a free travel pump. You can even use them in your suitcase while traveling if you're running out of packing room. And did I mention they have over 12,000 positive reviews? Because they do. They're available in four sizes (small, medium, large, and jumbo), as well as a variety pack with two smalls, two mediums, and two larges.

What reviewers write: "This is a great product. We used it mainly when we moved across country last year. It was easy to pack stuff away in boxes and the car using this product. This saves us a lot of space! Now we use it to store our winter clothes/winter bedding/blankets while not in use. Definitely recommend!"