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How Old Are You, Really?

Your zodiac sign can clue you in.

by Rosey Baker and Chelsea Jackson
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You might know the characteristics or traits associated with your zodiac sign, but did you know that the planet that rules your sign also rules a body part, a day of the week, and an hour of each day? Astrology can be applied to practically everything, and many of the significations of the signs are derived from many things you encounter on a daily basis. So you can bet that astrology also ties into your age, especially since the sun marks your birthday each year as you get older. While aging isn’t always fun, the age you are mentally and spiritually, according to your zodiac sign, can help explain why you feel like you haven’t aged since 17. (I’m looking at you, Gemini.)

One of the biggest factors in life — and in astrology — is time, and despite everyone moving through life at the same pace, your zodiac sign can speak to your spiritual age, no matter how young or old you are, based on your birth certificate. I’m sure you’ve noticed that Aries individuals always seem to have that youthful energy about them, while Capricorns are always the responsible, logical friends that come off more like parents. Astrology can explain it all away, so here’s how old you are spiritually, according to your zodiac sign:

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Aries: 1-7

Aries are literally the children of the zodiac. They live like they are doing everything for the first time, because of their cardinal fire sign nature. They’re always excited to embark on a new adventure, and just like a child, they have a certain giddy energy about them. Part of their life lesson is to maintain their excitement even when they’ve done something before, and to stick with things even through boredom. Aries are excellent initiators, but not the best at follow-through, hence their child-like wonder. Aries individuals also have this innocence about them that makes you want to protect them from the harsh realities of the world.

Taurus: 7-14

Since Taurus is the second sign of the zodiac, they represent the life stage between childhood and young adolescence. They are beginning to control their physical environment and are learning the difference between what belongs to them and what belongs to others. Taureans are fixed earth signs, so they crave stability and comfort in all areas of their life. They love to collect things, and it can be difficult for them to let go of things or people that they’ve grown accustomed to. Like a pre-teen, the material realm means a lot to a Taurus, as they work diligently to acquire things that hold value to them.

Gemini: 14-21

Gemini represents the age group 14 to 21, adolescence reaching into young adulthood. Like this period of life, Geminis have an instinctual need to integrate themselves into a social structure in order to learn, understand, and communicate. This is a very talkative, curious stage of life, as humans begin to emerge from childhood and into the real world. There’s a lot of uncertainty at this stage of life, but since Gemini is a mutable air sign, they’re up for the challenge.

This is also a period where self-expression goes through many different phases. Think about it: How many different hats did you try on between 14 and 21? This is a time marked by exploration, and as the forever-changing student of the zodiac, Gemini will likely date the evolution of their personality back to adolescence, and they probably haven’t changed much since then.

Cancer: 21-28

Cancers represent the young adults of the zodiac, trying to create a sense of security in their home, career, and interpersonal relationships. Much like the theme in the life of a young adult, Cancers are trying to establish deep, emotional connections with those around them, and establishing safety in their home and career. They are, like young adults, venturing away from their family of origin and learning to leave behind the ways in which they've conformed to their familial expectations, by creating a life for themselves that truly represents what home should feel like.

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Leo: 28-35

Leo represents the mature adults who have dropped the mask they took on in childhood, and they are no longer hiding who they truly are. Leos have a "take me or leave me" attitude as they express their true identities and force on the world. They are courageous and expressive, as emerging into your thirties can sometimes make you feel. Coming out of your twenties, certain things simply don’t matter anymore, and Leo energy fully embodies this.

In this life stage, and in the personality of a Leo, one's ability to value and express their individual self is truly developed, as is their willingness to truly operate on their own terms and in their own way. There’s no desire to hide or limit yourself anymore at this stage, and it’s truly time to step into the spotlight of your own life.

Virgo: 35-42

Virgo is all about establishing oneself as a mature adult steadily making their way in the world. Virgos prioritize information, intellect, and details in everything they do, and at this age, people are prioritizing knowledge more than ever. Virgos like routine, and as individuals reach their mid to late thirties, they have finally begun to settle into their career and their lives.

Virgos like to be of service, and at this age, people are slowly starting to become more selfless and realize that there’s problems outside of their own world that they can improve. There’s also a desire to be more practical and down-to-earth at this age, solidifying your emergence into adulthood.

Libra: 42-49

Libra marks the passing through middle age, as they begin to truly prioritize partnership and connection in their lives. With a career and home life fully established, they’re looking for someone to spend the rest of their lives with. No more games or pointless dates, these individuals are looking for true love.

Libras are also excellent at mediation, and at this age, folks have been through enough conflict and aggression to last them a lifetime. They’re just looking for something sweet and simple.

Scorpio: 49-56

Scorpio is the age of transformation, the moment you emerge into your retirement years and consider how much your life has and will change. Scorpios are pros at transforming, but also tend to resist change, so there can be personal conflict once people reach this age. As life begins to transform during this time, it’s an opportunity to dive deep into what truly makes you happy outside of the career you’ve established for yourself. Scorpios are excellent at consistency, but sometimes it can lead to being stagnant. This age is all about rediscovering your passions in life in order to be your best self.

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Sagittarius: 56-63

Sagittarius represents the age group 56 to 63, when people have the capacity to move away from social norms, conformity, and career responsibilities in search of their own personal and universal concerns. During this phase of evolution, a person begins to broaden their horizons, and consider ways of life that they never have before. Society teaches people that work and capitalism are the only choices, but at this age, you start to step into your own personal power and freedom.

Capricorn: 63-70

Representing the age period of 63 to 70, the age of Capricorn is here to build structural support and security. However, this age period also symbolizes a hardening of ideas and thoughts.

During this phase of evolution, a person will become inspired to create and solidify a legacy. This is an age of hard work, to build something that feels authentic to you outside of any corporation or job. They are logical climbers who may sensibly stop once in a while to recharge and enjoy life, but ultimately, they're here to reach their highest potential and are characterized by ambition and drive, and at this age, there’s a renewal or energy to achieve the dreams they may had to put on the back-burner.

Aquarius: 70-77

Representing the age period of 70 to 77, Aquarius is all about humanitarianism and elevating social consciousness. At this age, people are taking a look at how they can give back and support activist work, to make a difference. Aquarians are all about working toward something bigger than themselves, so at this age, people are seeking to be a part of a community that prioritizes the earth and the equality of all. Aquarians are some of the most selfless people of the zodiac, and they simply want to leave the world better than it was when they were born.

Pisces: 77-84

Being the final sign of the zodiac, Pisces of course represents the oldest age group. They're here to practice and teach compassion, and being ruled by Jupiter, have a lot of wisdom to share with the collective. Healing and intuition are their strong suits, and they prioritize sharing those gifts with others through art, astrology, and other spiritual practices.

This age tends to mark the final stretch of human life, and speaks to a desire to strengthen spiritual connections and deepen connections with others. Since Pisces is a mutable water sign, they adapt to all of life’s changes with ease. At this stage, people tend to embrace what they cannot change, which is getting older. This tends to be the most peaceful chapter of life, which is very on brand for Pisces, the most relaxed sign of the zodiac.

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