7 Sex Toys That Don't Require Penetration, Because There's So Much More To Pleasure

If you're interested in sex toys but penetration isn't your thing, finding the toy that's right for you can feel a little tricky. The great news is that there are tons of fun sex toys that don't require penetration to use them. There are so many neat sex toys on the market that go beyond the usual dildos and vibrators.

Most people with clits actually need external stimulation to orgasm, according to a study published in 2017 by the Journal of Sex and Marital Therapy. The study surveyed 1,055 women ages 18 to 94, and found that, "36.6 percent reported clitoral stimulation was necessary for orgasm during intercourse, and an additional 36 percent indicated that, while clitoral stimulation was not needed, their orgasms feel better if their clitoris is stimulated during intercourse." Only 18.4 percent of women that responded to the survey reported that penetration alone was sufficient stimulation during intercourse.

So, you definitely don't need to enjoy penetration to find a great sex toy that satisfies you. Vibrators are a great options for stimulating the outer labia and clit, and there are plenty of models that don't have to go inside of the vagina or anus. Bullet vibrators are a great example of sex toys designed for external stimulation. These vibrators are usually around three inches long and not recommended for penetration because of the possibility that they could get stuck. There are also some newer technologies for clitoral stimulation, like Satisfyer's Satisfyer Pro 2 and the Womanizer that rely on localized air pulsation above the clitoris. There's also options for toys that don't vibrate — for example, nipple clamps, collars, impact play toys, or lube with special ingredients like CBD.

However you would prefer get down to business, rest assured that you have plenty of options that don't involve penetration. If you're interested in the different options, check out the following types that could be your next best friend.

Maude Sex Essential's Vibe

This aptly named toy is... powerful AF. It gives a whole new meaning to the phrase "small but mighty." The vibe is great because it's super simple with only three settings and easy-to-reach buttons. It is great for solo use, slips discreetly into your bag for a trip, and it can also be used with a partner.

Clitoral Jolt Gel

Consider sex-tech company Unbound's Clitoral Jolt Gel. It has tingly ingredients that can make your genitals more sensitive to stimulation like vibrations or being fingered.

Satisfyer Pro 2

‌Sex toy company Satisfyer has an awesome style of toy that relies on an air pump sensation to stimulate the clitoris. The result is said to mimic the feeling of oral sex. It's an excellent alternative for anyone that doesn't exactly enjoy penetration or even the typical vibration. The toy is also waterproof and rechargeable, too!

Unbound Squish

The Squish, from Unbound, is a must-have because of its intuitive nature. The harder you squeeze, the more intense the vibration gets. This sounds pretty straightforward in theory, but in practice it makes for a pretty seamless stimulation experience.

Womanizer Liberty

This item by sex toy company Womanizer is similar to Satisfyer's alternative clitoral stimulation technology but slightly different. Their pleasure air technology relies on a mixture of suction and contact-less stimulation on the clitoris. They have even claimed to guarantee an orgasm within five to seven minutes in consumer focus groups.

Nipple and Clit Clamp

Unbound has a plethora of wearable sex goods like their harness, vibrator rings, and these gold nipple and clit clamps. These can be fun if you enjoy experimenting with pain stimulation. They offer the chance to not only stimulate areas of your body but also add something super sexy to an already spicy lingerie set that might really wow your partner.

Massage Candle No. 1

Maude's massage candle is not only specially designed to have an earthy, sensual aroma to get you and bae in the mood, but once it melts you can use the "wax" to massage each other. Massage is an underrated way to really get in the mood and a great way to satisfy each other that doesn't involve penetration.

Hopefully, you find something that works for you. When it comes to sex toys, it's truly all about what you want and enjoy. Fingers crossed that you end up enjoying these toys like a lot.

Hannah Chua/Elite Daily