10 Sex Toys To Use Solo On Valentine’s Day 2019 If You’re Your Own Cupid

Ashley Batz/Bustle

Valentine's Day can sometimes be a source of stress for single folks. If you're feeling overwhelmed or sad, that's super valid. But think for a sec: the holiday can also be an an amazing time to give yourself a little lovin' — in other words, invest in your solo sex life. Consider treating yourself to any of the following sex toys for Valentine’s Day 2019, because you deserve a fulfilling sex life whether you're single, happily coupled, or somewhere in between.

"Masturbation is part of a healthy sex life, learning about your body, and knowing how to experience pleasure," Kate Moyle, sex and relationship therapist told Elite Daily. She also adds that masturbation is a great way to understand how you orgasm and what needs to happen during sex for you to reach climax. "For a lot of people, they can really let go when they're alone, and this allows their bodies to be fully stimulated. Climaxing can be easier alone because there's a lack of self-consciousness that can happen with a partner, especially someone new."

If you're nervous about sex toys or vibrators potentially desensitizing your body, you have nothing to worry about according to Moyle. She told Elite Daily that even though there are rumors about vibrators desensitizing the clitoris, this isn't true. If anything, you may just need to switch up your masturbation techniques, so you don't get used to one form of stimulation. But adapting and adjusting to one form of toy doesn't mean you're being desensitized. Consider picking out a toy that does something different from what you're usually used to.

Overall, there are so many benefits to masturbation that it makes it a great way to celebrate yourself this Valentine's Day.

plusOne Vibrating Dual Massager

This is a great starter vibrator from sex toy brand plusOne, which is carried at stores like Target, Walmart, and more. It provides all three main functions of a sex toy — vibration, penetration and multiple stimulation points — with sleek, flexible silicone material. It covers all the bases at a lower price point than other similar toys on the market.

Satisfyer Pro 2

The Satisfyer Pro 2, from sex toy company Satisfyer, really does what it's name says: satisfies! It is a newer technology focused on stimulating the clitoris in a unique way. The stimulation from this toy is meant to not only stimulate the external head of the clitoris but also the broader, sprawling internal portion of the clitoral nerves within your body. The orgasm that it delivers is then much more intense which is great for people that want a lot of stimulation. For those with very sensitive clits, this may not be the direction you want to go.

Satisfyer Pro Traveler

This Satisfyer Pro Traveler is great for the fans of the Satisfyer that are also on the run. It slips into luggage or purses super easily, and the cap on the the device makes it super subtle.

Unbound Quarterly Subscription

If you're feeling like treating yourself but already have a standby vibrator, this subscription could be the treat you're looking for. Unbound is a really neat sex-tech company with innovative, affordable, and inclusive products that are seriously sexy. Getting a subscription to some surprise products from them could keep your solo sex life spiced TF up.

Maude's Vibe

I cannot sing the praises of this vibrator enough. The Vibe from sex toy company Maude is amazing for a few reasons. First of all, it's super powerful and simple. The vibe has three speeds that are stronger than almost any other vibrator I've tried before. The functionality is super simple with three speeds, two buttons, and requires a simple press on both buttons to turn it on/off. The other plus side to the toy is that it's style is safe for clitoral, vaginal, or anal stimulation. The Vibe also comes with a simple, white pouch for easy transportation anywhere you go.

Unbound's Clitoral Jolt Gel

Believe it or not, lube can come in handy during masturbation, too! This clitoral jolt gel from Unbound is a great time because it has ingredients that can add an extra tingle to your genitals and level up your experience with a vibrator or your fingers.


The Lelo SONA from the sex toy company Lelo is great for those that love clitoral stimulation. This toy takes some time to learn how to use on your clitoris in a way that feels good and isn't overwhelming — but when you figure it out, things are bound to be a good time. This toy is for those avid lovers of vibrators that are looking for something new to add to their collection. The toy comes with numerous different patterns of stimulation. You can increase the intensity of each different stimulation pattern or lock it in place so that you can get busy without accidentally changing the settings.

TENGA Spinner - Spiral Motion Pleasure Gear

The new, exciting line from the sex toy company Tenga is called the Tenga Spinner. These sleeves intended for people with penises are all made with different inner textures and designed to spin with each stroke of the sleeve. Unlike the Tenga Eggs that are disposable, the spinners are reusable. The soft inside textures vary from rounded bumps to flexible lines, all intended to satisfy the user's preference.

Vesper Vibrator

This is for someone looking for a sleek and sexy sex toy. This vibrator can be worn for a sleek look with a secret. It can come in handy for hooking up with a date after a night out, too.

Vibratex Mystic Wand Hand-Held

For those that want a powerful stimulation experience, this is a great and affordable option when it comes to wands. The stimulation from wands is unique because its a more even spread of vibration across the wide head instead of a more localized vibration.

No matter who you spend it with, and how you spend it, I hope you have a great V-Day. Hopefully, any one of these comes in handy for you this Valentine's Day.