5 Sexy First Anniversary Date Ideas That Celebrate Your Hot, Hot, Hot Bond

Every relationship has milestone moments — the first time you introduced each other as "girlfriend" or "boyfriend," the first time you both said "I love you," and the first time you went number two at their apartment. (These are not in order of emotional significance!) One of the biggest milestones could be your first anniversary, and figuring out how to celebrate the day can be tricky. Sure, romance is great and all, but consider these sexy first anniversary date and gift ideas as a way to celebrate not only your love, but your super steamy connection with your partner.

When it comes to celebrating anniversaries, some people might want to make a national holiday out of the day, while others might not think it's a particularly big deal. So before you make plans or buy a gift, have a conversation with your partner about your anniversary. Find out what their expectations and hopes are and share yours; that way, you'll both be on the same page. Over the course of your first year together, you and your partner have likely gotten comfortable and settled into a routine — both in life and in the bedroom. Consider your anniversary as an opportunity to spice things up a bit, all in the name of love.

Strip Poker

Dating in general can be a bit of a gamble at times, but if you and your partner are marking your first anniversary, you're winning! Celebrate your milestone with a sexy, fun, and competitive game of strip poker. (Yes, you can play poker with two people.) Hone your card shark skills, talk some playful smack to your honey, and bit by bit, strip down together. No matter the outcome of the game, everyone's a winner here.

Gift idea: Give your babe their very own poker set with cards, chips, and dice. Consider writing a sweet card with a message along the lines of, "I'm betting on us."

Play With Toys

Bringing sex toys into the bedroom can make your anniversary truly a night to remember. While you might think most sex toys are for individual play, don't forget that it's always good to share your toys! Experimenting beyond your sexual norms can be exciting and can build intimacy with your partner. Show your partner your favorite sex toys or discover some new favorites together.

Gift idea: Sign your partner up for a sex toy subscription service! There are many to choose from in different price ranges, so you can be sure your partner will get a monthly delivery of everything from lubricant to vibrators!

Share Your Fantasies

You've likely spent the first year of your relationship sharing things with your partner and building a strong emotional connection. To celebrate your anniversary, consider sharing your sexual fantasies with your partner. This can be intimidating, but it can also build intimacy. Share a fantasy, and then bring it to life. And who knows — perhaps your partner will be inspired to share theirs with you, too!

Gift idea: Give your partner a personalized dream journal, so they can write down their thoughts, document their dreams, and write out their fantasies. And maybe, if you're lucky, they'll share some of them with you.

Visit A Bath House

Book a date night at a bath house to treat your partner to a relaxing and de-stressing evening. From traditional Russian bath houses to modern spas, spending the evening going from different baths of varying temperatures, sweating in steam rooms, and generally just maxing and relaxing will be a total treat. Most bath houses also offer a variety of spa treatments, from scrubs to massages, so you and your partner can truly luxuriate.

Gift idea: Give your partner a deluxe spa bath set, so they can elevate their at-home bath routine to a new level. Plus, they'll remember the sexy night you shared at the bath house together.

Dress Up

Who doesn't love lingerie? Over the course of your first year together, you might have gone from making sure your bra matched your panties to wearing your favorite sports bra for an entire week straight. Since this is a special occasion, treat yourself to a brand new, full-on set of lingerie. I'm talking bustiers, corsets, garters and stockings — the whole shebang. Consider wearing this under your date-night outfit, and then slowly reveal it to your partner when you get home.

Gift idea: A classic Polaroid camera is a fun gift to give your partner, especially if you let them snap a few pics of you wearing your new lingerie!

However you decide to celebrate your first anniversary with your honey, remember that the most important thing isn't what gift you give, what you receive, or how you spend the day — it's that you're spending it together. Congrats!